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Good afternoon,

I am in search of new Halloween wholesale companies and private merchants. If you are affiliated with a company that deals Halloween merchandise in bulk, please contact me on the Halloween Forum for my company information (business licensing, etc.) to further discuss a transaction(s).

Company information:

*We are located in Chicago, Illinois 60656, but we also take in shipments from companies, or can pick up, whichever is more convenient.

*We do not require the products to be exclusive to our store(s), unless otherwise stated.

*We purchase in large bulk orders (estimated 25-200+ pieces per item). We do not have a price range, but we are interested in reasonable bulk pricing.

*It does not matter what your product(s) is, it could be anything from an animatronic to a tombstone to a mask, whatever it may be, we're interested.

*Your product would be sold online for the 2018 Halloween season, and both online and in-store for the 2019 Halloween season.

*A sample of your product may be required before a bulk order is placed.

*You do not need to have a legal business license to sell to our company, if you have bulk stock of an item, or you are looking to sell an item for under-market value, that will work just fine.

*You must be able to ship or drop-off your product to us in Chicago, Illinois 60656 (shipping speed does not matter), or we can pick-up if you are local.

If any further questions, and/or if you're interested, please contact me via private message here on the Halloween Forum. Thank you!

Best regards,

Franco (www.skullkrane.com)
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