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Here i where to put your likes list for the 2nd reaper. Please give as much detail as you can. he more details you make it the easier it is for your reaper. and a better chance you will be happy with your reaping!!!!

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here is my list for the 2nd reaper. I may up date it so check back !

I am great with thrift store, handmade, garage sale items!
I collect witch dolls and figurines. Especially the Wicked Witch in all her forms! I have many wonderful ones from past reapers but am always happy to add to my collection!
I also started collecting ghost figurines and dolls of all kinds!

I recently started loving vintage and vintage reproduction pieces, especially from the late 50's and 60's when I was a kid.
I love crystals, geodes, gems, and stones. Either by them selves or in something.
Outdoors I am expanding my witches area. So any mask, wig, dress , cape, hat, would be great! And hands, I need witch hands! Any thing to add to a outdoor witch display, larger potion bottles, potion labels, lanterns. Any creature a witch might have!
I also have a spider area, so spiders, webs, etc.
I do a graveyard. Any creepy thing to add to that, .ghosts, skulls, ground breaker, etc. Maybe something to improve my lighting would be great!
I have some Halloween ornaments, but more are always welcome!
I would love a tarot deck!
Dislikes: zombie babies, gory, lots of blood

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I recently started loving vintage and vintage reproduction pieces, especially from the late 50's and 60's when I was young
U.S. Vintage Halloween 50's 60's based on condition can cost over $150.
You can still find Blow Molds for around $50 & up
German antique Halloween recently priced over 1K
Repros depending on manufacturer & size $60

QUOTE="bethene, post: 2600342, member: 20038"]
Dislikes: zombie babies, gory, lots of blood

Girl Gone Mad
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My list (with a little bit of venting 💀 ) And a couple changes from the list I sent to Bethene so I hope my reaper reads here

So my mom and I just went through an ordeal where someone broke into our house while we were staying for a while with a relative, what they thought was worth selling they took with them and everything else was very destroyed, including things precious to us that weren't worth anything to anyone else...apparently they were druggies and thought it would be fun to destroy things....and by destroy I mean it ended up that the county even condemned our home and will be tearing it down. Mom is the only one with income as I stay at home with her to help her because of her plethora of medical issues. We are currently staying with said relative so everything is as good as it can be under the circumstances. So anyway, that means we will have to start all over from scratch. That includes Halloween so, even though I am throwing in a couple themes, really I would appreciate anything and everything I can get, so I will leave a general list on likes too...hope I don't forget anything:
(P.S. sorry to dump my woes, I'm not really complaining, just explaining the situation. My mom is letting me join this so it would be nice if my reaper could send her a little something too....she loves Dachshunds, anything with the old style Volkswagen Beetles or Vans, Gummy Bears, and Crocheting)

If nothing else, my reaper can cast a look at my pinterest to see what all interests me Amy Martel (wikkidpunkin) - Profile | Pinterest I even have wish lists, and have been adding more recently

so, without further ado...

I'm kind of mixing themes between Rockabilly/Psychobilly and Vintage and or Vintage/Primitive inspired Halloween
art, accessories- hats, jewelry, bags, etc to go along with costumes. Cut outs, blow molds, masks, etc. Rockabilly/Psychobilly music..
I'm also looking for the country/rustic/farm-cabin Autumn things

so a general list of likes: in no particular order just putting down as I think of them

