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here is where you post your list, maybe remember the post number of it, so you can let your reaper know, and make it easier to update!!

Remember, make the list as detailed as you can, it really makes it easier for your reaper! example, instead of I like witch items, say I like potion bottles, spell books, figurines, etc! thank you!!!

Vintage Halloween'er
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lanterns or lighting for a cemetery
pumpkins . Jackolantern
creepy cloth (it is definetly my Halloween staple) I use it on everything!
things for a cemetery
black or wilted flowers
any kind of vintage victorian clothing hats shoes..adult, children baby
white lacey old things..gloves, bonnets, parasol, dresses, hats
black mourning type things to wear..for a skeleton, not me..lol
crows, buzzards, skeleton dogs
bats or a big frog
witch costume
Halloween ribbon (fat kind they use on wreaths)
Paint (Halloween colors..orange, black, white, yellow) acrylics from Walmart..I use SO MUCH of it!
Vintage dolls..not turned Horror yet..I like them old and cracked and not painted yet!
Thrift store stuff is awesome!
Did I say my cemetery has nothing but some tombstones? LOL, I need something in there!
cheese cloth..need a bunch of something to wrap a mummy..
Prom queen crown and sash for Carrie's grave
anything like ground breaker..maybe hands?
pillows for outside rockers..or a throw

I like any thing for outdoors made to look creepy Victorian..A flea market or antique store is my idea of Heaven!!


movie dudes
Disney stuff
potion bottles
spider webs
little figurines
baking items
smaller nicknacks..I don't decorate in the house so I probably would never use them and would prefer one thing I would use instead of many little things that I wouldnt
Don't need Pirate, Scientist, blow molds or clowns

The Sea Witch
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little bit of a more personal note than i usually put in ..... my ex took his life in May. My boyfriend and I found his body 3 days after. While it makes no difference to ME, my kids (10 y.o. boy and 18 y.o. girl) are (quite obviously) having a bit of a time with it, obviously. So anything tossed in as a goody for THEM, would give them much needed smiles and a HUGE amount of appreciation from me :)

anyways, on to the nitty gritty ..... im really not picky, can find a use for most stuff lol. I typically do haunted mansion/standard graveyard type scenes. that classic creepy vibe

shows/movies: walking dead,Nightmare before xmas, hocus pocus
any kind of string lights. orange, purple, globe, whatever. I find a way to use them all..... probably need red and green for my cauldron, if i remember right, my strands died last year
anything handmade
lifesize skellies (people or animals)
items for yard
creepy cloth
figures/houses/ pieces for halloween village
costumes/ collars/ toys/treats for my dogs (LOL!) 20 pound mini schnauzer (boy, renji) and 40 pound german shepherd mix (girl, Pita - stands for pain in the *** and she lives up to it every single day LOL)
halloween dishes/plates/kitchen towels/kitchen 'stuff'
general halloween party supplies (if i dont host my own party, i co host one with a friend)
candles/ candle holders
halloween throw pilllows
vintage anything
im perfectly fine with glitter :p

I also need a new 'Support Halloween' car magnet. Someone swiped the one I got a couple of years back :(

my costume this year .... dominatrix ;) Sir (how I refer to my boyfriend) agreed to dress up WITH me if I did THAT costume so .... if thats what I have to do to drag him into this holiday with me, so be it LOLOLOL At this moment, I will need fishnet stockings, a black boa, a black choker type necklace, and any other fun accessories to go with it lol

Just like last year, I will be cohosting a party with my friend at her house, and carting over MOST of my stuff for that night. So... any kind of party supplies (again, going with the classic haunted house type theme) or props/ items that I can transport easily would be awesome! The party is indoor/outdoor nd we have a full bar. Cause we like our booze :p


gore/ movie characters (ie: freddy, jason, pinhead, etc) - i like the movies just dont use that type of decor
country cutsey (teddy bears, etc)

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Secret Reaper I will appreciate anything I receive and thank you for your Hallowenorisity.

