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Looking for foam blocks

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I am trying to find some foam blocks to carve for pillar caps. I'm needing blocks that are 12"x12" by 12"
Balsa foam would be great. Hard to find them in that size.
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Most craft places like Hobby Lobby will have some type of foam blocks or pieces but they'll be expensive for what you get.

Check with a place called Tractor Supply and ask about foam blocks they get from trailers? I've read about that on here in the past, and they sometimes give them away for free (so I've seen; they usually trash them). Should be close to the size you need if not larger.

Also check boat/marine supply places; I believe they supply REALLY large (white bead foam) pieces they use for dock floats. But no idea what you'd pay there.
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Thanks. Never knew of tractor supply and the trailers! I know the dock places do carry some large pieces that are not the crumbly kind. 4' x4' x 18" deep are $80 so not terrible. I call tractor supply in the morning!
From what I read, they get the trailers shipped to locations, and they'll be shrink wrapped and then stablized with big foam blocks which they just need to trash or recycle so good chance they'll be happy to get rid of them... found the mention!!

Scroll down to the fifth picture and he says he got all those great blocks from Tractor Supply for free!
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Yes!!!!! I gotta see what time they open
I can confirm that Tractor Supply does this, and that Lowe's does as well.

Not only have I had success with both retailers, but in multiple locations, and in two states.
I love this forum already!
This is my second year owning a home and doing a yard haunt. Can't wait till this Halloween!
Got some! Ended up with 4' x 6'5 coverage. It's a good start!
Tractor supply in my area does not do this--but i will check Lowes
Just got back from my local Tractor Supply. They use to do this, but the shipping company is now taking the blocks back so they are no longer available for us resourceful Home Haunters and crafts people. Will need to check with Lowes, they are a town over.
Get the 2" or 4" thick foam sheets of the pink stuff or the blue stuff from Lowes or Home Depot. Slice them into 12x12 squares and glue them together with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive.
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