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Nightmare before Christmas
Dark twisted Christmas
Yule related
Corps bride
Batman villains Joker and Harley to be more specific
Miniature Halloween
Day of the Dead
Universal monsters
witchy things
hand made crafts
Creepy things
Graveyard pics/ or miniatures
bloody is ok
Creepy is good

Blow molds
Cute things

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I'm working on my list and will post it tomorrow. I'm going to be one of the few (if not only) who is going to be balls to the wall Christmas with my likes list. I love Halloween but (cover your ears!) when it's over, I love Christmas just as much!

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I am the same way Spookyblackcat.I know i am in the minority here, but I am big into sparkly Christmas! I obviously love Halloween , but once it is done, bring on Christmas, so you will not be the only one with a all Christmas likes list.

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Ok, so I will probably edit this later on, but here's my list!

Halloween Likes:

Our party this year was a hit, so we plan on having one next year as well. No defined theme (might focus on pirates?), but I do plan on doing 2 of the 3 main rooms in blacklight. So anything Glow in the dark or that would glow under blacklight would be awesome. We only have one blacklight strip as of now, so bulbs or light strips would be amazing. :D :D

Cauldrons, witch/wizard hats, potion ingredient jars/bottles. Spell books, Brooms, wands. I would really like some good potion recipe pages. One of those "DANGER witch seen in the forest" signs would be cool. The only think witchy that I don't like is the crashed witches and the curly toed witch shoes.

Black cats, ravens, owls, bats, spiders, skulls/skeletons (human or animal),

Hocus Pocus movie:
I love every bit of that movie! I would like a pillow case with a movie quote on it, A framed image of the sisters, my own Book… Anything really.

The Addams Family (from the TV show specifically):
I adore Gomez and Morticia. I would love a Thing or Cousin It.

Fortune teller:
tarot cards, jewelry, scarves, runes, palmistry hand. fortune teller sign. I love gypsies in general, so anything gypsy related is good.

The Classic Monsters:
Dracula/Vampires (not twilight). frankenstein and his bride. werewolves/wolfman. I would love to have framed portraits of the classic monsters as well as family photos of the Sanderson sisters, Addams family, and the Munster family. Or any creepy/spooky portraits/paintings/pictures.

PIRATES!: We love pirates and the boyfriend is a sailor, so anything nautical is used year round!

candlesticks, candelabras, lanterns, string lights, Black lights!

creepy plants:
eye ball plant, fly traps, etc

I like all ghosts. even cutesy ones…

bust statues:
I once heard someone mention a hall of ancestors and I love that idea and would love some busts to start my own 'ancestor' collection

Graveyard: headstones, spooky trees (love trees!), pumpkins/gourds/jack o lanterns

Zombies are okay.

I would like to start collecting specimen jars or oddities, as of now I have a shed snake skin wired up as a "ghost snake" and he's lonely without any freaky friends. haha

Colors: Black, Purple, red, lime green, orange

dragons and venetian masks. Not just at Halloween, i always have my masks and dragons out

I can always use more creepy cloth.
I'd like white sheets to put over our couches/furniture for a haunted house vibe.
i'd like small brains for my "bat brains" apothecary jar. I can't find any.
Anything with antique or old looking is great. homemade things are awesome

Halloween Dislikes:
babydolls, gore, cutesy things, clowns, serial killers, and i don't dislike it, but i'm not a huge fan of nightmare before christmas.
NO outdoor decorations please! I am afraid the neighborhood kids would just ruin them.


I'm in to happy, glittery, shiny, traditional christmas decor

Animals: Owls, penguins, polarbears, reindeer, regular deer, mice... pretty much all animals look good in santa hats...

From Movies:
LOVE cartoon Grinch
rudolph, frosty, Santa clause, Jack frost, The year with out Santa claus, Santa claus is coming to town, White christmas, It's a wonderful life.

Love snow men

Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, reindeer

Love glittery/shiny decorations

Colors: red, green, gold, silver, and baby blue


Vintage cards/decorations



need a tree skirt

clear ornaments


Nativities, Religious items, Nightmare before christmas (sorry!), A Christmas story, Neon colors, mulicolored light strings. Elf on a shelf, 'rustic' decorations

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My Dear reaper I look forward to the goodies you create and send to me :)


My likes and Dislikes
I love thrift store finds

For the Merry reaper my list is to start with
Night mare before Christmas
I love nightmare before Christmas I do this for my Christmas theme every year.