I have 2 main set ups. Indoors I have a Halloween village made up of Lemax, Dept 56 and off brand village items. I am starting a Halloween tree and do decorate with other Halloween items inside but don't have a real theme.

Outdoors I have a graveyard set up. Mostly tombstones( homemade :) ) groundbreakers, Reapers and skulls.

Colored Spot lights
Friday the 13th "Jason"
Grave yard or cemetery sign (I currently use a dollar store sign,
Fog machine
Skeletons or skulls
tombstones for outdoor graveyard
creepy cloth (any color)
Halloween village items for indoor display
Other outdoor graveyard accessories
Ground breakers
Book: Halloween Nation
Disney's Haunted Mansion Blu-ray
McFarlane toys horror action figures
Old style oil lantern
Halloween tree decorations. I will set up my 1st Halloween tree this year :)

cutesy or glitter items

I will add more if anything comes to mind

Lady Of The Lake
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Thank You so much for your kindness Secret Reaper. Please have fun and don't worry yourself over my things.
I'm sure I will love whatever you make, buy or regift.

If you can can make a flying crank ghost I would be so excited if you only sent that one thing. I'm terrible with motorized things. I'd appreciate A grave grabber, peepers, shiatsu zombies or ghosts. Any kind of ground breakers or stuff for my graveyard. I will love Anything you decide to dream up.

I can always use
Jack O Lanterns
Candles Real or Fake, Scented (I love fall scents) ,Decorative, LED, PVC, I love all candles

I love
Hocus Pocus
Nightmare Before Christmas
Supernatural and The Walking Dead

If you quilt or sew I'd be super excited to receive something you created
If you can make tombstones I'd love one.
I'd love anything personalized with our Family name. The Easts

I'm planning a glow in the dark black light area so any type of glowing black light reactive stuff would be fun. Glowing spiders, skeletons, Signs, Markers, etc....

A Halloween themed shower curtain would be cool

I love Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Headless Horseman, Edgar Allen Poe,The Munsters and Elvira

I'm a coffee and tea girl so I love Halloween Themed Coffee Mugs or Tea Sets. If you work well with wood I'd love something to hang my Halloween coffee mugs on or One of those tree stand things you put coffee cups on.
Anything I could use for my Witches Tea would be great. I have a round dining room table.
I use a travel mug everyday for work so that would be a well used choice. It can't have handles though, won't fit in my car cup holder :)
I also love the ones with straws and lids for cold drinks.

I have two Halloween trees. One is black wth white lights and one is black with orange lights
Any kind of ornaments would be welcome.

I am a frequent flyer here on the forum so your stalking should be fairly easy. I also have a huge Pinterest linked below and a wish list that I keep for family and friends. Please don't feel like you have to buy or make anything on my wish list ,you can use it purely for inspiration if it helps.

I thought you'd like this Board on Pinterest...

I don't need things from the dollar tree or Target Dollar area because I'm positive I've already bought it :) I always buy bunches of it so I'll have stuff to craft with all year but please feel free to use anything from those places if you're crafting something.
I don't need potion bottles or spell books unless it's something you feel I will love or is perfect for me
I tend to like classic spooky Halloween stuff and I do like glitter.
I don't care for gory bloody, body parts, zombie babies, or overly cute and child like.
I love seeing clowns, Butcher Shop, Day of the Dead and asylum in your haunt but I don't use them in mine.

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So this year we're returning to our annual party after taking 2015 off to visit Salem for Halloween. Our theme this year is a gothic graveyard that we are calling "Spangler's Hollow." It's going to be a fusion of indoor/outdoor ideas with the yard being set up as a cemetery and the inside of the house becoming a fusion of a mausoleum/funeral parlor. I would go into detail on the story we've created for the theme but that can easily be found on my party thread here.

The main themes inside the house are: Mausoleum, Funeral Parlor/Embalming room, a Spider's Lair, a Crematorium, and a crypt.

