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Likes list for 2nd mini reaper 2023

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Here's where to put your likes and dislikes, with A LOT of detail!!!!
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So excited for another
Updated on 5-26-24

Dear Reaper
Thank you and have fun with this reap
I have created a Pintrest page with all kind of items i would enjoy . Hopefully it will give you some inspiration.

I do plan on doing a theme this year with witches potion shop / kitchen theme

Witch items
Poison Apple anything
Cauldrons love them all sizes
Witch kits
Witches cook book
Spell Books or if you have a book i could make one from that would work too.
Witch stack boxes
Withes brooms all kinds and sizes
unique witches wand
Those books that open and you can put stuff in love them

Gothic items / gothic tea party
Tea cups with a gothic flare
Gothic tea pot any size
Love doing mad hatter tea parties any thing mad hatterthemed

Other Things I love
Haunted Mansion anything
Lanterns and lanterns turned into a witch fairy house
Love Mushroom items
big fan of hot tea
Love lip smakers
would love a glass plant water sprayer purple
I do collect Avon red cape cod glass
I also collect the vintage character drinking glasses
Love glass insulators
Love older mason jars all size

Harry Potter items
harry potter fan a harry potter kit / trunk would be cool dose not have to be huge even like book size to small case size
Items for a harry potter mail cabinet
potion cabinet small one or items to go in a small potion cabinet

My bedroom is done in a gothic
haunted mansion and crosses with a touch of nightmare before Christmas
if you have a old Rosary laying around love to add it to my collection
My whole house is gothic decorated year round .

Living Room is decorated in Dragons

Favorite colors are Black, Red and Purple


Dislikes and don't need
Hocus Pocus not a fan
No Ouji anything
No Gore
No blood
No Day of the Dead
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Secret Reaper Likes

Merry Reaper Likes

Pinterest: Shadow Black (shadowpantherbl) on Pinterest

I follow an eclectic path so anything wiccan works for me and even gothic (nothing Satanic please)


upside down pentagrams
anything devil related

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange
Favorite scents-Jasmine, Honeysuckle, lemongrass, nice flowery scents

mild glitter okay

My bedroom is done in a cross of Halloween and gothic so anything that fits into this is welcome


Misc- vines- fake, wigs, wall art-Halloween related, unique picture frames, old keys and locks, music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect., door knockers, painted sign-general or themed or with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time", mini tabletop tombstones 3"-6", fire effects, "coffin" curtains in black, grey, red or purple, scarecrow mask, anything that can be used to decorate inside the home, floor candelabra, gargoyles, crosses ( gothic, Victorian), Halloween tree ornaments

Bones- skeletons (human), Vulture, and animals (any except cat)

cemetery items-candles, moss, owls, fall looking or black flowers, urns -anything that can be used on or in a cemetery

Victorian/gothic items- old rotary phone, ornate pic frames (Victorian or Gothic nature) 8x10 or 5x7, Clothing

Animals/Insects-bats, frogs, snakes, bugs, spiders, Vulture (featured), gargoyles, ravens

body parts/organs-

Mad Lab- plasma ball or disk, Frankenstein mask, beakers, test tubes, specimen jars, lab equipment

Medical-embalming, medical tools, medical posters, doctor’s bag

alien related-bodies, masks etc

Egyptian related-anything, mummies, canopic jars, figurines, wall art

Witch/wiccan- plain bottles, black cat (NO skeleton), potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc, witch, decorative bottles,masks, mortar and pestle, witch clothes, shoes, anything wiccan related, cloak (see colors above), red crystal ball, bats, crystals, books on crystals and herbs ( I.e. Scott Cunningham) see list below

Fortune teller- zodiac material (Scorpio especially), beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol), clothes, tarot, Crystal ball (red preferred but any color other than purple)

Gothic-Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers, wall art, etc.-nothingSatanic

voodoo- shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, voodoo stick, foliage, tiki masks etc

hotel related-keys, key rack, luggage, clothes

vintage funeral-clothes, décor etc

pirate- treasure, coins, clothes

jewelrey- gothic, Wiccan, or gemstone related

swamp themed-moss, water effects, anything swampy

dungeon- anything related to

*anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

*Complete formulary of magical oils-Llewellyns

*Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of magical Herbs-Cunningham

*The modern witchcraft guide to magical herbs-Judy Ann Nock

*Wicca herbal magic-Lisa Chamberlain

*The herbal remedies and natural medicine bible-Lena Farrow

*Encyclopedia of herbal medicine-Andrew Chevallier

*Wicca/ Living Wicca/ the complete book of incense, oils, and brews-Scott Cunningham

