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Ok so i've seen a few threads like these over the years. But it's the first time it happened to me and it was nice.

I don't have the haunt setup until the 31st because sadly it will walk away within ours of being out there.

All that's visible to the public is a giant pumpkin cutout in an upstairs window, a happy halloween wreath in the main downstairs window, along with some spooky window stick-on shapes and you can see the glow of the orange lights inside.

But as i left my house earlier today there were some kids stood outside looking in, and they started asking all these question about if they'll get good treats on halloween and what's going on. I gave them a brief description and they said they were going to tell all their friends and definitely come by to the 'halloween house'

Was nice to hear as the TOT'ers don't get any haunts around here and i'm sure this is to be the first sign of display and dedication they've seen.

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That's so nifty!

When hubby and I were setting up yesterday, we acquired two "helpers" - two neighborhood boys that live on our street. They were just so excited to see us setting up, they wanted to help and kept bringing us tombstones out of the garage and asking if they could help. :)

We didn't really have anything they could do (it's all in my head, and I don't know how it's going to come together until the stuff is out there) but we chatted with them about what else was in store and what their costumes were, and how much they were looking forward to Halloween!

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Careful, Dude, these things have a way of getting out of hand. We started out with a handful of plywood "Tombstones" in the front yard and seven years later we were on three TV Stations for their Halloween Evening News broadcast, photos in the paper and 1,400 kids going through the haunt over a two night run.

But it's a blast!!!

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My neighbor's kids came by two weekends ago offering to help decorate. Like Frankie's Bride, it's all in my head too so I didn't really have any projects for them to do. I didn't really want to let them in the house because they would get a quick preview of what was already up (I was 1/4 of the way through so not a lot, but still), but they begged like crazy. Anyway, I'm sure that when they grow up that they'll have some cool memories of Halloween - we have a party every year and invite most of the block.

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I had a little girl sit down on Saturday on the sidewalk for about 10 minutes with her grandmother and just watched. I turned the lights on for them :)

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We are in a new neighborhood, so we didn't know how we would be received.

It's been fantastic. People have stopped their cars to thank us and the neighborhood kids come over to see what's new.

Plus my kids have grown up enough to really help out and do many of the "crafty" things themselves. It's become a nice family project.

I had a family come by yesterday with their little boy, about 4. They said it is hard to get him out for their evening walk, but now they just promise him they will go by "Dead Man's Point" and he runs to get his shoes on!

Feels good.

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PumpkinPrincess...we are in a new neighborhood too! We have had a few kids come down to the street with their parents to see the graveyard. Last night I was out late working on the haunt and we heard some kids get out of the car at a neighbors and I heard "Look at that house!" I love it!

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Our house is known as The Haunted House year round because of the Halloween decorations. We get quite a response and I wouldn't have it any other way. It isn't Halloween in my little town until the giant purple spider hits the roof...lol

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My neighbor had some family over yesterday and one of the teenage boys asked if he could come over and check out the props. He came over and was checking out everything up close, taking pics with his cell phone, and taunting one of the younger ones about being scared of Jason. It was really cool to have them show interest and hear them compliment my stuff.

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because we are in the middle of nowhere, we don't get ToTs... but we had our dress rehearsal for the haunt on Saturday. On of the school board members is also a member of the club (lions club) and her daughter was having a birthday slumber party. She brought about a dozen 11-12 year old girls for us to practice on. I am so STOKED! You should have heard the screams. I love that there are so many of us haunters to help create fun memories for all these children. AND I love the fun as a grown up... and hope they'll someday carry on the haunting traditions.

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We still have all the kids from the school bus that watch us everyday & this year we got started really late with things. The little guy from next door that makes all the trips to the garage for Jerry and keeps bringing things out did not show up this year. Jerry had to bend over & put all the stakes in the ground & then put the light bulbs in.......thought he was gonna die!!lol Hope our helper changes his mind when its time to change the halloween bulbs out to the xmas set!!lol


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I love it!

I have a web going from upstairs window to fence with a huge spider on it & a couple of other things in the garden (things that are unlikely to get damaged or stolen for now) - most of the kids pass my house on the way to & from school & i love their reactions. plus one little boy about 3 stands & stares - the other day he bravely touched the bottom of the web to see what would happen! :D
yesterday a little old man walked up to my front door so he could read the notice on it!!! :cool: then he walked away laughing to himself. :D

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As I live in a flat in the city away from the main street, no one can really see my place, so we don't get any ToTs now. What is nice is that my little 4-year-old niece is really starting to get into it and my 1-year-old nephew is having an early start ;) We threw them a little kiddies Halloween party at my parents' house on the weekend and they loved it!

A new generation of Halloweenies - woohoo!! :D

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We purchased a new home in town this past spring and it's our first year decorating here. Family across the street's son is always out asking questions and knocks on his bedroom window to give me thumbs up after a new addition. Neighbors are out an about checking us out and we are receiving questions and positive comments.

Even met another local haunter from a nearby subdivision that has a graveyard set-up, FM transmitter, and a computer controlled light show set to his music mix. He takes can good donations to the local help house (these are made into a full size toe picher coffin). He had heard about our house through his daughter's friends and came out in search of us. Took some pictures and shared some ideas. Happy to have some local competition and support.:D
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