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And, here is the thread for the likes list, PLEASE, And I so can not stress this enough!!!! PLEASE make the list as detailed as possible, Being vague is very frustrating for your reaper, for example, I like witches should be more like, I like witch hats, potion bottles, cauldrons,, etc. so your reaper knows exactly what you want/need.

Thanks all,, lets have a fun winter reaper!

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Just got signed up!

Here's my list:

I do a walkthrough haunt every year with a foyer, cemetery, cornfield, dungeon, swamp, Egyptian tomb and witch's shack. I'm always looking for items to fit these scenes. Thank you, Winter Reaper!

With the "haunted estate" theme, I've been thinking of the Egyptian and jungle portions more as part of the estate owner's crazy collections, so I'd love more antiquities, treasures, statues, etc. to build this part up.

Here is a link to pics of last year's haunt: http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/140536-my-haunted-estate-2014-a.html

Unique tombstones
Egyptian treasures
Pirate treasures
Swamp items (fake greenery, jute netting, voodoo items, shrunken heads, shack/bayou items)
Gargoyles and garden statues
Tiki gods, realistic tiki masks or statues
Interesting witch shack items
Antiques or old items for details
Old, creepy framed photos
Flameless candles
Old cages or birdcages
Strobe lights or colored spotlights
Chains, tools, hooks
Apothecary jars
Severed heads
Cemetery fencing
A skeleton dog
Unique tombstones, primitive wood cross tombstones
Funkins and realistic pumpkins
I'd love a ton of the Dollar Tree carving pumpkins so I can start turning my front yard tree into a Halloween Tree a la the Ray Bradbury novel.
Antique, thrift and handmade as well as store-bought are amazing and perfectly welcome!

Blowmolds and Inflatables
Indoor décor, paper cut-outs, etc.
Cutesy or country items
Cute Disney
Nightmare Before Christmas (love the movie and Disney, I just don't decorate for Halloween with it)
Licensed or movie characters, like Jason, Freddy, Ghostface, etc,
Food and candy
Party items like dishes, trays, etc.
Music and Movies
Toxic waste/zombie outbreak/apocalypse items
Things that feature black cats (I'm sensitive to that, haha) or cat skeletons

Don't need:
Creepy Cloth
Fish Netting
Dollar Tree lenticulars (I have all of them)
Dollar Tree tombstones (I have all of them x2, haha)
Dollar Tree foam signs
Severed feet, hands, arms, legs, fingers
Potion Bottles

Stores I don't have near me, so I'd probably love things from them:
Christmas Tree Shoppe
99 Cent Only
Five Below
CVS (I visited one out of state this past year to get the teeth under glass)

Thank you Reaper! I'm excited to start putting a gift together!

Lady Of The Lake
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Hocus Pocus/ The Sanderson Sisters this is my main theme for 2015.
I want to do three static sisters for my front porch
I need help with the spell book pages, I need the spell book
Need two mannequin heads, one for Sarah and one for Mary
wigs that look like the sisters hair long blond wig for Sarah and curly brown wig for Mary.
I need a purple cape for Sarah and Red for Mary
So far I have my black flame candle, brooms, hocus pocus themed potion bottles- oil of boil, dead mans toe, Winnie's dress and cape and I'm working on a couple of signs
I love everything related to Hocus Pocus

In my front yard I'll be doing a Witches Theme so I'll be needing anything you'd find in a witches lair. I want to do a cauldron with burning embers and a spell cabinet with a witch cauldron creep. I have 0 experience with motors so if you know about these things and only send me a motor I'd be happy :)

I also have my mini themes that Will be staged in the garage
Sleepy Hollow, Edgar Allan Poe, Til Death Do Us Part (a wedding scene) A Vampire scene and the start of a phantom of the Opera scene. Any items that would fit my scenes would be very much appreciated. I have Pinterest boards for these themes and I list under the picture if I have it I keep it all updated

Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman
Severed heads
I need a Brom Bones and Katrina Van Tassel Tombstone
Would love a vintage looking Sleepy hollow map

I'd love a silver chalice
A Map of Transylvania or Budapest area would be great!
Would love some of my vampire pictures from my pinterest board to be printed off , I don't have a printer

Haunted Wedding Theme
I call it Til Death Do Us Part, I have a bride and groom already with their clothing and the brides bouquet. I have a Pinterest board that might help you better than reading a bunch of stuff. If you're in a Valentine mood this scene would be fun to work on during Valentines Day
I'd love a fake gothic looking wedding cake, or champagne glasses

Wicked Witch of the West
love love love the green queen. Don't care much for the other wizard of oz characters but definitely a Wicked fan.
Any kind of wicked elphaba wicked witch things are wonderful

I also have A Halloween Tree it's black with white lights and gothic style silver black and white ornaments. I have a black tree skirt with silver spider webs. I'd love any ornaments. It's a Poe inspired tree

Jack O Lanterns are always welcome

I do decorate for Valentines Day and welcome any Valentine Type things. I do traditional Valentine's Day but also love Skulls and Roses of all kinds.

