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With his older Brother and another boy.
He was fairly scared even though i had all the lights on for most of every step he did take while going through the house.
The two older boys had been through the house before.
I gave hm his own flashlight when we got to the coffin hallway.
In the backyard I made the "call" that he would not be going through the tomb and the bit of a jungle there. (It was So the Right "call"!)
My Wife asked the little scared one at the conclusion of their house tour, if he had a good time?
"Yah, I got to push some buttons to make some things happen." (He really smiled when he was doing this!)

Last night a couple arrived her just after closing time. I had just started their tour when all the lights went out from Dubuque to Kewanee?
Times like that I am thankful that some of my best devices need No Electricity to function!
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