*Magical aromatherapy-the power of scent-Scott Cunningham

*The complete book of incense, oils and brews-Scott Cunningham

*Cunningham’s encyclopedia of Crystal, gem and medal magic-Scott Cunningham

*The ultimate guide to crystals-Rachel Hancock

*The complete Crystal handbook-Cassandra Eason

*Crystals for beginners-Karen Frazier

*Crystals for healing the complete reference guide-Karen Frazier

*The encyclopedia of crystals-Judy Hall

*The Crystal bible 3-Judy Hall

*The Crystal bible-Judy Hall

*The encyclopedia of crystals, herbs, and new age elements- Adams Media

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything
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Dearest Reaper:

Your task, should you choose to accept it, will take you to flea markets and Saturday markets, obscura shops, beachcombing, a walk in the woods (or a cemetery), a pass through your junk drawer, or to second-hand and consignment establishments.

I am working on filling up my current shadow box and will be adding another, as well as a smallish curio cabinet, and would love anything you can find that I can incorporate into it. (I know I know, it’s basically curated junk, LOL).

HOWEVER! If this doesn’t inspire you, I have some alternative options listed below.

Shadow box/curio cabinet - Anything small, unique, or obscura academia to fill the compartments of shadow boxes:
Realistic mini skulls and bones, human and animal
Unique shells, corals, and sea sponges
Mini potion bottles or specimen jars/bottles/cloches
Unique rocks
Gems, crystals
Buttons, clasps, oversized safety pins
Pocket Watch (broken of course) or parts, other timepieces, mini globes/maps
Funky silverware pieces, or creepy/unique mini collectable spoons
Small urns and vessels
Old machinery, typewriter, or other interesting mechanical and industrial parts
Old printing press letters, numbers, etc
Vintage household parts like small door knobs or cabinet knobs, keyholes and locks, lamp finials, hinges, etc.
Office pieces such as rubber stamps, wooden rulers, unusual pens/pencils, letter openers, paperclips
Mini Tarot set
Vintage/weird/unique game pieces, marbles, dice, small toys/dolls and doll parts, etc
Creepy vintage pictures
(Dare I say) vintage/retro film canisters
Ornate or plane mini picture frames
Vintage or Victorian magnifying glass, scissors, opera glasses or binoculars
Realistic creepy critters like spiders, bats, (no snakes please), moths, butterflies, bird talons
Mini/micro spell book or other Halloween inspired
Steampunk gears or other steampunk decor, keys/skeleton keys
Realistic prosthetic eyeballs or teeth
Faux mushrooms, moss, mini pumpkins, etc
Anything of science/nature, alchemy, mystical, witchy, or Halloween themed.
Anything dark academia aesthetic.

Here is my pinterest page for inspo:

Alternative #1 I would love a vampire slaying emergency kit that I could add to my Halloween design wall. Or just some parts and pieces to create my own. There are examples in my general Mini Reap Likes Pinterest page:


Alternative #2 If you are a maker and crafter, I would LOVE something handmade of your choice and preference that I can use for indoor Halloween decor.

DISLIKES, or don't use
Patchouli scents
crosses, unless used for something like a vampire slaying kit, or part of the decor on something
nothing satanic (Krampus is the exception)
all out gore
too much glitter (some is fine)
I like sugar skulls and Day of the Dead, but I don’t use these for Halloween

And finally - thank you thank you thank you!!!
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Dear future reaper...

I'm generally in to halloween, so anything in the spirit will make me very happy!
I really like witchy items, divination, especially Tarot and tea leaf reading.. one of those teacups would be amazing! Also a witch wand with crystal would be much appreciated.
I love crystals and Potion bottles, especially ones I can use all year long as kitchen storage. I enjoy cooking, so any halloween bakeware, measuring spoons etc would be great.
I love gargoyles, and little bits for the garden.. any unusual flower seeds or decorative bits, lanterns and lights.
Anything haunted mansion!
If my reaper is crafty and would like to make a sign, I would love something to display. Something along the lines of 'Roundwood haunt' .

I also love bones, wind chimes, voodoo vibe things such as a staff or gris gris bag, candles, cemetery items.