I don't mind glitter

Snakes, voodoo

I have Pinterest boards of all of my themes

Here's the link to my To Do List...just an fyi of course . If there is anything on there that you have and don't need, could get or could make it would help with my to do list. Again just fyi. Please don't think you have to help with that.
Everyone is good at different things so if there is nothing on here that interests you whatever you send will be awesome! Thank you so much in advance for your hard work and kindness

My other ride is a Ninja
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I only decorate Halloween and Christmas
My dear reaper please look at this list it is way different then the list i sent bethene
I love thrift store finds

My theme for Halloween is going to be Gathering of witches 2015
. Not cute witch real witch stuff dark and dingy stuff 
cauldron all sizes
Witch hats to
witch signs
potion books,
potion bottles
Items you might find in a witches kitchen big wood spoon
smudge sticks
Incense dragon’s blood or sage.
a cool incense holder
Witches broom
Really want a Vulture prop
Witch ball one with red or red black or red and purple
anything witchy


2015 I will be doing the haunted hotel theme at a friends house
I have nothing for this so open to anything.
Would love an old suite case.
Haunted suitcase
Hotel hat for bell man.
Bell hop outfit
Hotel directory
Old made over guest book
Old sheets white
One of those old bags like a doctor use to carry not sure the name of them
Maid out fit
Any color boas
gothic looking photo frames
anything you could see in a haunted hotel
Any kind of keys.

love gypsy stuff /fortune teller theme
love any sheer fabric or gypsy looking fabric
even sheer curtains or gypsy looking curtains
love a gypsy suite case
gypsy signs
anything gypsy related would love to have.



Going to do dark wizard of oz scene in the garage with my gathering of witches will be for that party so would love anything related to that I picked up the evil witch after Halloween so far this is the only thing I have for this.
ruby slippers
flying monkeys
monkey costume or mask
big hour glass


Ok For the living room I am going to do a Wizard theme. (not the wizard of oz it will be magical wizard )
love a wizard mask
wizard hat
dragon schales
dragon eggs
wizard outfit

love Love Love Gothic items
(I collect Avon cap code glass Red ones. )
Love choc
Would love a gothic heart made from clay would be cool a small one to wear as a neckless.
if you are someone who sews I would love a gothic rag doll or witch doll.

Favorite colors are red, black and purple

I am a ok with glitter
Just moved into a new house
Wind chime
Things for the yard
Fairy door
Bird houses made over with a gothic or Halloween touch
Some gothic looking flower pots would be cool or made over to look gothic
Tikis are always welcome.
some cool decorated or painted rocks for yard

I have one dog she is a kerilian bear dog and mommy's girl :)

love chai tea my newest I have tried is caramel chai omg yummy
love essential oils

February 2 is my 14th wedding anniversary :)

such a great idea had to add to mine
Stores I don't have near me, so I'd probably love things from them:

99 Cent Only
Five Below
CVS (I visited one out of state this past year to get the teeth under glass)

body parts
cute Halloween stuff

Reaper Queen
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here is my list, i might add more,this is off the top of my head....

love. witches, especially the Wicked Witch. While I like potion bottles, I really have enough. A decorative witch hat would be cool, as would. a open spell book for display.

Any Halloween art work is always welcome.
I love to read and love multiple genre's. Sci-fi \fantasy, mystery, horror,think Dean Koontz, Stephan King,if it has a good story,I'll like it!
I do a outdoor grave yard,so anything that goes with that, lighting,ground breakers,skellys,ghosts,etc.

spider area things.
animated things,

indoors decor, knick knacks, etc. I like holiday dish towels,potholders,etc. Cool socks.

I like spooky. and. creepy, things that go bump in the night. Indoor things can be cutsey. some what ....
I have four very spoiled kitties..

zombie babies,,gross dolls, clowns,movies. gory and bloody things.

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2015 List for printersdevil

I would love a sign for our haunt. Haven Haunt

Anything witchy and/or fortune teller theme or wizard or similar conjurerers

I LOVE WITCHES, but expanded last year to include fortune tellers and other conjurers and had to cancel my parties. So I have a lot of stuff ready for this year. I just need to finalize some things and work on a plan to use it all. I do a yard haunt and hope to include the double car garage this year or the backyard which has a large screened in porch. I also am continuing to add things to my adult daughters Halloween décor.

