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All right - finally posting my list - & I'm sure I'll probably add stuff to it as I go.....

We do both Christmas & Hanukkah in our house, as my husband is Jewish, so our decorating scheme is eclectic, to say the least. We try to incorporate both holidays in all the corners of the house, from dreidels & little trees tucked on shelves to little menorahs near my stocking holders. My Christmas decorating color scheme always tended to be more on the silver side anyway, with blue, purple, red, green, & white in the mix (I tend to stay away from gold – it’s not outlawed or anything, I just prefer silver usually). We have a silver tinsel tree, & we put Hanukkah ornaments in the mix with my Christmas ornaments on the tree. We send out Hanukkah & Christmas cards (a LOT of cards), so that’s reflected in our decorating as well, as we hang up all the cards, adding to the festiveness…..

We don't do a ton of outdoor decorating outside of putting up lights & plug-in menorahs in the windows, & we hang up wreaths & the like on the windows & doors.....

We have no children (yet), but we do have 5 cats & a dog.

(see color/holiday scheme above)
The Grinch (not the Jim Carrey version)
Glitter is cool if not overloaded
Ornaments (Christmas & Hanukkah) of all kinds!
Reindeer in general, really
The Christmas Story
Tropical-themed holiday stuff (We live in South Florida)
Kitchen stuff holiday-related, like towels & the like (I make a lot of Christmas cookies, & I also make matzo-ball soup & latkes for Hanukkah) We haven’t had much luck finding anything Hanukkah-related in this category, actually….:(
Quilt/blanket would be amazing, cause they will be used (& yes, I'm cold all year - in Florida - go figure)
Something regional/from your area to hang on our tree to remember you every year would be cool!

I’m still figuring out new themes/touches to our blended scheme, so anything you send with that will be lovely!

Stocking holders (like them, but already have them)
Elf on the Shelf (don’t like that little guy – he’s creepy)
Stuff that’s snow-heavy – some snowflakes are okay, but we live in South Florida, so it’s not like it applies to us down here…

With all that being said (whew!), anything you send us will be loved, dear Merry Reaper, as it comes from the heart, whether it be repurposed, purchased new or otherwise, or made…..

& no, as cool as it would be, I don't/can't do the creepy Christmas theme, as it would be too crazy with the Christmas/Hanukkah as it is, but Halloween stuff is welcome all year - it just won't be used till Halloween, that's all.....

Yes, I also love NBC, & honestly it would probably be used for Halloween or left out all year, depending on what it is (I'm adding this because certain people *cough*Saki.girl*cough* have mentioned this on their crafting skills/likes list, & I just wanted them to know that anything of that vein would certainly be loved...:D

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ok im going to start my list, but its not finished, im still reading everyone elses...
we have an art room thats all tim burton decorated, black/white and purple... so anything tim burton in those colors is great....i have some shelve some odd made plants under a 12 inches tall would be cute to display.

i also have a game room that stays decorated halloween heavy witches all year long...yes i took it over when my kids went to college... i am going to do a black or purple xmas pencil tree this year so anything in halloween color scheme halloween ornaments would be great.... colors some silver, orange, purple, slime green, black. in the room i have a voodoo area, a snow white witch area, my oddity cabinet, seance table that decorated and lots of witches...

we are also going to do a night before xmas corner with our nbc things, i want to make or use the demented toys jack made for xmas gifts and covert the halloween theme of nbc to the xmas version of nbc for this corner...........
i love the grinch also...

oddities.....i love, i love anything tim burtonish...i love hand made.

i decorate my whole house xmas, i do use glitter things, happy happy....love pier one things, i am into more cartoony things, ive stayed kid at heart for christmas my colors are primary, gold and alilttle silver.

gingerbread items i adore
sugar plums, lollipops, cookie, candy theme i do in my kitchen

if someone wants to do halloween, i am going to do a swamp witch theme next year and more voodoo...i have two hags i got this year and will really work on that this spring........i have plenty of rubber snakes and burlap already....

i have cats, my loves, they are a shorthair persian, they look like teddy bears. we also have a corgi and a collie.

i dont do pastels at all for xmas, my colors are bright primaries, i use more gold for xmas than silver for the main part of my house.
i dont do natural woodsey themes
i dont do romantic themes either, if its victorian its gothic which my house is decorated in year round
i dont need any craft supplies, well stocked there...
no gore, no clowns, no zombies.

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Here's my list, and I may add more as I think about it.

