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saki, i know...i'll tell a quick story...i had this huge coffin we made for a prank for a setup on year, i could store all my skellies and pumpkins in that monster...well it got rickkitie and i told my husband he could haul it to the dump after halloween, he was estatic, getting rid of something..lol....i had it by my drive in a little wooded area and kept it there and decided to put my jack and sally xmas blowups there and make it a nbc xmas scene for one of my xmas set ups..i do a huge yard scene, each area in kinda themes...it was so cute, with the purple and green lights a xmas tree and so on......so after xmas, i gave my husband the go ahead, haul it off and he was on his way to the dump......when he got there, no one was really around and he had to try to shove it in a raised crusher for wood, halfway in it got crowded and he had a crowd watching...as he shoves it in he turns and goes.........." well grandma couldnt afford a big funeral so she had to go economy"
he was so proud of himself....

LOL that is so funny love it.
I know last year I burnt my self out on Halloween I worked all year on dark alice in wonderland props when party was over I told hubby take it all to good will he was like omg 3 truck fulls went to goodwill but I can say that I regret doing that now lol I told hubby that will not happen again lol

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at last, here is my list

:my Christmas is just that , Christmasy, I do have a couple Halloweenish ornaments, a spider web, old world style,which is white and silver spider web, and a old world pumpkin,,so along those lines would be good,, I am a ornament junkie,, can not resist a sparky ornament , do mostly "fancy" glass, but sparkly plastic is ok too, put it at the bottom, although my cats leave them alone at this point, I also love, love snowmen,collect any and all, ornaments, knick knacks, etc Santa's, snowflakes, elegantly traditional if that makes sense. Vintage ornaments like from the ,, 40,s and 50s. think shiny brite style,I like Victorian style Christmas, wreaths, wall swags,, basically if it is Chrismas-y I will adore it, Christmas art work,,

Home made/ handmade is awesome, as is thrift store finds
I adore kitties and have four babies...

Halloween : scary, things that go bump in the night type , things to use to animate, witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, cats etc.

I also love the Wizard of Oz, especially the green witch, in all her forms, would love a Wicked Witch figurine or ornament.

dislikes Halloween, gory , bloody, movies, zombie babys, clowns,

Christmas need to think about, don't have much dislikes for Christmas,,​

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I have an inside garage party. 2015 theme is Bloody Asylum.

Ideas I’m looking for:

-Red icicle lights
-Bloody hand & foot clings
-Bloody knives
-Nurse costumes or white scrubs (can be already bloody)
-Anything Asylum related
-Medicine/urine cups
-Medicine bottles
Skeleton Garland
16 inch Skeletons



-Love skulls & Anything Day of the Dead
-Love candelabras
-Blood and gore is ok
-Really love vintage things
-Handmade & thrift store is ok as well
- I have started collecting Halloween ornaments for a Halloween tree (I have 3 so far)
-I have a small Halloween village, so items for that would be ok
-Like the look of mini shadow box scenes


I don’t really have any dislikes. I don’t discriminate when is comes to Halloween things. Lol

Christmas Likes/Dislikes


-Tree is mainly in Red, Green, and Sliver & Gold
-Love snowmen, owls, Elves and Reindeer
-Love icicle ornaments
-Dachshund ornaments

Don’t really have that much Christmas decorations at my house.


-The Christmas Story
-The Grinch Cartoon

Other Things

-Favorite colors are Red & Black
-Like Hot Chocolate
-Like anything milk or dark chocolate
-Like Cherry items (kitchen is done in cherries, it’s hard to find)
-Have a Miniature Dachshund named Lil Bit, who is the Joy in my life besides Halloween.

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Halloween or Christmas, it doesn't matter. I love both (although except for Nightmare Before Christmas, we really don’t overlap them much).

I love Victorian decorations and costuming: jewelry and accessories, anything with colored glass. I like a dark Victorian vibe—candlesticks, books, bottles, picture frames…also, Steampunk! I particularly like long pendant-style necklaces, and hair accessories.

I like Day of the Dead things: sugar skulls, skeleton figures, etc. (I think this is going to be next year's theme.)

Things based on dark literature, Edgar Allan Poe for example, would be cool. I'm an English instructor in real life! Also, ghost stories or ghost hunting type books.

I sort of want an apothecary set. I don't have anywhere to display one, and it doesn't fit in with any of our current décor or themes, but they are so freakin' awesome looking!

Things for my village. I repainted Dollar Store village pieces and am slowly building a Halloween village. I would like accessories like trees, paths, gravestones, etc.

Ok, now the specifics…
For Halloween:

I love all things Disney, specifically Disneyland. Anything Haunted Mansion is awesome (especially involving the wallpaper pattern. Nightmare Before Christmas is always welcome! My favorites are the villains. I love anything Disney Villains. My favorites villains, in order, Malificent, The Chernobog, The Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen, and Cruella deVille.

Oh, I also love Halloween or any kind of creepy music, especially things that are not that well known (like Monster Mash, Thriller, etc.). I love discovering new music for Halloween.

We're not really that fond of gore or blood. I don't really like the dolls or babies much. Our parties and Halloween celebrations are a bit creepy, but family friendly. Also, we live in the California low desert, so things that are heat sensitive (candles, edible objects) may not work. It's HOT here, but for Christmas it should be ok. I personally am not that fond of cutesy things (except socks--I love Halloween socks for some reason). And I don't really dig zombies or horror movies.

For Christmas:
Penguins, more Disney stuff! Love Christmas stuff with the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto), and the princesses but any Disney character is great. I'm also on board the Frozen train that's rolling through!
Most of the style of Halloween can carry over into Christmas decorations (Victorian, old or antique looking).
I have miniature tree that gets set up randomly, so itty bitty ornaments would be nice. (I got an awesome Halloween tree last year in the Merry Reaper).
Snowglobes (although I would be terrified of shipping) and music boxes.
Mostly indoor decorations for Christmas. We usually run out of time and don’t do much outdoor decorating.
I always love lights, so any kind of lighting is cool.
We also can use fabrics, ribbons, tulle, and all that fun stuff.
I like dramatic Christmas music (Trans Siberian Orchestra style).
I like peppermint candy.
For Christmas, I tend to like colorful (bright, jewel tones) and and I love metallic. Glitter is ok. I like sparkly Christmas.
I don't do much baking, but I do occasionally like to get creative with things like gingerbread men and houses. I'm better at decorating that actually using an oven. I burn everything. :D

I'll probably add more to the list as I think of things.

Thanks in advance!
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