Really would love some of the homemade PVC candles---not bloody just spooky.

Need want a cool spell book(s)

Can use bright gypsy vibrant scarves or things for my fortune tellers including jewelry

I am planning a room with conjurer wares so anything for it would be great---things they might have on display at a Conjurer's Consortium for wizards, witches, warlocks, fortune tellers, etc to purchase or see: wands, crystal balls, books on magic or potions or spells, brooms, mortar and pestle, witch hats that are unsual (love to hang them if not used on props or me), cauldrons, mystic jewelery, anything of interest to conjurerers, Famous witch or wizard photos or photo books of them (I have a lot of fortune teller's thanks to booswife02 and a Reaper exchange last year)

I have a Traveling Witch Kit that I made last year. Would love to have one for a fortune teller to display and maybe one for a wizard. Cool looking props!!!!

I want to do my master bedroom in a sort of Bed and Breakfast and a Spa in the master bath with a witch soaking in the 2 man tub. I have always used it as a spider's lair, but may totally change that. Ideas??????? Open to suggestions. Maybe a Dead and Breakfast or Love Ever After theme with a Tarot reader doing love things and couple on bed>>>> again would love ideas.

I do have lots of big spiders and webs that I love and will use somewhere. (hate real spiders)

I really need to work on lighting and music so could use help with either. Colored spotlights for cemetery in back yard. ALso would love to have some bigger tombstones. I have all small ones. Love how some of you used them last year and built them up.

I want to have a section of the graveyard for famous witches, wizards, tellers, etc. I have a stone for the Wicked Witch of the West that is pretty cool and has her hat on top of it. Would love a flying monkey for it.

I want to add stones for Maleficient, the evil witch/hag from Snow White and the Queen/Witch from Sleeping Beauty, Glinda the Good Witch, Gandolf, Dumbledore and maybe Marie Leveau, just any famous name that would fit the theme..

Games (homemade ones ) that we can play at my parties---based on characters from movies with famous witches, wizards, etc. They could also just be prop boxes that fit the theme for the store. (I love details)

If someone is good with images, I would LOVE to have a small flash drive with edited pictures of any of the above that I could just show as a slideshow.
or scenes from movies. I am not good at this stuff

Colored lights---strings of them or even Halloween shapes for my Creepy Cantina back porch. We leave the lights up year round.

Would love to have ornaments for a Halloween tree.

Love cool bottles for potions with or without labels. I have a bunch of smaller Crown Royal bottles that I hope to design a label for specific to me and this general theme. Just not how to make it fit the beautiful bottles.

I don't mean to be picky because I really am not. Anything witchy, wizardy, or fortune teller-ish and I will love it. Candles, candle holder for tables, scarves, table cloths (I use a lot of those small decorator tables that have the legs screw on and off them)

If someone sews,I would LOVE LOVE a long cloak, cape that is either dark green or red in a velvety look. I have a black one that I use a lot. It would need to be ample sized for me to wear. This would be the ULTIMATE GIFT.

I love the variety of things that I receive. I have gotten some of the most amazing things in these Reapers that I would have NEVER thought of. The creativity here astounds me and I love doing this.

I mentioned Spell Books and would so love to have one of those open book things with spells for some of the scenes I will have--Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, etc. I would so love something that resembled the Hocus Pocus book, but I am not artistic.

I want to work more on my displays. I have a great bookshelf to use, just need to have the items to make it work together. So anything for it for a witch. Another for a wizard area and one or maybe more of a display of teller stuff. I have been picking up books on various fortune telling things. Could also really use some signs either wood or things printed and framed for the non witch things. I have tons of witch signs (and still love them all) just need to develop the other things in the sign and display area.

Someone asked me why I always do witches---I just love them. I am really farming out most of my other stuff to my daughter and friends. WHo knows I may be sending some of it in some of the Secret Reapers.

I will always need spiders, toads, owls, etc. though. They are a witches right hand. Right?

Creepy cloth is cool and I use it a lot.

I love thrift store, repurposed, new and things that are just off the wall. I just love the hunt for things as much as the receiving and decorating. You send it and I will love it---PROMISE

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I went to SA and Goodwill and a couple of thrift stores today while the weather was nice. We are expecting temps to dip into teens tonight again---which is cold for us. I kept thinking &^% would like this or I could do this for $&#. I am glad that I am not the only one to do this. I swear it is easier to come up with gift ideas for people here than for my family!

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yeah,I agree with that! My husband seems to have the crazy notion that we are getting too old for somethings, and. that we need to be getting rid of stuff instead of getting more! What kind of nonsense is that? ?? I guess I really do see it to a point,but if you don't still do what you like,why still be alive? ???!!!
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