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I'm back from the land of 2013.. And as always with me, I have waited until the last minute to throw together a costume.. I still have a few days before my paycheck comes in and I can commit to buying some required items. However I thought i'd come over here to see if some people could throw in their 2¢..

I'll be throwing together a Link costume, From the Legend Of Zelda. I don't have a specific Link in mind, Just because the sword and shield I already have are from different games anyway.. I plan on buying some boots and tights, and ordering links hat from a local seller on Etsy. A while back I had made an arm bracer from the Twilight Princess out of Veg Tanned Leather. I have a way to hold the sword on my back and I'll need to modify the shield to be comfortable to hold for long periods of time.. That's all things I've got decided.

I still need to figure out how I'll be doing Links Tunic. I also wanted to have real chain-mail but time and money restrictions will save that for later. (yes I know, very heavy. Eventually though I want a fully authentic costume, No matter the weight. Chain-mail, Metal shield and a well built sword. *no edge of course*) I looked at some patterns at Wal-Mart and Joann's but didn't really find anything I liked.. So if anyone can recommend a good pattern for a decent tunic then let me know.

I also wanted to have a little Navi flying behind me. I plan on buying the smallest bluetooth speaker I can get to put inside it and play some sounds/music and a few LED's to have her light up. What I'm not sure of is how to get her to "float" behind me. If anyone has an Idea of how to accomplish this, I'd love to hear it.

As always guys, Thanks for the help!

The sword and Shield.


The Bracer

Footwear Cowboy boot Boot Durango boot Shoe

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So since I had exhausted my paycheck in a very short amount of time (oops) I begun working on chainmail since I couldn't do anything else at the moment.. This is my progress so far.. I don't plan to do an entire shirt, unless I feel the rings are strong enough to hold, or I see I have enough time to finish.. So I plan on making a Leather/Chainmail Hybrid. With the bulk of the armor made of Veg-Tan Belly Leather from Hobby Lobby.

The rings are made from 16 Gauge Rebar Tie Wire, 3/8" Rings. Woven in European 4-in-1. Once I have all the rings made, I can produce a 4.5" square of chainmail in just over an 1 & 1/2 hours. So it's going a little faster than I was thinking, but still it's very tedious and time consuming to produce all that I'll need.

The plan is to have chainmail where I want it to be visible under the tunic. And have leather wherever you will not see. It should make it considerably lighter, and give me a chance to do some nice leather stamping. Even if it won't be visible. ;)

Electronic instrument Technology Electronic device Machine

Link's hat is currently being shipped to me from a somewhat local Etsy shop. But my wig arrived today, I think it's the perfect color! I'm debating cutting my mustache for this costume or just leaving it.. It hasn't been cut since at least April of this year so I might miss it..

Hair Face Blond Hairstyle Eyebrow

Still to do:

Contact Lens
Ear Prosthetics
Ear Rings

I'll do my best to keep everyone updated. I always have a hard time actually documenting my progress since I get so consumed into it that I forget to take pictures.
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