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Listening to the Halloween Radio as I type this. Very nice! I'm all at home here. I was going through old CD burns today, cleaning my haunted house, and found a spooky mix I'd done ages ago. Reminiscent of the radio here.

I happened on this forum because I was out looking for whoever last spoke on any forum about The Addams Family, my current heavy study. (Mostly 1960's television, but all aspects are welcome.)

Hopefully my poisoned past won't get me kicked off here. I was happy with the rules. (I wish they had been in use in other places I unfortunately went to online.)

I love spooky, I fell in love with Halloween before I could read (and I was in a major hurry to learn to read).

I am in the free-entertainment "biz" and have endured the slings and arrows of the disingenuous. (If only there was neosporin for the soul.) Like many people, I lost a major portion of my beloved friendships via social networks and am currently healing from that real-life horror. I love to pen pal and favour spooky stationery, of course. ^_^

I'm ready to carry on and enjoy the thin veil between life and death once again.


(yes I am a woman, and a very, very happily married one)
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