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I'm looking for suggestions on how to better manage the extension cord mayhem I end up with on my front yard.
For example I have around 50 light up pumpkins, dozens of strands of string lights, a dozen spot and flood lights, several devices/creations that light up and a speaker or two that all require power.
Most are LED at this point so wattage is pretty low.
I have one outdoor plug (with a trip) that I run two extension cords from and then it splits off all over the place with smaller extension cords
I use a lot of these too at the end of the extension cords (as well as 3 prong ones):

I just wrap the connections in black plastic to keep the rain out and it's worked pretty.
But I was wondering what others have been using for splitters and cables.

One pet peeve I have with the new decorations is that they often don't allow for daisy chaining plugs.
For example if I have 3 or 4 pumpkins close to each other I can sometimes plug them all in to each others plugs right on top of each other which helps cut down on extension cords.
The newer stuff doesn't allow that which sucks.
I understand it probably for electrical safety but I'm only trying to connect 5 or 6 LED bulbs on an extension cord not 5 or 6 power saws.

So, any cable management ideas or splitters that you have had good luck with?

Edit to add: :) Ooops. After I posted this I saw a bunch of Recomended Reading posts asking the same questions. I should have search a little better. Still feel free to comment!

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In recent years I've started buying power cords that have spaced plugs along the cord. This helps to cut down on the web of cords.

I use the Ground Spikes for distribution points through the yard haunt. I have 3, 6 and 9 plug spikes.

Just last year I got a few of these split cords in addition to my in-line cords.

I did have some problems with short-to-ground during heavy rains, I added some of these plug covers and it corrected the issue.

I run a main trunk along my fence and try to distribute out from there. Just for organization. but I still feel like I have miles of cords. Have not switched to low voltage yet.

My whole display runs off one outdoor outlet with a smart Plug as timer. with all the LED lights these days the draw OK. Even on Halloween night with the fog machines running.


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I'm a big fan of zip cord or lamp cord and add-a-taps/add-a-plugs. I wrap them in E-tape and they last all month. I have the advantage of slowly acquiring these at work, so I'm a little biased. Check your local electrical supply house and make sure they fit the 18/2 you get. Not all shielding is the same thickness even when the cable looks the same. You can strip the wires and spider out using wire nuts or just twisting together and covering with hot glue.

Not great for areas with bunny problems as they like to bite through it.

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