So to go with this year's theme, our likes this year revolve around items like:
Embalming equipment
syringes, vintage medical supplies
anatomy posters
cloches/specimen jars
velour/crushed velvet fabric(red/black)
Mortician's makeup supplies
Body parts
LED candles/votives
pillar candles
large, lightweight, creepy cloth style fabric or netting that can be draped on the ceiling
Super stretchy NEON/UV reactive spiderwebbing(large size)
Spiders, of all shapes and sizes
gothic picture frames
gothic candelabras
skeleton parts/bones
corpsed skeletons
decayed memorial flowers(a sympathy wreath would be amazing)
Basically anything that's gothic/victorian and that would match the scene of a graveyard or a funeral parlor.
I don't mind gore or dark items, satanic items, etc.

Likes outside of the theme:
witchy items
potion bottles
jack-o-lanterns(creepy or smiley)
Primitive decorations
I've just recently started collecting Spookytown

Cutesy Halloween items, things with TOO MUCH glitter on them(I don't mind small amounts). And while I love TNBC, I do not decorate with it.

link to my Pinterest is my the signature
Instagram name is: aleoninefashion

Kitchen/Green Witch
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Okay...here's my updated list for the 2016 Secret Reaper!! (List will probably change before the end of sign ups, so check back!)

As some of you already know, we just bought a little Victorian house last month, tower/turret and all! This being said, we want to classy up our decor and give it some old time, fancy, Vintage and Victorian style with a touch of spooky/creepy/hauntedness! So, my dear Reaper, think of items that would work for that theme! We are easy to please! (I have a thread going over in the Off Topic section with pics of the new house, should you need inspiration.) For Fall I decorate in natural Fall colors and, for Halloween, I tend to gravitate towards orange and black, with touches of green, silver, white...basically, I don't use too much purple/red/blue in my Halloween decor, but don't mind those colors as accents on pieces. We decorate both indoors and outdoors. Outside we have a cemetery that we made all the stones and the fence. I have a pumpkin head scarecrow I made, too. I would like to have pumpkins/JoLs and such all over my wide front porch stairs and round railing that goes around the tower of the house.

Mercury Glass Items!!! Pumpkins, skulls, owls would top my list, though I'm sure there would be other Halloween/Fall shapes/styles I would like. Mercury glass Halloween bottles would be cool too! Mini ornaments or LED string lights done in MG is awesome, too! Oranges, greens, blacks, silvers and maybe browns...basically colors that would go well with Fall and Halloween decor. (I don't really need red, blue or purple unless they are in a set of mercury glass items that also happens to have those colors along with the colors I need.) **EDIT: I found a larger silver mercury glass skull, so if you wanted to buy another mercury glass skull for me, don't get silver, lol, or at least not a big silver one...little would be fine! A black or green skull would be cool to have. Silver for pumpkins, owls, ect. is still good, though.**

Anything that would go well with mercury glass, such as metallic or transparent colored glass pumpkins, skulls, owls, ect. in the same colors as above.

I just went to a HomeGoods and they had several little, inexpensive silver metallic pumpkins with cut outs and a scented sachet inside. I bought a little pumpkin one wearing a witch hat that had Vanilla Pumpkin scent inside. However, there were, also, two other silver pumpkin ones...one that I really, really, really loved that was a tall, thin silver pumpkin with a cut out JoL face and another smaller silver pumpkin with regular decorative cut outs. They had Vanilla Pumpkin and Apple Pumpkin scents inside of them, I think. I wish I had gotten those, too! I think there was a cool silver skull one, too, not sure of the scent in that one, though. I don't live near a HomeGoods, so if my Reaper lives near a HomeGoods, I would love another one of these!! They had them in the Halloween aisle and, also, over by the checkouts. (I like a lot of the fairly inexpensive items at HomeGoods, lol, both in Halloween/Fall decor and dishes/glasses!)

Fall leaves garlands, wreaths, swags, picks, ect. in lots of pretty, bright Fall colors with a strong base of oranges. Maybe some picks/wreaths/ect that have orange and black for Halloween, too!

