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Looking for evidence bags

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I'm looking for some clear evidence bags for our invites for this years party. BUT I can't find anyone anywhere. Except on ebay, smallest lot is 100 bags for 45 dollars (shipping included). And even though people loves to come and get all halloweenie at our house, I don't know 100 persons to invite. Nor do we have the space. :D
So does anyone know of a place where I can order 15 and get them shipped abroad?
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Why not make your own? Get the larger plastic storage bags for food, some adhesive labels at an office supply store (like these), and create a basic evidence label template in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. You can customize it and then fill in the details with an ink pen. Way cheaper and easier!
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Thanks. I couldn't find the right size of bags for a diy. But I bought the ones from crimescene.com. I had them within a week. Super fast delivery! So now the invitations are done. :rolleyes:
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