Would love a stocking big or small with nightmare before Christmas theme on it.
i am doing a big tree for the first time so need lots of ornaments for it

black and purple and white are the colors i am doing my theme in for nbc.
garland black or purple with bats without is an idea

Would love a table top of a dead man tree or small table spooky trees.
ornaments of nbc would rock
or even black, purple , or orange ornaments from the ball ones with glitter or any gothic looking ones glitter skulls even ok :) . .
some coffin ornaments would be sweet also.
or even some gothic mini hats as ornament for tree would rock
some gothic looking garland would be cool to have.
oggie boggie dice ornaments would rock or oggie boggie ornament even
black and white candy canes.
some skull raindeer ornaments would rock
would love a nbc tree topper
Glitter is a ok with me :)

I have also this year started a 2 tree thanks to scream hehe this tree i am going to decorate with elfs and others ornaments once i get enough elfs it will be a elf tree :) and then i think i will add a 3 tree of all kinds of ornaments
so any cool unique ornaments very happy to have also
would love some hot pink and bright green (Kawasaki ninja green like the color of this font :) ) Like ornaments also love to do a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle tree .

would love some NBC cookie cutters.

Love anything Nightmare before Christmas.
Would love NBC tree skirt or even one with bats or even a purple gothic type tree skirt.
I also love snowflakes some gothic ones would be wicked cool as ornaments for tree

a mini Gothic Christmas tree would be fun for my desk at work :)
Love wax melts and candles
Love candle Candelabra
Love skulls I collect them real and fake 
love owls and ravens
glitter skulls I dig too

Here is a pinterest board to give you some ideas.

Gothic or steam punk fairy door
Gothic door wreath
love gothic decorations

Skull cake pan

(Starting to collect the Avon cap code glass the red )

love scarfs with skulls on them
love dark chocolate

favorite colors are red , black and purple

own a Kerilian bear dog she is such a sweetie.
my husband is awesome he has slowly been converted to love Halloween like me :)
love dark choc
love fudge

2015 I will be doing the traveling haunted hotel theme so also love anything related to that theme I have started nothing on this yet ( note I am doing the party in 2015 at a friend’s house note the Traveling haunted hotel hehe)
I have nothing for this so open to anything.
Would love an old suite case.
haunted suitcase
Hotel hat for bell man.
Bell hop out fit
Hotel directory
old phone
Old made over guest book
Old sheets white
One of those old bags like a doctor use to carry not sure the name of them
Maid out fit
Any color boas
gothic looking photo frames
anything you could see in a haunted hotel :)

my house will be decorated in gypsy / fortune teller theme
love any sheer fabric or gypsy looking fabric
even sheer curtains or gypsy looking curtains
love to get a gypsy mask
love a gypsy suite case
gypsy signs
anything gypsy related would love to have.

pinstrest ideas

Going to do dark wizard of oz in the house also so would love anything related to that i have nothing so totally open on this one.
ruby slippers
flying monkeys lol
monkey costume or mask
big hour glass
are some ideas
scarecrow costume or mask

So I got the Gammy oz witch so I have decided I want to start collecting witch stuff to also decorate house with
I have picked up a cabinet to start filling with witch goodies and love anything real like looking or old creepy for it not doing cute witch stuff .
witch hats to
witch signs
potion books,
potion bottles
smudge sticks
love a little cauldron

body parts
cute Halloween stuff
cute Christmas stuff

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Thank you so much Merry Reaper for taking the time during the busy Holidays to focus on a gift for me. I appreciate it so much.

Likes: Christmas Things

We decorate Outside in Blue and White. I love snowflake decorations for outside but we put out anything blue and white, bells, snowmen, angels etc..
Id really love something to decorate my mailbox with

The Nutcracker Ballet is special to us, I decorate my dining room in Nutcracker Ballet themed things, would love some of those beautiful paper ballerinas on pinterest or anything else related to The Nutcracker, sugar plum fairy, mouse king, etc.....we want to have a nutcracker themed Tea for Christmas Eve so anything for this would be great. Towels,plates,cups,tea pot, napkins etc...

I would love Red PVC candles (home made ones or from the store) or LED candles These would fit into my Christmas and Halloween displays both

I also love everything with snowflakes on it for me, socks, scarves, gloves, jewelry, coffee mugs, anything snowflakes :)

I don't have any woodsy Christmas items but would love some. I'd like to do an owl tree with woodland animals on it. burlap, pine cones, squirrels, deer, that kind of thing.

