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looking for a prop

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I saw a prop a few years back , it was a either a skull or whole skellaton, on a grave stone they talked , giving a welcome message.
don't know if it was on evilbay or a prop site.
I know it listed for something like 1700.oo

any one know of this or something simalar.
need something new this year
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i am not 100% sure but i think haunted village Haunted Enterprises - Haunted Village - Home of the Last Ride is the one youre talking about , they use to sell a skeleton sitting on a tombstone talking , they also use to make talking chandeliers or wall sconces with skulls i dont see it anymore on their web pages ......they wore pretty expensive too....i know that halloweenmart.com use to sell his stuff quite a while back too so maybe you saw it on there as well .....
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