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Hi guys! So I picked up this Vampire blood jar today at Michaels, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what liquid to put in it? I didn't know if just water and food colouring were the go to thing or if there was some other method people used.
Thanks! :) Liqueur Drink Glass bottle Bottle Distilled beverage

I also plan on adding some vamp teeth as it says unfiltered :cool:

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Nice bottle and label - I love Michaels!

Karo syrup (or pancake syrup) with a little bit of red food coloring. It will look thicker than water and give you more of a blood effect. Mix the food coloring into it before you put it in the bottle (might have to thin it out a tiny bit with a tea spoon of water). And don't forget to empty it out of the bottle for storage (that could get gross if you store it with the syrup in there!)

I personally would save it to use on pancakes after Halloween as long as the bottle was washed prior to putting the syrup in there - bloody pancakes! :D

There are all sorts of potion/apothecary bottle threads on the forum with lots of ideas for stuff you can put into bottles to match their labels... definitely do some searching around these parts. :)
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