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Linear servos are great for those BIG projects that require extremely strong and durable drive mechanisms. Create movement on a large scale that can withstand repeated use and has the ability to be programmed.


Our newly redesigned Heavy Duty Linear Servo is here! While a linear servo may appear similar to a linear actuator, it runs on a completely different signal. The linear servo can plug into just about any servo controller, wired or wireless. The advanced internal circuit board reads the PWM signal received from the servo controller and will precisely control the position of the linear servo. A PID algorithm is used in order to minimize settling time and overshoot. The 24kHz PWM output frequency creates very smooth movements without any PWM noise. The internal board is nearly bullet proof as it’s protected against reverse polarity, over current and over temperature. There is a built in circuit (BEC) that supplies power (5V, 500mA) to your servo controller so that everything can be powered off a single power source*. The aluminum construction ensures tremendous durability and reliability. Offered in stroke lengths from 2 inches up to 12 inches. Extension shaft is .785” in diameter. Mounting points are 5/16” diameter and are directly compatible with our various mounting brackets.
*If your servo controller has additional servos plugged into it that are capable of pulling over 500mA, a separate power source for your servo controller is required.

ServoCity Linear servos : $299.99 : http://www.servocity.com/html/linear_servos.html



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