really like old fashioned style lanterns especially the clicker ones
Anything home/hand made
throw pillows/blankets
Plaid/Buffalo check especially in Halloween colors
Anything that says Hello, Pumpkin or Hello Darkness My Old Friend
love anything with iridescent
anything that glows in the dark or lights up
could use kitchen items like towels, oven mitts, serving containers/plate and utensils, baking or candy molds, mason jars to drink from..
Vintage, folk, primitive
wreath/swag or things to make my own
would like some planters/ "vases" that are made of or have the look of galvanized tin or bushel
Mason jars with Fall/Autumn or Halloween
I do like the ever growing popular truck whether it's fall themed or has spooky things on it
Pumpkins/Jack o Lanterns
Craft supplies including but certainly not limited to, wood things to be painted with fall or Halloween color palette, fabric pieces, big beads and charms to make jewelry, etc. I love stickers and patches fitting Halloween or Rockabilly/Psychobilly theme
Horror Movies from classics to modern (to name some of my favorites: Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, Freddy, Sam from Trick or Treat, Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, Billy from Saw series...)
Tim Burton especially Nightmare before Christmas or things in Tim Burton style
Beetlejuice movie and toon
Ghostbusters movies and (Slimer and) The Real Ghostbusters toons (slimer was added to the title later)
Charlie Brown
Legend of Sleepy Hollow (most versions)
I prefer the Munsters over the Addams Family but I like both
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Tv series
Hocus Pocus
Horror Books, especially about haunted places (true or fictional), or anything to do with the supernatural, cryptids
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (with the original art work)
Coloring books (nice way to be creative and relax)
strange and supernatural creatures
could use some lanterns
string lights, Edison bulbs, or novelty lights shaped like Halloween things or Horror Characters
would love some vintage or vintage style bubble lights
Those cool light up with sound canvas pictures
coffee/ tea/ hot cocoa/ cappuccino/ cider (I'm interested in trying pumpkin spice things too) note: nothing in K-cup or similar..will have to be instant or made in a common coffee pot
I don't mind some glitter but not "saturated" in it so that it gets everywhere
Music like classic Halloween, Vintage Halloween songs, or Nox Arcana or anything similar to it
Just got into The Witcher series on Netflix though I would like to read the books
Ram skull
Octopus/fish bones
Angler fish
snow/glitter globes especially that light up and or play music
ghosts and other supernatural things
Wiccan items
rocks/gems/crystals or the like
Ancient cultures especially mythology and legends and cryptids (Egypt, Japan, Native American, etc.)
Tombstones and other cemetery things
would like to have an advent calendar
fairy tales especially Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood
Halloween Buckets
Collectible or Art dolls
anything Garden especially dark and spooky goth or Halloween
Candles (faux are best)
pictures of scary things or of Autumn scenes especially rainy days
miniatures, terrariums, dioramas, book nooks
scary games (do not have a way to play video games so handheld electronic ones are okay or board/card games)
curious/odd things
aliens are okay
cryptids especially the Fresno Nightcrawlers, Jersey Devil, Mothman, Rougarou, Loch Ness

sorry that's a long list but I wanted to make sure there were enough ideas

okay now for dislikes:
While I love candy it might not be a good idea to get anything that melts easily
nothing on the dark side of Satan/Demons I'm NOT satanic however: spoofy, cute/kawaii, or like the old comics Hot Stuff, or Rockabilly style is okay
not too much gore...blood is okay, something shaped like anatomically correct hearts or things that have an eye on it is okay, a severed limb if it has purpose like art and not just a body part, but no guts that's just plain gross

I think I have it all covered, but I will add more later if I need to, so my reaper may want to read here 😏

Thanks for the fun and thanks ahead of time to whomever my reaper is! Whatever I get, I love it! Hehe...I'm easy to please...most of the time :LOL:


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Dear future reaper, I will love whatever you send me.

I'm generally in to halloween, so anything in the spirit will make me very happy!
I would really like witchy items, divination, especially Tarot and tea leaf reading.. one of those teacups would be amazing!
I love crystals and Potion bottles, especially ones I can use all year long as kitchen storage. I enjoy cooking, so any halloween bakeware, measuring spoons etc would be great.

If my reaper is crafty and would like to make a sign, I would love something to display. Something along the lines of 'Roundwood haunt' .

I also love bones, wind chimes, voodoo vibe things such as a staff or gris gris bag, candles, cemetery items.

Not so in to the cute side of halloween, I prefer darker, spooky and mystical. I have enough spirit boards thanks to previous reapers, but any cool and unusual planchettes would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Secret Reaper Likes

Merry Reaper Likes

Pinterest: Shadow Black (shadowpantherbl) on Pinterest

upside down pentagrams

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange

mild glitter okay


Misc- vines-real or fake, wigs, wall art-Halloween related, unique picture frames, old keys and locks
music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect., door knockers, painted sign-general or themed or

with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time", mini tabletop

tombstones 3"-6", bone cameo's 8x10 or 5x7, fire effects, "coffin" curtains in black, grey, red or

purple, mantle/table clothes (lace with webs or skulls), scarecrow mask, anything that can be

used to decorate inside the home

Bones- skeletons (human), Vulture, and animals ( any except cat)

cemetery items-candles, moss, owls, fall looking or black flowers, urns
-anything that can be used on or in a cemetery

Victorian/gothic items- old rotary phone, ornate pic frames (Victorian or Gothic nature) 8x10 or 5x7,

