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Looking for advice on pricing!

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HI guys! I am downsizing some of my haunt and want to sell these items on CL. Any ideas on pricing would be great! Thank you!

Skull Bone Fictional character Font Illustration
! Fictional character Games Adventure game Batman

Pink Illustration Fictional character Art Ear

Furniture Shelf Art


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Pricing is relative. Figure what you paid and what you'd like to get for them. I know the Hell Hound and Burnt Bob are collectible if they're in good shape. You could likely get at least 75 for Hell hound and 50 or so for Bob. Like anything, if you want to move them fast, price them low.

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The Same as what jdubbya says!
My buying rule of thumb is items are 50% off on 11/1, so since it's used, 60%-80% off of the store full price. Unless it's in a higher demand, no longer available, something truly rare (don't believe e-bay listings). Then it's how long do YOU want to hold until getting the cash. Home made items, unless real special, maybe 50% to 25% of the cost of materials and sorry can't include your time, (unless your truly an artist, craftsman or engineer).
And I would remove price stickers from the boxes!
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