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Note: This has been modified but check for updates.

Thank you in advance Reaper. Please don't stress because I am easy to please and will love anything that you buy or make for me. I love homemade gifts if you happen to be crafty. If you aren’t, then garage sale/thrift store finds or store bought is perfectly fine. Also I am fine with just one gift if you desire since I seem to be running out of room to display things indoors, but if you prefer to send a selection of things, that is fine too. Don't let me ruin your fun.

This year for Halloween I will hammock camping (sleeping in a hammock under a tarp with a group of likeminded individuals) for Halloween weekend so some specific ideas would be:
• Decorations that could be strung between trees such as a skeleton, werewolf, or other ghoul moldering away in a hammock
• Sleeping vampire bats that could be attached to tree branches or flying bats
• Battery operated or solar operated lights of any kind. Some light up eyes could be fun.
• Luminaries
• Scary versions or ominous looking animals that would be normally found in the woods that could be set around my campsite. I envision owls, bats, wolves, snakes, crows, spiders, toads, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, bobcats, bears, or even gators since it is a swampy area.
• A scary face or two to attach to a tree to make it look like a haunted tree. Since it is a state park, the face parts would have to attach by dark string wrapped around the tree, no nails.
• A ghost story suitable in length for reading aloud around a campfire. Something from your locale would be fun. Feel free to even write one yourself.

For non-camping ideas I have added the below.

Tips to help out my reaper:

This year I will be doing a graveyard for the second time. I really needed a spot or flood light last year since my border of candle lanterns on hooks was pitifully inadequate.

I am hoping someday to come across the discontinued dinner/salad plate size of the dish pattern “Hallow's Eve” by 222 FIFTH. I bought the appetizer set of four dishes, but none of the stores around me had the bigger sizes.

I don’t have internet at home or access to a printer. So if you would like to print off some internet creepy pictures, I would love them. I bought a dozen 4 x 6 & 5 x 7 wooden frames to paint that are gothic looking, but have nothing much to put in them. Print outs of labels for potion bottles would also be welcome. So far my potion collection consists mostly of unlabeled bottles.

If my reaper is a person with lots of close up pictures of Jack-o-lanterns that they have carved over the years, I have always wanted to have a DVD of pictures of Jack-o-lanterns that I could use as a slideshow on my TV or in one of those digital picture frames.

Traditional style Halloween things such as:

Animals: Bats, Cats, Wolves, Crows/Ravens, Spiders, Owls (Realistic ones, not ones that look like the 60’s or 70’s), Frogs, Toads, Rats, Mice. I seem to be especially fond of ravens lately.

Spooks: Witches, Ghosts, Skeletons, Skulls & bones, Gargoyles, Zombies, Frankenstein, Vampires (Not the super gory or “Teen Romance” kind, more of the classic Dracula/gothic vampire thing), Universal Monsters, Grim reapers, Scarecrows (especially spooky/creepy or pumpkin head ones), Swamp monsters, Werewolves, Headless Horseman

Objects: Jack O Lanterns, Pumpkins, Tombstones, Haunted Mansions, Witches Balls, Spider webs, Cauldrons, Spell books, Potion Bottles, Creepy-looking photos, Twisted Trees, Ancient Egyptian/ Mummy stuff, Vintage Halloween Stuff (...especially with witch, cat or owl prints), Ghost ships, witches broom, witches shoes, creepy plants

I am a want to be quilter. Don’t actually finish anything but do like to collect fabric, so some Halloween fabric would be welcome.

I have noticed in my house that the darker shades of orange or burnt orange look better than true bright orange which seems to clash. Also, brass, copper or gold goes better in my house than silver or pewter. My style is more traditional so ultra modern does not fit well either. I have never found any Halloween hand towels that would look good in the guest bath, so I remain on the look-out for ones that are predominately cream that would not clash with the bold stripes of burgundy and green on the wallpaper that I never got around to replacing.

Not that I need a tablecloth, but I am a sucker for dishes & table linens, so I thought that I would add that my kitchen table takes a 70" round. My dining room table takes the 60" x 84" size and either oval or rectangle works. I already have black spiderweb lace cloths.