Animals/Insects-bats, frogs, snakes, bugs, spiders, Vulture (featured), gargoyles, ravens

body parts/organs-

Mad Lab- plasma ball or disk, Frankenstein mask, beakers, test tubes, specimen jars, lab equipment
Medical-embalming, medical tools, medical posters, doctors bag

alien related-bodies, masks etc
Egyptian related-

Witch- plain bottles, black cat (NO skeleton), potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc, witch

masks, mortar and pestle, witch clothes, shoes

Fortune teller- zodiac material (Scorpio especially), beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol), clothes, tarot,

Crystal ball

gothic/medieval looking items, Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers

voodoo- shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, voodoo stick, foliage, tiki masks etc

hotel related(keys, key rack, luggage)

vintage funeral
treasure, coins

anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lol

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Here is my updated list!

Halloween Likes:

I love anything homemade! I could really use a gothic vase, and some dark gothic fake flowers for around my house! I’m moving from the ‘cute’ Halloween to more gothic as my
daughter is getting older and braver!

Also, This year, I am really into witchy things, especially if they have real preserved flowers, cauldrons, wooden spoons, potion bottles, etc. I would LOVE a poppet – especially one that was made out of natural things like corn husks or something similar. I could also use a besom/broom and a crystal ball. I also really love magnetic close books.

I love the Haunted Mansion, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I also would love primitive style décor- ghosts, really anything spooky/gothic (not gory) would be amazing.

This year I am planning to make a Halloween Town pumpkin scarecrow (if you don’t know what I am talking about, it was actually Jack in the beginning of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie or like the scarecrow in the beginning of Tim Burton’s version of Sleepy Hollow – some of my favorites!) so anything that would go well with that outside would be awesome. If you are super crafty and make haunt things, I could use a really big, long Santa hat to go on his head.

My daughter and I are really into steampunk this year! Also, lately I’ve been really into skeletons, flameless lights and anything that can help create a spooky vibe.

I could also use some small decor like fencing, lampposts, trees, to go with my NBC department 56 display!

I really need to update my outdoor décor as it has gotten old and a lot of it is broken or no longer working. I could use groundbreakers, ghosts, tombstones, string lights for trees, or big hairy spider are always welcome.

Finally, I have a 10-year-old daughter who is so excited to participate in this exchange with me. If you find anything you think a kid would like that is not girly/sparkly/pink/purple/unicorn (she is a self-proclaimed “tomboy” and loves spooky things like me), she would absolutely love to be included. She LOVES ghosts, toadstools, voodoo dolls, and keychains/bag clips for her backpack. You also couldn’t go wrong with anything Nintendo lol.

My Pinterest site: Holly Reeder (hugapi) - Profile | Pinterest

My Amazon wishlist: Check out my list on Amazon

I’ll be updating my Pinterest and Amazon sites regularly so always check back for other ideas!


Zombie children, tons of glitter, intestines, body parts, blood/gore, clowns/carnival, plastic, candles that are not flameless, candy

162 Posts
Outdoor decorations:
Witches (spellbooks, brooms, witch hats) , tombstones 🪦, fog machine accessories (props), lights (string lights or lanterns) or projectors and Vampires (coffins, vampire slayer kit). Zombie props (ground breakers). Pumpkins 🎃

Adult Halloween Party/ Indoor decorations:
Any indoor decor (more Halloween than fall decor)
Halloween theme Paper Plates, plastic cups, paper napkins. Throw pillow covers (Halloween theme). Candles and candelabras, LED candles. Purple light bulbs. Command strips.

Gruesome anything— bloody guts and gore

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I'm in! Here we go.....!

*Pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns. For either indoor/outdoor display. All shapes, sizes, colors welcomed.
*Blow molds. I still do not own a Halloween blowold!! I would love any, the classic pumpkins, black cats, ghosts are a fave.
*Skellies! I love me some skellies! They can be simple, they can be posed, serious, funny, gory .. Whatever! I love skellies!
*Skulls as well, love all skulls. Plain, corpsed, painted. Skull merchandise like towels, cups, plates etc.
*Candles (or lighters) with Halloween theme and scents.
*I am a wax-burnin' fool! So any fall/ Halloween wax cubes are always appreciated!
*Ouija themed items
*Witch themed items. Houseware, towels, costume accessories.
*YES I LOVE HANDMADE ITEMS! So if ya wanna get crafty, please make me something! Some of my favorite display pieces have come from members of this group!
*Let's talk gory! I LOVE it. I am one who runs the range from cute to crime scene when it comes to taste. I would be tickled to find a random bloody arm or leg in my package.. Maybe a bloody body parts garland to hang in my house? A severed head here, a bloody foot there...
*Can always use Halloween light strands, any colors.

