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YouTube - Horror music video (dont know how to embed sorry)

Mudvayne - Dig remix

Looking for the scariest upbeat background ambience or songs to play for a Haunted Maze.

My job makes a free Haunted maze every year for the elementry/middle school kids but never seems to deliver. I was put in charge this year and am going with the Batman Beyond theme where robin strays into a Neon-lit alley full of Neon-face painted Skull Thugs on his motorcycle.

We're basically going to design it like a dark alley with neon tagging everywhere, loud music, thugs in full skull neon face paint, chains, modified chainsaws, "sliders" *dudes who where metal knee pads and slide across the floor scaring kids, etc etc.

BUt i need some fast beat music thats dark and sounds like a heart beat in the background.

Please No...
-Sandstorm, techno is fine but im sick of this song.
-Rob zombie, already have it.

Thanks! awesome forum btw, wish i found it sooner.
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