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So, I've been lurking and stalking around this site for years, cultivating creative juices and such (SERIOUSLY CLEVER AND BRILLIANT STUFF 'ROUND HERE). I guess I just never mustered up the courage to officially join you masters of the craft. THANKS ANXIETY! Ha ha blood, guts, gore. Phobias, noxious toxic working conditions, creeping Deadlines, bludgeoning budgets, etc bring it on!!! ...Some random stranger with a negative opinion, nope I'm out... Yeah I seriously don't get it ether. Whatever. Here I am!
We just bought and moved into a home a year and a half ago. Last year was my first time decorating a yard! It was literally the time of my life! I'm HUGE into holiday decor, and have a pretty good collection of Nightmare before ___ collections (indoor). And have been working with foam forever. This year I am aiming to have a decent sized Pokemon cemetery and ghost type sanctuary XD I started the idea last year and have a hand full of props ready. I am excited to try my hand at some moving props this year too. I am fair enough with mechanics, but the electrical gives me pause.
Aaaaaaaanyways I know this is long as hell, but hello!

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LOVE your photos - great colors and overall setups!

Welcome to the forum. Looks like you found the right place! :D
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