*Not a huge vampire fan.
*Don't need any DVDs or sound effects.
*Not too big on movie memorabilia. Yes, I love my Halloween and horror movies, but don't collect the merchandise!
*I do enjoy zombies, but for now I am set with my zombie stuff!

One quick add: I do have two kids who always loved it when a reaper would include something for them in my package. They are however, older now. But still big Halloween lovers! So, if you can think of anything a 14 year old boy (Mason) and 16 year old girl (Rylie) would like, I know they'd be excited. If not, it is totally ok!

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Movies I love: Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, The Crow

Creepy cloth
Christine McConnell
Witches (I have tons of witch "jars" for potions etc...but pretty much anything else would be great)
Spell books
Crystal Ball
Halloween throw pillows
Books (witchcraft/wicca/crystal related)
Halloween related scrapbooking supplies. (I only scrapbook Halloween photo’s)
Gore is fine
Creepy flowers
Candles (flameless only)
Halloween lights
Hanging props
Tarot cards
Crystal ball
Neon lights
Basically anything from Target if you’re in the USA… (we don’t have Target in Canada anymore. :( )
Halloween tea towels
Anything homemade is welcome.
Indoor/outdoor (keep in mind i’m from Canada and there’s typically snow falling on the big night)

Don’t love/need:
Anything too cutesy
Zombie babies

My other ride is a Ninja
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ok signing up
Dear Reaper do not stress and just have fun with this.

This years theme
inside the house it is all about witches
potion bottles big and mini i have a shelf that displays all my mini potion bottles and small spell book can always use more potion bottles and spell books have 2 shelf's that display full size potion bottles and spell books any thing witch is welcome
potion bottles
spell books
Altered books
witches brooms mini ones
thespell book boxes that look like books but open to a box
mini witch cabinet or witch kit
cauldrons any size always welcome

outside is a witch hut we built this year pumpkins and skeletons , thinking of having a witch coffee/ potion shop on the pouch with skeletons enjoying some witches brew at the table in front of it like a coffee shop.
So items for a witch coffee shop/ potion would would be cool like
if your crafty some cauldrons made into coffee mugs for my skeletons
witchy tea pot
unique looking bottles
potion bottle for the witch hut
Creepy cloth
maybe something you would find hanging in a forest witches forest

i also decorate a 3 tear tray so small items for that would be great i want to do one in a witch theme so small items for it would be awesome

Other likes
Love wax melts like sugar cookies pumpkin spice, blueberry, Halloween ones.
Love bath and body works items
love haunted mansion anything.
Love crosses all shapes and sizes
Love poison apple anything
Wax beads for wax seal stamp’s
love lanterns
huge tea drinker here
Gothic is my style

Pintrest page t help
0 2021 Reaper 2 ideas in 2021

Dislikes or do not need
Do not like
No Blood
No Gore
Cute stuff
Ouiji boards
Do not need anything from Dollar Tree
No horror

have started some of our set up out side work in progress thought this might help with ideas for you dear reaper
Textile Wood Art Scarecrow Window

Wheel Plant Tire Temple Sky

the witch hut have not stared on yet
Plant Tree Wood Shade Rectangle

Sky Plant Blue Wood Fence

Property Building Decoration Textile Interior design

Photograph Rib Bone Human anatomy Skull

Plant Houseplant Building Pumpkin Orange

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Dear reaper thank you in advance for whatever you send me I am sure I will love whatever it is. Have fun and don't stress too much!

Things I like:
I love all types of pumpkins and Jack-o'-lanterns
Witchy items ( I have a witch's cabinet)
potion bottles
tarot cards ( mine went missing sadly)
I love cute stuff all the way to gory items
Gothic items
Fuzzy socks
Fuzzy Blankets
Wax melts ( nothing flowery)
Universal Monsters
Witch Doctors
vampires (vampire slayer kit would be kewl if you are crafty)
Bath and body works (fall scented items)
Crows and Ravens

I live in an apartment with a small balcony and decorate both inside and outside

I have two Halloween trees so ornaments are always welcome.

I love Nightmare before Christmas and my bedroom and bathroom are decorated in this theme year round

I have a small collection of Frankenstein's monster items started

Some of my favorite movies are hellraiser , the lost boys ( the vampire movie not Peter pan), hocus pocus, and most anything vampire related

Several of my favorite decorations are handmade from past reapers.

