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Looking for advice on pricing!

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HI guys! I am downsizing some of my haunt and want to sell these items on CL. Any ideas on pricing would be great! Thank you!

Skull Bone Fictional character Font Illustration
! Fictional character Games Adventure game Batman

Pink Illustration Fictional character Art Ear

Furniture Shelf Art


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The Same as what jdubbya says!
My buying rule of thumb is items are 50% off on 11/1, so since it's used, 60%-80% off of the store full price. Unless it's in a higher demand, no longer available, something truly rare (don't believe e-bay listings). Then it's how long do YOU want to hold until getting the cash. Home made items, unless real special, maybe 50% to 25% of the cost of materials and sorry can't include your time, (unless your truly an artist, craftsman or engineer).
And I would remove price stickers from the boxes!
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