Uncarved Funkins or similar brand pumpkins in different sizes. I have some medium/larger ones, so maybe some smaller ones?

Larger, closer to full sized, hanging, ghostly, tattered, white material/gauzy cloaked figures (maybe faceless with the hooded cloak, or something similar?) Definitely need some ghostly figures for my Victorian home!

LED string lights in purples and oranges. Must be LED for any lighting.

I am going to start a small, elegant, fancy table top Halloween Tree, so if you find any small or mini, elegant/vintage/victorian/traditional halloween/ect. ornaments that you think I might like, with orange/black/white/silver as the main colors, that would be cool. Nothing too crazy fragile, as I have cats, lol. A little glitter on an ornament is okay, but not covered in a ton that falls off everywhere. They need to be small enough to fit a 2 foot table top tree. The tree, itself, is black. A little, fancy tree skirt in black/orange colors could be needed, too. (If you are handy with making or sewing pretty ornaments, that would rock, too!!)

I love the Headless Horseman and have a small, black statue of him on his horse, a story book and a snow globe of him...love any HH items!! **I have been looking for one of those old fashioned chamber candle stick holders that you carry that has a little base and handle. I need one in silver, oil rubbed bronze or black...just not shiny brass. One that has the glass hurricane candle cover would rock, but those are hard to find, so without would be great, too. (I have some pinned in my Indoor Halloween board if you want to see what I am talking about.) I want it for my HH display.**

I just dropped and broke my ceramic, metallic pumpkins I just bought from Dollar tree, this year. So, reaper, if you have a DT that has those, I could use some more of them. I had the gold and brown ones. (I loved the orange ones, too, but they all have a defect in them...a dent in the top.) DT is supposed to get some metallic ceramic skulls, too, so one of those in silver would be cool!!!!

I keep seeing those black lace Halloween lamp shade covers in stores (spider webs or bat prints)...I never buy them for myself, though. I have two lamps in my living room, so two matching ones of those would be awesome to get!!

Witchy stuff (Not super ugly, deformed witches with like, missing eyes and such, lol. I prefer pretty, sweet looking witches, or traditional Halloween witches, natural witch/magic stuff, ect.)




Anything Fall/Harvest (especially natural things like pumpkins, apples, grapevine, berries, acorns, hay bales, burlap, corn, spooky trees, fall leaves, ect.)




Spiders (I really like the posable, black fuzzy spiders)



Vintage Halloween...(especially with witch, cat, owl or pumpkin prints) It can be real vintage or vintage look/inspired new stuff.

Halloween dishes, glasses, mugs, ect.!

I love Pyrex! I'm always looking to up my collection. I love both the newer, fun Pyrex Halloween covered dishes and bowls (I got some at target last year for a fairly cheap price...a ghost covered dish and a cat covered dish) and I love Vintage Fall/Halloween colored Pyrex dished and bowls...like ones with black and/or orange patterns or solid ones.(Check my Pinterest in Indoor Halloween)

I really, really love scented wax cubes/tarts and jar candles: Autumn scents like pumpkin, apples, caramels, leaves, campfire/marshmallow, harvest, spice,
vanilla, cranberry, ect. (No pillar or taper candles that my cats could knock over, please. Also, not the air freshener brands like Glade or
Febreeze...we don't care for those) (I have a Pinterest board for candles and scents, too!)

I am addicted to Bath & Body Works/White Barn Fall/Halloween items!! Candles, candle holders, lotions, soaps, ect. Same scents as above.^^

Book related to Halloween info and traditions, ghost stories, ect.

Scarecrows: spooky/creepy burlap or pumpkin head ones.

Halloween socks...fuzzy, crew, or knee high

Cute is okay if it's something you think I will really like, just not overly cute/kiddish or too much of it. (...though cute owls and kitties are always acceptable!)

Painted wooden crafty items and other assorted crafty items/props you all make so well!

I especially would like one of those wooden subway art wall hangings that has all sorts of Halloween/Fall related words painted on them.

