Hello, I've been looking for a few things for a while now and wanted to know if any of you guys had any of them.

Below are the images of the particular ones I'm looking for, I'm looking for someone who can ship and is willing to send me pictures of the products before I pay for them. I'm open to negotiation on the price, but I can't go too high.

Below is a picture of the Slobbers masks by Illusive Concepts, I'd love either the Fang or Upchuck, and I'm also looking for the grey, unhaired Wolfman mask that they did. The only one I can't really find a picture for is the Rubies Toxic Zombie, it seems really hard to find for whatever reason, but that one had brown, withered skin, no lips, and a trickle of green-yellow slime coming out of one eye.

If anyone has one of these guys please let me know, thanks for looking :)