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Ok, so I will probably edit this later on, but here's my list!

Halloween Likes:

Our party this year was a hit, so we plan on having one next year as well. No defined theme (might focus on pirates?), but I do plan on doing 2 of the 3 main rooms in blacklight. So anything Glow in the dark or that would glow under blacklight would be awesome. We only have one blacklight strip as of now, so bulbs or light strips would be amazing. :D :D

Cauldrons, witch/wizard hats, potion ingredient jars/bottles. Spell books, Brooms, wands. I would really like some good potion recipe pages. One of those "DANGER witch seen in the forest" signs would be cool. The only think witchy that I don't like is the crashed witches and the curly toed witch shoes.

Black cats, ravens, owls, bats, spiders, skulls/skeletons (human or animal),

Hocus Pocus movie:
I love every bit of that movie! I would like a pillow case with a movie quote on it, A framed image of the sisters, my own Book… Anything really.

The Addams Family (from the TV show specifically):
I adore Gomez and Morticia. I would love a Thing or Cousin It.

Fortune teller:
tarot cards, jewelry, scarves, runes, palmistry hand. fortune teller sign. I love gypsies in general, so anything gypsy related is good.

The Classic Monsters:
Dracula/Vampires (not twilight). frankenstein and his bride. werewolves/wolfman. I would love to have framed portraits of the classic monsters as well as family photos of the Sanderson sisters, Addams family, and the Munster family. Or any creepy/spooky portraits/paintings/pictures.

PIRATES!: We love pirates and the boyfriend is a sailor, so anything nautical is used year round!

candlesticks, candelabras, lanterns, string lights, Black lights!

creepy plants:
eye ball plant, fly traps, etc

I like all ghosts. even cutesy ones…

bust statues:
I once heard someone mention a hall of ancestors and I love that idea and would love some busts to start my own 'ancestor' collection

Graveyard: headstones, spooky trees (love trees!), pumpkins/gourds/jack o lanterns

Zombies are okay.

I would like to start collecting specimen jars or oddities, as of now I have a shed snake skin wired up as a "ghost snake" and he's lonely without any freaky friends. haha

Colors: Black, Purple, red, lime green, orange

dragons and venetian masks. Not just at Halloween, i always have my masks and dragons out

I can always use more creepy cloth.
I'd like white sheets to put over our couches/furniture for a haunted house vibe.
i'd like small brains for my "bat brains" apothecary jar. I can't find any.
Anything with antique or old looking is great. homemade things are awesome

Halloween Dislikes:
babydolls, gore, cutesy things, clowns, serial killers, and i don't dislike it, but i'm not a huge fan of nightmare before christmas.
NO outdoor decorations please! I am afraid the neighborhood kids would just ruin them.


I'm in to happy, glittery, shiny, traditional christmas decor

Animals: Owls, penguins, polarbears, reindeer, regular deer, mice... pretty much all animals look good in santa hats...

From Movies:
LOVE cartoon Grinch
rudolph, frosty, Santa clause, Jack frost, The year with out Santa claus, Santa claus is coming to town, White christmas, It's a wonderful life.

Love snow men

Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, reindeer

Love glittery/shiny decorations

Colors: red, green, gold, silver, and baby blue


Vintage cards/decorations



need a tree skirt

clear ornaments


Nativities, Religious items, Nightmare before christmas (sorry!), A Christmas story, Neon colors, mulicolored light strings. Elf on a shelf, 'rustic' decorations
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