Random gift suggestions of things I wouldn't mind:
Home Goods had some heavily carved pillar candles, black with bats all over and orange with pumpkins all over.
A container decorated for Halloween that I could keep my Secret Reaper or Card Exchange supplies in (packing tape, scissors, sharpies, glue sticks, postage stamps etc.) I picked up a cigar box to do this, but it was not big enough to hold a standard size greeting card, so it is back to the drawing board.
A mat for the kitchen in front of the sink
I used up the liquid soap in a ghost shaped pump bottle that I had so I could use another
Pot holders are always good since I never seem to have one when I need one
A fire and ice spotlight, green or purple
One of those fake frog, alligator head, or fish skeletons or even the small rat or the bat
The Walking Dead DVD's any season except 4 which I have
Dollar tree items: skeleton serving tong hands, graveyard fencing with the spiders not the gargoyles so that it will match what I already have, graveyard fencing that is two stakes with a chain in between, Halloween village people or trees (I have the houses)

Dislikes or have no real interest in:
Overly glittery
Nightmare Before Christmas
Roaches or maggots
Aliens (doesn’t say Halloween to me except as a costume)
Movie characters i.e. Jason, Freddy, Chucky etc.
Inflatables (because they use electricity, make noise, & I hate seeing a puddle of dead inflatable in the morning) otherwise I would like them
Satanic items
Overly Gory, bloody, grisly guts or body parts (potion bottle body parts o.k.)
Real Witchcraft items or Voodoo things
Horror movies (slasher films)
Scented candles
Window clings (have waaaaay too many)
Candy or food items
Annalee brand figurines
shot glasses
Can't currently use pieced earrings

Not currently needed since don’t have that theme (but some year I will probably want):
Clowns, Bio-hazard, Dia De Los Muertos, Pirates, Wizard things, Mad Scientist Stuff, Oddities

Thanks, in advance, to my Reaper! Please realize that I really will like anything that you give me. I have tried to make my list extensive so that you have plenty of ideas. If I have listed any items that are over $20, it is not because I expect you to get them, but you never know what kind of crazy deals you will come across at a yard sale or with a coupon, or you may see something elsewhere that is similar in style. Also, don't feel constrained by my list, if you want to send something that I didn't even think of, that is perfectly fine.

I have barely started pinterest, but maybe it will help a little to see what I found interesting enough to pin. I will try to add to it soon.


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Thank you in advance Reaper! I will love anything you send.
Our theme is Disney villains/ nightmare before Christmas. Each room is decorated for a separate villain.
We are doing, Ursula (underwater theme) Dr facilier from princess and the frog( voodoo) Cruella de Vil
The witch from Snow White ( witches kitchen) and our biggest room will be nightmare before Christmas
If you think of something original to go with these rooms I would love it

Burlap or old gunny sacks to make a life size oggie boogie
Glow in the dark paint
Animal skeletons (fake)
Potion bottles, creepy labels
Fake apples to make poison apples
Any witch items for my kitchen, would love some signs to hang
Spell book
Anything having to do with nightmare before christmas
We decorate a Halloween tree, would love any Halloween ornaments
Dalmatian print blankets or fabric I can use in Cruella de vil's room
Stuffed Dalmatians
Plastic bugs
Bats, crows
Owls, owls, owls, I LOVE them in any form, they stay up year round
I love to burn candles, pumpkin and apple are my favorite scents ( don't care for the sickly sweet scents)
I love to bake and can always use baking supplies, cupcake wrappers, cake toppers
Serving plates are always welcome, I love things with skulls or pumpkins, or owls
Candy or homemade goodies are always welcome. :D
Nightmare before Christmas snow globes

No countryish Halloween items
I have lots of spiderwebs

I have a 8 year old son and a 2 year old daughter, past reapers have asked about kids. They would love anything if you felt inclined to include something for them.

Here is my Pinterest if you need anymore ideas of my style https://www.pinterest.com/HauntingOwl143/

I will keep adding as I think of things.

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First of all, thank you thank you to whomever my reaper might be for your thoughtfulness and your awesomeness in participating in this reaping. I'm sure that I'll love whatever you decide to send, & I thank you for sharing a little bit of your Halloween spirit with me.

My favorite colors in my Halloween decorating – black, purple, red, green, silver, touches of orange.

I mostly do indoor decorating due to my neighborhood, but I do throw a Halloween dinner/party every year. I don't have themes in my house for the most part (though I should think about that) - I just try to get Halloween touches in every room!

I have a small dog & several (6) cats. No kids yet, unless you count the husband! LOL

Now, on to the likes/dislikes:

Nightmare Before Christmas
Edgar Allen Poe
Tim Burton
Disney’s Haunted Mansion
Headless Horseman/Sleepy Hollow
Addams Family
Peanuts Halloween
Classic/Universal Monsters
Edward Gorey
The Munsters
Vintage Halloween anything!
Blow molds (have none – would love to start a collection!)
Black cats
Baking/cooking Halloween supplies/utensils
Full moon
Halloween ornaments (finally got a Halloween tree last year, so my poor little tree is quite bare)
Gothic/Victorian/Steampunk/Egyptian/Psychobilly/Day of the Dead- looking items
Halloween earrings
Halloween cat toys and/or dog toys
Thrift store finds
Anything hand-crafted or sewn – I’m always in awe of people’s amazing creativity (since I’m not terribly crafty that way)
I’d love to add a kitchen witch to my house! My kitchen colors are green and yellow.
Battery-powered LED taper candles (I got a candelabra on clearance last year, & I don’t want wax all over it - but not in black, please, as the candelabra itself is black)

