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upside down pentagrams

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange

mild glitter okay

WEB SHOOTER-used or homemade
vines-real or fake
skeletons (human or animal-NO CAT)
cemetery items-candles, moss, owls-anything that can be used on or in a cemetery
fall looking or black flowers
Victorian/gothic items
vultures-bone or featured
Animals/Insects-bats, frogs, snakes, bugs
body parts/organs
Mad Lab- plasma ball or disk, Frankenstein mask, beakers, test tubes, specimen jars, lab equipment
Medical-embalming, medical tools, medical posters, doctors bag
alien related-bodies, masks etc
Egyptian related
Witch- plain bottles, black cat (NO skeleton), potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc, witch masks, mortar and pestle, witch clothes, shoes
wall art-Halloween related
Fortune teller- zodiac material (Scorpio especially), beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol), clothes, tarot, crystal ball
unique picture frames
gothic/medieval looking items, Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers
old keys and locks
music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect.
voodoo- shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, voodoo stick, foliage, tiki masks etc
old rotary phone-victorianish style
Spanish moss
door knockers
painted sign-general or themed or with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time"
mini tabletop tombstones 3"-6"
ornate pic frames (Victorian or Gothic nature) 8x10 or 5x7
bone cameo's 8x10 or 5x7
coiled bottom and elongated standing cobra (like it would sit in a basket and coming out)
victorian clothing
primative stuffed black cat
animated props
fire effects
hotel related(keys, key rack, luggage)
"coffin" curtains in black, grey, red or purple
hanging spider cocoons
mantle/table clothes (lace with webs or skulls)
vintage funeral
pirate- treasure, coins
scarecrow mask
anything that can be used to decorate inside the home

anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lol
I hope I get you!! Lol

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2nd Secret Reaper 2019 Likes/Dislikes List

This is my first time doing this so anyone sees this and thinks I need to add more information, let me know and I will definitely do that!
creepy outdoor décor (I currently have a cauldron creep and some other skeletons that I use in my haunt)
primitive halloween decorations
pumpkins/jack o'lanterns
crystal balls
witchy things
Tim Burton (The nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice, etc. I love his style and artistic take on life)
department 56 Halloween village or Halloween town
things I could use in art - I am a mixed media artist and acrylic painter
gothic style
ghost story books
candleholders - no candles

**I'm really not very picky as I love almost everything that has to do with Halloween.

creepy children, zombies, torture, asylum, clowns, candles, glitter, shiny plastic

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I am so excited to be participating in the 2nd reaper. I received so many wonderful things in the Big Reaper and so this time I am listing things for my daughter. She is 20 and this is her first Halloween in her own home. She will be decorating almost totally (if not totally) inside. She is planning a small get together this year. Probably just a dozen people at most watching scary movies and eating some yummy snacks. She will love absolutely anything...new, homemade, thrifted. She has a few costumes planned for various halloween events. Witch is one, ganster clown (i have no idea what that is).

My Pinterest secret reaper board (she added things she liked to this board and deleted anything she didnt)... www.pinterest.com/msfinley/secretreaper

Halloween colors..orange, black, purple, dark green.
Any jack o lanterns, black cats, bats, crows, ghosts, witches, spiders, pirates, werewolves, vampires, mummies,spiders, eyeballs, aliens, coffins
love voodoo stuff...shrunken heads, lanterns, staff, beads, bones
candles..jar candles or flameless..have a cat and dont trust him with a bunch of real candles. Jars are ok. she likes pumpkin scents, caramel apple scents any fall scent really

coffee mugs
LOVE fortune teller stuff..tarot cards, crystal ball, palmistry hand, some type of cloth for the table where she is doing a fortune teller set up (really excited about this). Already has a ouija board.
animated ouija prop
moving books prop
shirt women's large
purse or wallet
key fob
necklace or earrings
Soft blankets
throw pillows
Halloween sleep pants size large
Creepy clowns
anything scream movie related (love it)..love the scream face
paper or plasticplates, cups, napkins for party.
Decor for cupcakes or cookies..edible eyes..love those little hatchets..anything
nightmare before christmas anything
creepy cloth
little skeleton in a tub for bathroom
any goosebumps dvd
scream dvd
hocus pocus anything
creepy candle holders
spell books, potion bottles
halloween toy for kitty :)
hand soap
any snazaroo face paint
red or blue bandana for clown she is doing
hoop earring for another costume
choker necklace for witch costume
bloody handprint or blood splatter bathroom hand towels

dragons or fairies
mad scientist or lab
some glitter is fine, but not too much
nothing cute
day of the dead
dont need any little skeltons..unless its a little skeleton in a bathtub for bathroom

spider webs..i like them, just dont have anywhere to put them
dont really need any serving trays or bowls
no table cloth
wreath..have more halloween wreaths than doors already
no need for ornaments

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Thanks to everyone who has joined the 2nd reaper. I'm a newbie to this and I'm soooo excited!
Here is a more descriptive list since my first list was a little rushed
I decorate my entire house inside and out for our annual Halloween party. I have so much stuff for the inside that I don't even use everything! However my outside is seriously lacking. My yard is huge! Approx. 1.5 acres so I am in need of any help I can get!

