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Liquid Nails ate my homework...

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I mean tombstone...:mad:

Seriously. I've used it in the past plenty of times, but I went to sand the base of a new tombstone and the pieces all seperated and the two pieces of foam were all melted away. The Liquid Nails Heavy Duty adhesive says right on the tube that it can be used with "Exterior Foamboard"...is that something else? Other pieces I used the same stuff on are doing fine...so far **fingers crossed**

Anyone else ever have this issue?
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Thanks for the suggestions! Boogieman, I wondered about using Great stuff...because now I have these voids in between the foam pieces and I figured that might fill them AND stick to everything (because let's face it...Great Stuff sticks to just about everything!) but I wasn't sure of its overall adhesive capabilities...but foam most likely won't dissolve foam, right?!

Ruggerz, I think, if I recall correctly, the adhesive i used on the other parts of the foam was from a different tube of the same stuff...so you may have something there...

And TK, you use wood glue on foam? And it works alright? I may need to try that. is it reasonably priced?
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