I have two 🐈 cats, 1 🦔 hedgehog, 3 sons &1 daughter ( all adults now sadly) and a husband

I dislike clowns and satanic things

A link to my Pinterest so you get bored looking at all the stuff I love :p Renee Stocks (gothikren) - Profile | Pinterest
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Trick or Treat!
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I look forward to spoiling my Victim! A little about me, is my name is Autumn so I do and don't enjoy those seasonal Autumn signs. I love taking things apart and putting them back together. I collect sewing buttons, I only have a few Halloween ones: many Jack o' Lanterns I used on my mini yule tree and a Jack o' Lantern face I got both from Joann's so if you want to add to my collection those are what I got. Indoor and outdoor décor is welcome! In all honesty I am pretty easy to please but here are some guidelines to make me extra excited! This year I am probably going with just a haunted house theme with possessed dolls, webbing spiders, graves, and a few spooky figures in the yard. Despite my obsession with Halloween I don't have solid plans of what activities I am doing this year.


Sewing Buttons
Fake pumpkins (I am allergic to real ones but I love pumpkins so much, I would kinda miss the goop if it didn't turn me into a killer tomato every time)
Giant pumpkins
Colors: Orange, black, white, purple, dark reds, greens, and blues.
Animatronics (broken or working)
Electronics (I joke that I will die in the robot apocalypse a lot, kinda in the mood to take apart junk and tinker also I can use spare Arduino parts, raspberry pi stuff if you have no plans for it)
Doll parts( preferably not baby faces ) (currently turning some ball jointed dolls into possesed/moving dolls Look forward to some posts about them later probably in tutorials)
Witches (not green or ugly I feel like its anti-witch propaganda)
Glass bottles (potions)
Handmade stuff
Crystal ball and fortune telling stuff
Tarot cards
Hocus Pocus
Dresden Files(books)
Witch craft
Spell books
Original Charmed series stuff
Grimm Fairy Tales
I think next year might do Hansel and Gretel yard theme
Skeletons(no cats)
Spiders (all sizes)
Irish folk-lore stuff including evil Leprechauns, Jack, etc.
Headless horseman/Dullahan
Halloween Fairy Garden stuff
Spooky figurines for outdoor or indoor (not gnomes)
Ghosts <3 both cute and spooky
Ghostbusters (any)
Grim Reaper
Skeleton or angel of death motif
Vampires (no sparkles)
Blood vials
Spooky comics
Egyptian anything with a love for Ankhs, Bast, and sarcophaguses
Halloween signs for outside or inside
Jar head tutorial?
Black roses
Vintage spooky
Porcelain Dolls
Dolls that look porcelain
Old talking dolls
Old Halloween decor
Jeepers Creepers
Black cats
Cat masks (masks with cat features)
Cat ears (clips or headbands)
Cat tails (costumes)
Apple Cider is awesome
Spooky stuff animals
Did I mention buttons?
My Pinterest

Semi likes:
Disney, my best friend adores it to no end and I have picked up some of her obsession or she picked up mine. Who knows.
My Dad loves Zombies so zombie stuff os good. Same with clowns. And It's the great pumpkin. Halloween (Michael Myers).
Glitter, this being okay was definitely caused by my best friend.
I love food recipes, especially older ones that don't rely on my allergies, mainly corn(bad allergy), hazelnuts(deadly), and pumpkins(this is a mild allergy). (The list is kinda long coconut, cucumbers and clams too.)
Harry Potter is fine but like not that into and my sister buys me a ton of it already like not even my favorite wizard named Harry
No one else has allergies like I do of people I see often so if something food-wise is sent my way and I can't eat it. Someone else can.
Cute Halloween is easy to use with my best friend as she's a scaredy cat.
My Pinterest
My Etsy likes

Satanic with mild exception I am going to make a few just printable stuff so a woman at work thinks I joined a Satanic church. I just need her to social distance a good six feet at all times you know. Beyond a couple of printed safe for work oddities, not into it.
Booze. I don't drink it and very few friends drink it. Family doesn't drink it mostly. So no boozy recipes please.
Corn (I made myself have an aversion to seeing it because of my reaction to it. My friend laughs every time I say its evil, go ew, etc. when I see it on tv)
Candy Corn
Hazelnut and other allergens

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Ok. Here we go! Thanks in advance to my Reaper. I always love these.

