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A coworker friend that knows I'm "into Halloween" (hehehe) just gave me TWO of these! They are in pristine condition - no scratches or anything and look as if they are brand new! She said she'd had them forever, so they are originals not repros. wow!

I looked them up, and they are 1960s litho tin toy noisemakers - and told her that they're fetching around $15 a pop if she wanted to sell them (I'd feel guilty if I didn't tell her what they might be worth) but she still wants me to have them since I'd appreciate them. :D


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I remember those and other tin noisemakers very well! We never really knew what we were supposed to do with them, other than annoy people (hint: older sisters absolutely HATE them) but I love seeing them now. Brings back great memories. Very nice! :)

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I love the vintage graphics on these toys. Very nice items to receive as a gift!
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