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Logistical Question for Tempt Your Fate

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Hi Everyone,

I need your help!

This year at our party (coming up this Saturday :eek:) we are playing the Murder Winking Game and Tempt Your Fate. I don't think this will be a problem as the Winking Game went off without a hitch last year and throwing Tempt Your Fate into the mix shouldn't disturb much.

My question is.....

I am making (have not yet finished) a "Prize Wheel" similar to a small scale version of the Wheel of Fortune wheel to "Spin Your Fate". Basically, if someone pops a balloon with a punishment, they have to spin the wheel to decide their punishment, (punishments are written on the wheel).

Since I have never played before, will this ruin the surprise of Tempt Your Fate? Isn't the fate supposed to be kind of secret, like only the person who tempts fate really knows and that's why it's funny? I am at a loss and am wondering if I should scrap the Prize Wheel since it's not finished.

From those of you who have played before, what are your thoughts? Much appreciated!!:D
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I write out all my fates on little cards and fold them up and place them in a cauldron. No one knows the fates beforehand
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