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Looking for an Halloween app

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hi all,

I've tried the search button here but get so many results that are not what i'm looking for that i'm just going to ask.

I have had an App on my Iphone that has animated images like an eye looking around, and a heart beating and other cool stuff. you can place it in a special t-shirt to make it look like you have something inside of you.

For some reason i deleted it. but i need it back now. Only i have no clue what it is called.
Tried looking for halloween apps in the iphone store but came up with over 2000 apps.....

Does anyone know the name??
sorry if it has alrady been asked:(

thanks so much!
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thank sooooo much! that is the one!
Was looking for halloween in the iphone store,,, now i know why i couldn't find it,,,lol;)
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