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Hi all! My name is Jason. I've been a long-time lurker (10 years or more) on this site and finally officially joined. Some years ago, I built some props (TNT blaster box with strobe lights and and "explosion" sound when kids pushed down on the plunger, and a "hurricane in box" that blew air from a hidden panel when the lid was opened, creating a startle effect) for a Halloween event I oversaw. Lots of ideas for props since then, but still building up the time and expertise to execute them (been trying to figure out electronics lately).

In the meantime, I've spent the past few years working on other Halloween-related hobbies, including making custom candy boxes to hand out to the kids in our neighborhood. I'm working on a "trick-or-treating by mail" kind of thing now for kids unable to go out this Halloween due to COVID-19, and I anticipate that taking up a lot of my time as we head into fall. Until then, I'm happy to have plenty of new ideas to gather on the forum while I suddenly have more free time on my hands now that just about every vacation plan and obligation has been canceled.

It's great to finally "be" here!
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