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(I was going to make this my first horror book, but ultimately scrapped the idea.)

High upon a mountain top, I saw the great stone spires piercing the dark clouds. The keep stood on top of Darkwind peak as though they were ruins of an age long passed. Below, I could see the town, which, at first glance, appeared to be deserted. As I came closer, I could see that there were gargoyles set along the machicolations of the wall.
As soon as I dismounted my horse, out of nowhere, he turned and bolted away from the city. 'No matter,' I thought, 'he will be back.' After watching him gallop down the mountain, I grabbed the large knocker on the left door and bashed it against the metal stump next to it. In about half a minute, the door opened to reveal the streets of Darkwind castle.
The buildings seemed to be too close together for the crowds, and yet, they managed to make it through. While walking through the streets, I stopped in my tracks when I heard faint screaming below my feet. I widened my eyes and took a deep breath, and I felt a chill run down the back of my neck. Apparently, someone saw me, since they approached me and stated, "The lord's installed oubliettes under the streets. I haven't a clue why, they just did."
Gargoyles on the walls? Men left to starve under the streets? Surely, whoever was in charge of this place must have been mad. Still, I required a board, so I found the nearest inn to stay at and paid them for a room.
Now, I write in here on this rickety old bed. The candle is almost out, and the streets outside, what I could see of them, look like a ghost city.
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