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Thank you so much Merry Reaper for taking the time during the busy Holidays to focus on a gift for me. I appreciate it so much.

Likes: Christmas Things

We decorate Outside in Blue and White. I love snowflake decorations for outside but we put out anything blue and white, bells, snowmen, angels etc..
Id really love something to decorate my mailbox with

The Nutcracker Ballet is special to us, I decorate my dining room in Nutcracker Ballet themed things, would love some of those beautiful paper ballerinas on pinterest or anything else related to The Nutcracker, sugar plum fairy, mouse king, etc.....we want to have a nutcracker themed Tea for Christmas Eve so anything for this would be great. Towels,plates,cups,tea pot, napkins etc...

I would love Red PVC candles (home made ones or from the store) or LED candles These would fit into my Christmas and Halloween displays both

I also love everything with snowflakes on it for me, socks, scarves, gloves, jewelry, coffee mugs, anything snowflakes :)

I don't have any woodsy Christmas items but would love some. I'd like to do an owl tree with woodland animals on it. burlap, pine cones, squirrels, deer, that kind of thing.

I do have a Halloween Tree that I only put out at Halloween time, It is black with white Lights and silver and gothic style ornaments
would love any kind of pretty Halloween ornaments for my Halloween tree

Likes: Halloween Things

My 2015 Theme is the Sanderson Sisters/Hocus Pocus
The only things I have so far is my black flame candle and Im working on the spell book
anything witchy that would fit into the Sanderson Sisters cottage would be great
Also looking for a green cape for Winifred
need 3 maniquin heads to make the girls with
any kind of costume pieces that would look good on the girls

Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman
I need a Katrina Van Tassel Tombstone
a map of sleepy hollow would be cool

Vampires- Draculas castle
A Map of Transylvania or Budapest area would be great!
vampire potion bottles (I am in love with Hildas Vampire bottles)
would love some of my creepy vampire pics printed up from my vampire board (I don't have a printer)

I love Edgar Allan Poe
I love bookmarks
Would love a Raven Feather
I need a black cat for my Poe display

Wicked Witch of the West
love love love the green queen. Don't care much for the other wizard of oz characters but definitely a Wicked fan.
A Tree ornament or a snow globe would be awesome.
Any kind of wicked Elphaba wicked witch pictures. I dedicate a table to her. Everything is black and green of course

I like glitter and sparkles

We love baked goods, sweets, cookies and candy

Someone mentioned a "Halloween props I want" board on Pinterest and I thought that was a great idea. It's kind of my to do list. It definitely does not mean you have to make or buy anything at all on there. It's just fyi

no snakes please, I don't care for Elves, elf on a shelf, creepy babies, gore,religious items, day of the dead, window clings and I don't prefer bright modern or neon colors for Christmas. I like good ole traditional Christmas colors
Please don't think you have to make or buy anything specific that I have listed it's just to help you learn about me. Making stalking easier, haha...


· Lady Of The Lake
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Getting so excited. I am usually not a Christmas girl but I'm pretty stoked this year. My Halloween was a little tamer than usual due to us moving so I think that's why I'm all aboard for Christmas. I'm usually a Scrooge and just want to move on to more Halloween preparations.
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