I do have a Halloween Tree that I only put out at Halloween time, It is black with white Lights and silver and gothic style ornaments
would love any kind of pretty Halloween ornaments for my Halloween tree

Likes: Halloween Things

My 2015 Theme is the Sanderson Sisters/Hocus Pocus
The only things I have so far is my black flame candle and Im working on the spell book
anything witchy that would fit into the Sanderson Sisters cottage would be great
Also looking for a green cape for Winifred
need 3 maniquin heads to make the girls with
any kind of costume pieces that would look good on the girls

Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman
I need a Katrina Van Tassel Tombstone
a map of sleepy hollow would be cool

Vampires- Draculas castle
A Map of Transylvania or Budapest area would be great!
vampire potion bottles (I am in love with Hildas Vampire bottles)
would love some of my creepy vampire pics printed up from my vampire board (I don't have a printer)

I love Edgar Allan Poe
I love bookmarks
Would love a Raven Feather
I need a black cat for my Poe display

Wicked Witch of the West
love love love the green queen. Don't care much for the other wizard of oz characters but definitely a Wicked fan.
A Tree ornament or a snow globe would be awesome.
Any kind of wicked Elphaba wicked witch pictures. I dedicate a table to her. Everything is black and green of course

I like glitter and sparkles

We love baked goods, sweets, cookies and candy

Someone mentioned a "Halloween props I want" board on Pinterest and I thought that was a great idea. It's kind of my to do list. It definitely does not mean you have to make or buy anything at all on there. It's just fyi

no snakes please, I don't care for Elves, elf on a shelf, creepy babies, gore,religious items, day of the dead, window clings and I don't prefer bright modern or neon colors for Christmas. I like good ole traditional Christmas colors
Please don't think you have to make or buy anything specific that I have listed it's just to help you learn about me. Making stalking easier, haha...


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Likes -

-Nightmare before christmas (ornaments, stockings, figurines, Wall art) Pretty much anything
-Traditional red,Green and white christmas colors Oh and silver and blue
-Garland (maybe snowflake) White or blue
-I collect Snowmen and snowflake things. Would love anything
-Wall Art - Christmas sayings
-Christmas wreathes - Snowman or snowflake themed would be cool
-Window clings
-Classic christmas music -Think Bing crosby or frank sinatra) Maybe something instrumental
-A recipe box for all my christmas cookie recipes
-I have a Nice fireplace mantel so maybe some something to hang on it
-I love owls but don’t have many of them.
-Can always use more soft throw blankets (I’m a sucker for these)
-Any christmas craft things I can make with my kids like felt ornaments or Houses
-Anything to do with the grinch or rudolph, or frosty the snowman (except the movies I already own them) Figurines, ornaments,
-Tree scented wax melts
-Hot chocolate
-I want to start a Nightmare before christmas tree this year so anything that I could put on that
-Glittery Christmas stuff is Great!
-I love to bake, so anything cooking related is great, molds, baking trays, cake pop kits, candy making kits
-Did I mention Owls, cute ones, realistic ones, glittery ones I love them all.
-Not so into Gold. I like to keep my christmas stuff more Silver, Red, green and white and blue
-Christmas countdown calendar
-Chalkboard signs

Cross over stuff would be ok too. I love some of the skeleton ornaments Ive seen on here.

Oh and if you happen to be a baker we love homemade goodies in this house. thought I would add it just in case :)

Halloween -

-Next years Halloween party theme is Disney Villians/ Nightmare before christmas
- I just bought a used spice rack and could use some little potion bottles for it.
-spooky pictures, (like old abandoned buildings, creepy kids)
-Little coffins

Here is a link to a board I made on pintrest full of reaper Ideas http://www.pinterest.com/dee14399/reaper-ideas/
Hope that helps my reaper out on the kind of things I like :)

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saki, i know...i'll tell a quick story...i had this huge coffin we made for a prank for a setup on year, i could store all my skellies and pumpkins in that monster...well it got rickkitie and i told my husband he could haul it to the dump after halloween, he was estatic, getting rid of something..lol....i had it by my drive in a little wooded area and kept it there and decided to put my jack and sally xmas blowups there and make it a nbc xmas scene for one of my xmas set ups..i do a huge yard scene, each area in kinda themes...it was so cute, with the purple and green lights a xmas tree and so on......so after xmas, i gave my husband the go ahead, haul it off and he was on his way to the dump......when he got there, no one was really around and he had to try to shove it in a raised crusher for wood, halfway in it got crowded and he had a crowd watching...as he shoves it in he turns and goes.........." well grandma couldnt afford a big funeral so she had to go economy"
he was so proud of himself....
Every house needs a nbc area :)
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