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Likes -

-Nightmare before christmas (ornaments, stockings, figurines, Wall art) Pretty much anything
-Traditional red,Green and white christmas colors Oh and silver and blue
-Garland (maybe snowflake) White or blue
-I collect Snowmen and snowflake things. Would love anything
-Wall Art - Christmas sayings
-Christmas wreathes - Snowman or snowflake themed would be cool
-Window clings
-Classic christmas music -Think Bing crosby or frank sinatra) Maybe something instrumental
-A recipe box for all my christmas cookie recipes
-I have a Nice fireplace mantel so maybe some something to hang on it
-I love owls but don’t have many of them.
-Can always use more soft throw blankets (I’m a sucker for these)
-Any christmas craft things I can make with my kids like felt ornaments or Houses
-Anything to do with the grinch or rudolph, or frosty the snowman (except the movies I already own them) Figurines, ornaments,
-Tree scented wax melts
-Hot chocolate
-I want to start a Nightmare before christmas tree this year so anything that I could put on that
-Glittery Christmas stuff is Great!
-I love to bake, so anything cooking related is great, molds, baking trays, cake pop kits, candy making kits
-Did I mention Owls, cute ones, realistic ones, glittery ones I love them all.
-Not so into Gold. I like to keep my christmas stuff more Silver, Red, green and white and blue
-Christmas countdown calendar
-Chalkboard signs

Cross over stuff would be ok too. I love some of the skeleton ornaments Ive seen on here.

Oh and if you happen to be a baker we love homemade goodies in this house. thought I would add it just in case :)

Halloween -

-Next years Halloween party theme is Disney Villians/ Nightmare before christmas
- I just bought a used spice rack and could use some little potion bottles for it.
-spooky pictures, (like old abandoned buildings, creepy kids)
-Little coffins

Here is a link to a board I made on pintrest full of reaper Ideas http://www.pinterest.com/dee14399/reaper-ideas/
Hope that helps my reaper out on the kind of things I like :)
1 - 9 of 189 Posts
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