Not so in to the cute side of halloween, I prefer darker, spooky and mystical. I have enough spirit boards thanks to previous reapers, but any cool and unusual planchettes would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance, I will love whatever you send me.
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Dear Reaper, I'm going to go with a little more eclectic theme for this mini reaper, since Halloween stuff might be difficult to find this time of year. That being said, I'm always appreciative of anything you send! Thrifted, crafted, supplies or items I can repurpose, it's all good.

I'm looking for items to add a little magic to my garden and outdoor space. I have a vegetable garden, lots of potted houseplants out on the deck for the summer, and old-fashioned flowers in the yard. Signs, stake or string lights, small statuary, pinwheels, suncatchers, wind chimes, things to stick in plant pots, etc. I'm not crazy about gnomes, but otherwise anything goes...witchy, kitschy, vintage, or cute. It will all be a big hit with me and my preschooler, who is my garden buddy.

I am also looking for crafting items like moss, neat rocks/stones/crystals, small bottles, book pages or scrap paper, miniatures that would look at home in a witchy house, small picture frames or mirrors, ribbon or fabric. I make dioramas, so anything that might be helpful with making some tiny, spooky environments would be great.

My teenager and I drink a lot of tea and coffee, and we're always excited to try new flavors.

Incense or candles are nice. I'm not big on sweet scents, but I do like spicy, woodsy, or floral. So something like pumpkin cheesecake would be a no, but apple spice would probably be lovely.

Halloween items I'll always be pleased to receive include bones or skellies (except those plastic skeletons of creatures that don't ACTUALLY have a skeleton, like spiders), candles, string lights, table or kitchen linens, or anything "classic" Halloween. No gore or Halloween characters like Universal monsters NBC, please.

Thank you in advance, Reaper!
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Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it dear Reaper!

My theme is "Summer Witch." I am pagan and follow the wheel of the year. This reaper ships out perfectly timed so that I should receive it before Litha. (EDIT: I am laughing at myself, because I somehow thought the ship deadline was June 6, not July 6. So yes, Litha will be passed us by the time I get my package, BUT I am sticking with this theme!!) That's also known as Midsummer, the summer solstice, the first day of summer with the longest daylight hours of the year. It's always been a favorite sabbat of mine. I am planning a lot of activities and would like items that go with my theme.

* Color powder packs for my fire.

* Candles, love all candles! Would love a sun, daisy, or sunflower candle. Also would love floating candles. I will take any color because I will find a use for them, but bright summer yellow, orange, turquoise, lime would be preferred.

* Solar lighting. Can be strands, stakes, wind chimes. Any really. Love outdoor lighting for my gardens.

* Dragonflies, mushrooms, sunflowers, sun imagery, celestial items, fairies.

* Ribbon windsock, art, wall hangings. Also, I am making a huge sunwheel for my front porch. I have some fabric already, but could use yarn or raffia. Yellow, orange, turquoise, red preferred.

* Driftwood art, shelves, pieces I could craft with.

* Unique wind chimes. I have two large porches and love to decorate them with fun and colorful items.

* I grill out a lot, and I am always looking for flavorful seasoning rubs and sauces. I love everything from simple garlic and herb, to spicy hot and really love trying different BBQ blends.

* Crystals, crystal terrariums. Palo Santo sticks, earthy incense blends.

* Goddess statuary, paintings, jewelry. Love her in all of her forms, from Venus of Willendorf, to the spiral goddess, to Gaia.

* Wooden signs, pallet art. Sun, sunflowers.

* Beaded curtains, wall art, garden art.

I will love anything you send. I love thrifted and handmade items so have fun with this. No stress! Here's a Pinterest board to give you ideas of my aesthetic.
Summer Witch Reaper ideas
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Here's my likes list
Homemade, thrift store/garage sale etc is all great!!!
My Pinterest page is at the bottom of the post, I have board called Bethenes mini reaper ideas.
I received a wonderful pair of hands from Shadow Panther , I have several other witches I would love some more!!
Witchy charms for crafting,
I collect witch figures and dolls, especially the Wicked witch of the west in all her forms.
I love crystals,geodes,, gems, Pretty stones. In any form.
I have a out doir graveyard, witches area,and spuder area, could use Led flood lights, ground breakers, hanging ghosts/ghouls, spiders, Shelly's, out door items for my witches area, wigs, masks, spooky witchy decor.
Reindeer motor, like one that moves their head, or any one similar.
I have 5 spoiled kitties,
Love chocolate.
Dislikes, zombie babies, excess gore and blood, cat skeleton
Don't fret my reaper, I will love everything!!
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