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Hi CG,

I used liquid latex called Mold Builder from Castin' Craft. I got it at Michaels but I think you could probably order it off the web. Probably the most important thing is that this stuff is sticky as all get-out so wear old clothes and gloves when you work with it. You can use a brush to put it on something but it will ruin the brush so we just used a paper towel or rag. The thicker you put it on the longer it will take to dry - as long as a day if it is really thick. I believe the trick is to use more than one layer. I would start with a heavy layer on to form a base. After that you can put a very thin layer on something like a granite counter top or cookie sheet while it drys and then kind of roll it off the sheet so it forms globs or worm-like things. You can also take the whole thin sheet and stretch it over whatever you are covering. There is no right or wrong so whatever you do take some pics and show us so the rest of can see how you did it!
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