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Looking for HELP.

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First off, I'm new at this so sorry if this is sloppy. If anyone has suggestions for me please let me know.

I have spent the last 4 out of 5 years donating my time at a world renowned haunted house ,in Salt Lake City Utah, that is until they shut their doors in 2007, disappointing over 250 actors.

After this I had gone to another haunted house to scare and they turned me away. (not to mention this particular house pays their actors and only hire between 10 and 30. I am not looking for the pay i am looking for the fear on the faces.) Believe me you I was not happy. This is one of my favorite times. Getting away from work and just letting loose. You all know what I am talking about.

So I made my own costume last year and just worked the streets and had a blast. I made a custom 8 foot robe and stood on stilts and it was awesome.

I am looking at proving to this haunted house that I have way more than enough skill to scare there.

The help I am looking for is that this year is that I want to buy a real silicone mask from CFX, I have seen these masks and love them.
Here is a link to their masks.

Composite Effects - Pro Silicone Masks & Silicone Gloves for the Haunted House, Halloween, Attractions, Film, and Entertainment Industries

They are a little pricey and that is where I come to the world. I have set up a paypal account which is in my signature.

If anyone is feeling up to or is generous enough in helping me out that would be so amazing. I am not looking for any certain amount from any one person. Anything and everything helps.

If anyone donates you will have a big thank you from me and I will be sure to post and let people this has occurred and keep everyone up to date on how much has been raised.

Thank you for your help.

Again the link is in my signature. Below
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