Zombie stuff
dead babies
inflatables (I have cats, so they wouldn’t last long)
gory stuff
horror movie dudes (Jason, Freddy, Chucky, etc. – I love the guys, but not in my Halloween decorating)
skeleton animals (cats/dogs) (sorry, too painful, as I’ve lost a few pets over the years)
fall/harvest décor (we don’t have a fall in FL really)
anything that strobes (medical reasons)
Wiccan/Satanic stuff
Biohazard/scientist stuff
edibles (unless it won’t melt – I live in FL, so everything melts in the heat down here)
overdose of glitter (I can take it in small touches or just really cool-looking, but not glitter crazy)
Halloween bracelets/necklaces (my skin reacts crazy to some jewelry-except earrings)
Makeup (I’m super-picky about that stuff, & it probably wouldn’t survive the FL heat anyway)

Can’t Use (probably ‘cause I have lots of them already)
Fuzzy socks
Halloween music
Horror novels
Wax candles/holders
Halloween towels
Halloween cookie cutters

Thank you so much! Can't wait to start stalking the mailman!

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Thank you my dear reaper for taking the time out your busy schedule to send something my way!! Please don't stress, anything you send will be truly appreciated!

Likes: I absolutely love the gothic creepy look. The creepier the better. I am obsessed with vampires, skeletons, spiders, voodoo, bones, bats, rats, tombstones and cemetery stuff. I love the homemade PVC candles (all shapes/sizes). I do prefer the LED candles instead of wax though (as much as I like candles, I've had too many times where people knock them over and spill the wax over my floor). Homemade items are awesome and truly appreciated (especially because I am not as crafty as other people in this group). You can never have too much creepy cloth. I do have an awesome voodoo alter (thanks to my past reaper!!), so anything to add to that is great! Any size black non-fitted sheets ( I use those to cover my walls/furniture to make the house look extra creepy). Outdoor props/decorations are great. With the weather here, my tombstones are becoming pretty pathetic.

I have a massive Halloween party every year (50-75 people and the list gets higher every year) and go all out on my decorations. So anything to add to indoor decorations are always great but it does need to stay along the gothic creepy look. Creepy pictures to hang, poseable skeletons, bat/spider wall stickers, etc. Here is a link to my Pinterest page. https://www.pinterest.com/kab827/halloween/
I do update that all the time.

Dislikes: zombie babies/dolls, dolls in general (my daughter thinks they are all Chuckie LOL), clowns, country/cutesy/glitter/disney Halloween stuff. I prefer creepy, not cute.

Thank you so much!!! :D

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here is my likes list

think spooky, creepy, Victorian, things that go bump in the night...

I do a outside cemetery, so anything to go with that, hanging ghosts, lighting, large bat, etc
I love the artwork folks do on here, so anything like that is always appreciated,
also the sewing that folks do is awesome, so anything hand sewn ..
witch balls,
Halloween ornaments (non gory or bloody, sparkly ok)
small black tree for said ornaments
figurines/ plates for my china,(think witches, ghosts, black cats, etc)
crafting supplies, ribbons, charms cool bottles,
large spider webs and spiders
creepy cloth, cheese cloth and tulle are always welcome
little girl doll (not baby doll) painted like a ghost (not zombie or gross and bloody)
witch dolls
wax melts
books of all kinds,
kitchen towels, etc
would love to start a spooky town type of thing,
love homemade and thrift store are great!
indoor things can be glittery, don't mind some...

dislikes gory. bloody, zombies, zombie babies,

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This time I need food! I'm preparing for Korbin's 8 year old B-day on Oct 17th. So I want to get anything that deals with Halloween food/candy/cereal. Even Halloween drinks, beer and wine will do for the adults. He also is obsessive about Lego. Anything Lego including costumes and books. I guess this Secret Reaper will be about him. He will even be happy with used Lego. Korbin also like Minecraft too.
He also has a 3 year old brother that likes lots of food too.
They both like toy cars

He does not like girly stuff.

The party will be thrown outside and we are looking for games for them to play.

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This is my first reaper and I am sure I will be thrilled with whatever I get. I am working on a detailed list and I will post it here once I am done.

in the meantime here is a link to my pinterest page of inspiration for my witch kitchen this year:

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