My cemetery is taking on a Hollywood of Horror theme such as
Zombies & The Walking Dead (Negan Is my future ex husband!) but I already own lucille!
Character tombstones would be a cool addition.
Freddy / Jason/ hell-raiser/ Bettlejuice
anything homemade would be awesome I've seen some crazy talent on the forum!
latex or silicone mask that I could use for static prop and mannequins or one day an animatronic if i ever figure out how to build one!
any help in that category would be appreciated. such as parts motors and instructions.
ground breakers
3 dimensional tombstones since my haunt is seen from many angles
blood/gore (think the scariest haunted house you've ever been to!
Camp crystal lake or nightmare on elm st. sign.
Hollywood of horror cemetery sign
gargoyles for around my koi pond
creepy pumpkins

honestly i just love all things scary! My house makes small children cry! lol

animated Ouija board is the only inside prop i need

Family friendly! ha ha
already have a wreaths

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Here is a more detailed list for my reaper. Hope this helps!!

*Anything gore!! Severed body parts, bloody butcher's knives, decomposed body parts in jars.. Any of that disgusting stuf!!
*Victorian haunt items. Hologram photos that change as you walk by, frames with post mortem or just creepy AF photos etc
*Spiderwebs!!! I am transforming my bathroom into a giant spider nest (Think Stephen King's The Mist!!) for my Halloween bash so I can never have too many bags of spider webs. Just please not the ones from dollar tree. They really are awful and 2 cents more than the good ones from Wal-Mart 😆
*Unicorns. Ive seen a few unicorn Halloween props that I absolutely adored
*Kitchen items - pot holders, serving dishes, towels
*Homemade!!!!! As a die hard crafter myself I would appreciate something made by my reaper!!!! If you don't diy, dont sweat it. Or even if you want to give it a go anyways I would appreciate anything made by you!!!
*Haunted mansion
*Nightmare before Christmas
*Anything unique or different that would look creepy in my haunted house
*Lights (plug in or solar), lanterns and strobes

I'm really not hard to please when it comes to Halloween paraphernalia. There's not much I dont like to be honest. Basically just dont need anymore wooden signs or wreaths because I already have so many.

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I've only just seen this thread - so here is my list for my Reaper :)

No particular theme, nor a party planned just for personal enjoyment for our home
(One extra tho - if I'm matched with someone from the States I would love a little item of Bullseye the Target Store mascot -
but that's not a necessity, any Halloween style Bull Terrier plushy or picture or postcard (think Bullseye / Spuds McKenzie))

Anything with the word Spooky on
Pumpkins / Jack o Lanterns - pics, cards, ornaments, decorations, etc
Bats - anything bat related
Colours - orange, black white & purple
Tim Burton - mainly Frankenweenie and Zero
Cute ghosts, pumpkins, cats, bats
Glitters, sparkles, sequins, confetti
Vintage signs, stickers, papers, decorations
Imps, pixies, goblins, elves, gremlins, gargoyles
Eerie landscapes / houses / castles / graveyards / Cemeteries
Socks / Pajama bottoms (med - large)
LITERALLY anything with the word SPOOKY on
Scarves or blanket
Coin purse / wallet
Sleepy Hollow memorabilia (film or from the actual place)

Day of the Dead
Spiders / cobwebs
Crows / birds
Garlands / Banners / Tinsel

Slasher horror movie characters (apart from Gremlins)
Clowns / carnival
Blood / Gore
Harry Potter

(please do not send me any hanging / suicide stuff (lost a dear friend to suicide :( )

They call me HeebieJeebie
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Time to catch up here

How sweet, do you know what she’s having? Hopefully the “spookys” don’t bother your Grandchild like it does mine (she’s 3).
She's having a boy! I only had the one daughter, so I think a little dude will be fun. She still lives in my house, so we'll get to see him a lot. I keep seeing all these cute Halloween onesies & stuff and have to remind myseslf that he won't be here yet so I have to leave the stuff alone (for now!)

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Wow my Walmart doesn’t have anything for boys or girls. I hear you as far as restraint. I was that way at Christmas (she was born in early Jan). Grandkids are sooooo much fun!!!
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