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I am a little Haunter too. Very good things can happen , even in a little Haunt, and to YOU!
Last night,late I received two messages,one from a Halloween forum person, telling me that on "Haunters Hangout' Leonard Pickel was giving a long interview. (LIVE) The question was something like:"Has another Haunt ever influenced you?"
He said, "There is this little Haunt, in the middle of no where,in Mount Carroll, Illinois ,it looks like a junkyard, with the haunted mansion,it's owned by Jim Warfield"....Yes, I influenced HIM!
He went back and re-built some of his Haunt so he could run it more like mine! It could now be-"Fun"-"Funny" and Scary (sometimes, for the non-meek)
Leonard told me this many years ago, but it was very nice to hear it again in such a public forum at 3Am on a cold and lonely Winter night in a deathly quiet small town,, in the ,, middle of ,, no where.
Thank You
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