Haunt vision for this year: Singing skull band,( I have two three axis skull assembled) setting in a grave yard, with a pneumatic trumpet player (already built). with lanterns hanging from trees. A witch scene set up with potion bottles, witch books, rocking granny (witch) , cauldron creep. Alright I've had this vision for a few years, and I haven't pulled it off yet, but it will happen. I need to program my skulls.

Likes: anything that would fit in the vision above
Things for the band. Clothes or hats for the band.
80s hair band style wigs in children's size
70s style wigs, boys and girls style and sizes

***New Item**** Prop hands for on older man, and for a witch

Potion bottles and/or labels
Goodwill, thrift store finds, especially ornate frames I can spray paint black. Frames are a huge want for me. I can give then new life with a coat or two of spray paint and put all the great graphic for holidays in them.

Lemax Spooky Town, nothing elaborate, you could make me trees or bushes for my display. Bethene made tombstones for my display, and I love them.

Plan to do pirates in a couple years, so anything that theme would be good. So, if you did pirates this year and are getting rid of any of your props, I would gladly (and be honored) to take any of them.

witch books, spiders, webs, crows, fake logs, nick knacks that would fit a witch scene

Home made LED candles for graves

skulls, tombstones, bats

Spooky music tracks or mp3s

Would love glitter bombs for indoor decoration or any type of halloween related indoor decor

Cheese cloth ghost for a FCG.

Just about any of the terrific crafts I have seen people on the forum create

Gypsies or fortune teller items

Vampires, vampire hunter kits

Spooky paintings, photos, love the macabre and the altered vintage looking photos. Old photos of witches.

lenticular I have all the ones from Dollar Tree

Lanterns, witches lanterns

tarot cards

Bayou or New Orleans style cemetery items. Someone here on the forum sends her victim a box of real spanish moss. I can't remember who it is, but that would be cool to hang in my huge tree with the lanterns hanging in it too.

Day of the Dead

Disney's Haunted Mansion

I love dishes, serving items, napkins, party goods, kitchen items, specialty towels, etc. ​Any Holiday or special occasion would be good.

Throw pillows either handmade or bought

Cats of any kind

***New Item****Love Halloween socks, crew or trouser sock length, not kneehighs. Especially need one with black backgrounds so they fit in with the work clothes better.

If you are mechanically gifted, I would like a haunted swing, a flying crank ghost, a tombstone peeper, or any other animated object for the graveyard.

I want to create a spooky ambiance, not scare the little kids too much, while still making the older kids remember the yard.

Blood, gore, guts, slashers, chainsaws, you get the idea. No Freddy, Michael, Ring, Saw etc...
zombies, I am planing to make a grave grabber though
Can't stand Zombie Babies or evil babies, or deformed babies. Best to leave babies alone in general
clowns, carnevil, etc...
Please, nothing that was once really alive or fetal in a jar. Just saying

Christmas List:
I do two trees both with mixed colors, so anything goes.
I love all kinds of indoor Christmas displays, reindeer, Santas, snow globes, candle holders
I like sparkly, shiny, glittery items.
I like the antique looking balls for the tree.
My tree top angel stopped lighting, so a new topper would be welcome.
Nut crackers
Throw pillows, towels, napkins etc.

***New Item****Christmas socks- again trouser sock or crew height not knee socks.

***New Item****I love homemade scarves with the funky yarns sorta like this-
They help keep me warm in an office that can be cold at times.

***New Item****Since we are experiencing really cold weather right now, that made me remember I love slipper socks for winter mornings, ankle high. I have big feet (size 10)

I have also added somethings to my pinterest board.

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I found this on the bottom of page two so am bumping it. I do need to get likes together and get them to Bethene. Nothing like prograstination!

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I love thrift store, store bought and hand made.

2015 Theme is Medival Castle


leather pieces
leather working tools
leather stains
fur pieces
steampunk things to add to my costume
fake medival weapons
tools for the fire pit torture table in torture chamber (think tooth pulling etc)
portraits to go in the grand hall
potion bottles
plastic chain for torture chamber
books to go in a store front for DIE AGAIN ALLEY
wands and wand boxes
voodoo items (2016 theme)
could use music(cds) with voodoo or medival castle type music
floating candles
signs/tags for my wand display
golden snitch
harry potter map or medival map
save dobby sign with socks hanging from it
fake candles to fit in candlebras
wooden buttons (rivots on gates and doors) found at home improvement stores
dragon eggs

I don't decorate for Christmas so nothing needed. sorry

Don't like/needs
blow molds
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