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My Dear reaper I look forward to the goodies you create and send to me :)


My likes and Dislikes
I love thrift store finds

For the Merry reaper my list is to start with
Night mare before Christmas
I love nightmare before Christmas I do this for my Christmas theme every year.

Would love a stocking big or small with nightmare before Christmas theme on it.
i am doing a big tree for the first time so need lots of ornaments for it

black and purple and white are the colors i am doing my theme in for nbc.
garland black or purple with bats without is an idea

Would love a table top of a dead man tree or small table spooky trees.
ornaments of nbc would rock
or even black, purple , or orange ornaments from the ball ones with glitter or any gothic looking ones glitter skulls even ok :) . .
some coffin ornaments would be sweet also.
or even some gothic mini hats as ornament for tree would rock
some gothic looking garland would be cool to have.
oggie boggie dice ornaments would rock or oggie boggie ornament even
black and white candy canes.
some skull raindeer ornaments would rock
would love a nbc tree topper
Glitter is a ok with me :)

I have also this year started a 2 tree thanks to scream hehe this tree i am going to decorate with elfs and others ornaments once i get enough elfs it will be a elf tree :) and then i think i will add a 3 tree of all kinds of ornaments
so any cool unique ornaments very happy to have also
would love some hot pink and bright green (Kawasaki ninja green like the color of this font :) ) Like ornaments also love to do a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle tree .

would love some NBC cookie cutters.

Love anything Nightmare before Christmas.
Would love NBC tree skirt or even one with bats or even a purple gothic type tree skirt.
I also love snowflakes some gothic ones would be wicked cool as ornaments for tree

a mini Gothic Christmas tree would be fun for my desk at work :)
Love wax melts and candles
Love candle Candelabra
Love skulls I collect them real and fake 
love owls and ravens
glitter skulls I dig too

Here is a pinterest board to give you some ideas.

Gothic or steam punk fairy door
Gothic door wreath
love gothic decorations

Skull cake pan

(Starting to collect the Avon cap code glass the red )

love scarfs with skulls on them
love dark chocolate

favorite colors are red , black and purple

own a Kerilian bear dog she is such a sweetie.
my husband is awesome he has slowly been converted to love Halloween like me :)
love dark choc
love fudge

2015 I will be doing the traveling haunted hotel theme so also love anything related to that theme I have started nothing on this yet ( note I am doing the party in 2015 at a friend’s house note the Traveling haunted hotel hehe)
I have nothing for this so open to anything.
Would love an old suite case.
haunted suitcase
Hotel hat for bell man.
Bell hop out fit
Hotel directory
old phone
Old made over guest book
Old sheets white
One of those old bags like a doctor use to carry not sure the name of them
Maid out fit
Any color boas
gothic looking photo frames
anything you could see in a haunted hotel :)

my house will be decorated in gypsy / fortune teller theme
love any sheer fabric or gypsy looking fabric
even sheer curtains or gypsy looking curtains
love to get a gypsy mask
love a gypsy suite case
gypsy signs
anything gypsy related would love to have.

pinstrest ideas

Going to do dark wizard of oz in the house also so would love anything related to that i have nothing so totally open on this one.
ruby slippers
flying monkeys lol
monkey costume or mask
big hour glass
are some ideas
scarecrow costume or mask

So I got the Gammy oz witch so I have decided I want to start collecting witch stuff to also decorate house with
I have picked up a cabinet to start filling with witch goodies and love anything real like looking or old creepy for it not doing cute witch stuff .
witch hats to
witch signs
potion books,
potion bottles
smudge sticks
love a little cauldron

body parts
cute Halloween stuff
cute Christmas stuff

· My other ride is a Ninja
12,486 Posts
saki, i know...i'll tell a quick story...i had this huge coffin we made for a prank for a setup on year, i could store all my skellies and pumpkins in that monster...well it got rickkitie and i told my husband he could haul it to the dump after halloween, he was estatic, getting rid of something..lol....i had it by my drive in a little wooded area and kept it there and decided to put my jack and sally xmas blowups there and make it a nbc xmas scene for one of my xmas set ups..i do a huge yard scene, each area in kinda themes...it was so cute, with the purple and green lights a xmas tree and so on......so after xmas, i gave my husband the go ahead, haul it off and he was on his way to the dump......when he got there, no one was really around and he had to try to shove it in a raised crusher for wood, halfway in it got crowded and he had a crowd watching...as he shoves it in he turns and goes.........." well grandma couldnt afford a big funeral so she had to go economy"
he was so proud of himself....

LOL that is so funny love it.
I know last year I burnt my self out on Halloween I worked all year on dark alice in wonderland props when party was over I told hubby take it all to good will he was like omg 3 truck fulls went to goodwill but I can say that I regret doing that now lol I told hubby that will not happen again lol
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