  • Vampires
  • Psycho and the Bates Motel (the 1960 version, not the horrible remake)
  • Old horror movies especially the classics i.e. 1931 Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, etc.
  • Vintage Halloween
  • Vintage Halloween Advertising, especially for food, costumes, or movies (nothing newer than 1960s)
  • Vintage Gothic advertising
  • Halloween clothes (t-shirts, etc) The South can be very hot at Halloween, though. I have enough socks now though.
  • Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare (Hamlet, etc)
  • Pumpkin Carving - I usually spend around 2-3 hours carving one pumpkin
  • Actual Haunted Places (The Myrtles, Eastern State, etc)
  • Chocolate
  • Making candy
  • Halloween Recipes/Cookbooks
  • I have a 3 year old little girl who doesn't seem scared of Halloween at all! Her favorite book is called Boo Bat. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves black cats. Last year she loved watching Spookly, Garfield's Halloween, and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She wanted to watch the Great Pumpkin every day. Seriously, she loves It's the Great Pumpkin.
  • Anything homemade is welcome! I don't mind anything from Thrift Shops or the Dollar Store
  • Favorite colors: Turquoise, purple, black, white
  • The old 1980s and 1990s movies/TV (Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch British version, Garfield's Halloween, Disney's Halloween Treat, etc)
  • Our house is over 100 years old in the South. I am always trying to add decorations that are age appropriate (or at least look like it)
  • I love tea.
  • I love Christine McConnell and Lair Voltaire.
  • I have a wallflowers plug in and love vanilla or cinnamon smells. I'd love the haunted house plug in.
Here is my pinterest for ideas Allison Waldron (kingcake4brkfst) on Pinterest

Things I would love for our yard/house:
  • We can actually decorate for Halloween this year, so I'm doing a cemetery in the front yard, and a mad scientist on the side.
    • So anything having to do with cemeteries, mad science labs, or old 1900 mansions
    • Please keep in mind in rains a lot in New Orleans, and if it isn't raining it's still humid.
    • I would love things to make a fence for the cemetery.
    • Nice tombstones would be awesome too.
    • Our new garage is on hold, so there it sits, falling over. I'm thinking of doing a nuclear fallout or something like that. Caution tape, police lights, etc.
  • I would love a sign to put in our yard that speaks of a haunted funeral home or bed and breakfast.
  • Things to put in windows (we have a lot of windows)
  • Something to hang on our back fence (thinking ghouls or specters I can put on springs or something like that.)
  • Things to hang from our trees
  • Halloween place mats, candles, doormat, dishes/cups (toddler friendly)
  • Plastic skeletons or body parts
  • Would love things to hang from the tree we have out front.
  • Our daughter really wants to build a Scarecrow. She's been asking since last year. So anything to aid in making one is welcome.
  • Would love a Countdown to Halloween Calendar.
  • Clowns
  • Zombies
  • Gore
  • Glitter (unless packaged well)
  • New- Age Horror movies
  • Anything Satanic
  • Dragons
  • Disney-Our daughter thinks most Disney things are scary, especially Monsters Inc. and early Disney Villains.

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Dear reaper,

I guarantee I will love anything that you send. Thank you!

Gothic Halloween Style (I like to keep the haunted and dark look in my house), the creepier the better.
Voodoo/wiccan items (tarot cards, spells, crystals, voodoo dolls, skulls, bones, crystal ball, etc)
Vampires, Coffins, Skeletons, Werewolves, Spiders, Bats, Crows, etc.
LED/flameless candles

Black cloth/curtains to cover walls (I want to have every wall in my living area to be covered in black cloth/curtains)

I absolutely love any handmade items. The talent on this forum is beyond incredible. I have a "Voodoo alter" that has become bigger and bigger because of the Reaper and I love to see what gets added to it every year. It's become my Reaper shrine.

Items to decorate my front porch to look like a haunted forest/swamp. Here is a my Pinterest Link to get an idea of what look I am going for. https://pin.it/46qVaid

I also have a huge Halloween costume party every year. Anything to help with that (your favorite food/cocktail recipes, paper plates/napkins, etc).

Satanic items
Baby zombie babies
Cute, glitter
Disney/Nightmare Before Christmas
Dollar store plastic (unless used to make something out of it)
Vintage Halloween
No throw/accent pillows, unfortunately it becomes a chew toy for my dogs.

Thank you so much in advance!!!
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