I know some of you like to send treats and Halloween toys for our pets, which is cool with us! We have four kitties...One boy and three girls!!!

Halloween hot chocolate packets are fun!

ADDITION: Since we moved to a more populated area, we may have quite a few more ToTs this year than we are normally used to. I like to make up goodie bags with chocolate, toys and stickers or such. If my reaper happens upon any large bags/packages of little Halloween toys, mini bats, rats, ect. for a super cheap price, that could be helpful little box filler, lol. Nothing expensive, though. I picked up sticker boxes, but haven't found a good deal on little toys, yet. Just a thought!

Clowns/dolls, Zombies, Gore/gross stuff, Bugs (except Spiders), Satanic things, Aliens
*I'm a vegetarian, so no dead animals or animal parts, including real leather, real bone, ect. please!!*
Movie characters such as Freddie, Jason, Saw, ect.
Don't need Pirate, Scientist, blow molds
No glitter, unless it's firmly sealed and can't fall off.
Potion Bottles...I have so many of them. (unless its a cool mercury glass one! Nothing with dead animal parts on the label, though, like wing of bat, ect. I am a nature loving witch!!)

I also have a Pinterest page with quite a few Halloween/Fall/Witchy boards you can peek through! https://www.pinterest.com/bdnd05/

**Honestly, I have a lot of things I love that I probably forgot to put on this list...so, you can use the above list, or you can scroll through all of my Pinterest boards and such for additional ideas for me!! Have fun with it!!**

I have random albums on my profile page, too, if you are curious...though they are from my old house, so just look at the decor, not the house/yard, for ideas!

Thank you, in advance, my wonderful Reaper!! Hugs!!;)

Reaper Queen
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great lists!! I have mine started, at this stage of my life (old lady, lol!) I don't do as big of haunts, so trying to come up with a good list is a challenge !

Celtic Spirit
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Hallow Secret Reaper,

We have an adult Halloween party each year. Our theme is Monsters of Terror based on the Universal monsters. My areas will include:

- Frankenstein’s Lab (blacks, grays, creams, rust) - I have plenty of medicine bottles, flasks, beakers, and test tubes now but could use rusty surgical instruments, white enamel medical trays, gray creepy cloth, anatomy charts. Any type of lab equipment with gauges/wires would be great and much appreciated.
- Dracula’s Pub – Gothic wall hangings and crosses, fake led candles - blood dripped or black. I have a slayer box completed but am still looking for a cool holy water bottle and some rosaries. If you are talented in carving foam or painting, a Dracula coat of arms would be badass!
- Hunchback of Notre Dame – anything that looks like it belongs in a cathedral: crosses, bells, fake candles. I also love and collect gargoyles (shelf size), which I display year round.
- Mummy’s Crypt – Egyptian artifacts, jewelry, scarab beetles, scrolls, Book of the Dead.
- The Invisible Man – been looking for something similar to those wire dark glasses he wears.
- Edgar Allen Poe – anything to add to a Poe display.
- Halloween tee shirts - size men’s large, not too cutesy (long been wanting a Poe or Haunted Mansion tee).
- Skeletons - need some 3ft skellies, the kind I can pose to sit on top of cabinets, used, broken or thrift shop ones are fine.
- Gothic looking votive candle holders. I like to burn a lot of votives during the season but prefer led pillars or tapers for our party.

Outside Area:
- Creature of the Black Lagoon - I have his mask and hands, but he could use some trashbag seaweed and maybe a skelly fish.
- Cemetery - I have a few tombstones but could use some more. I would like anything at all to elaborate on this area, lights, skulls, bones, pvc candles, flowers, ect. Going for an eerie, run down look rather than the zombie ground breakers.
- Witch display – I’m setting this area up for the younger tots so any realistic looking ingredient jars with creepy items for the kids to observe; I prefer handwritten labels rather than printed/typed. I have a crystal ball and cauldrons but could really use a homemade spell book, some creepy plants, skelly fairies, poisoned apple, black cat...

Don’t Need:
Movie posters
Snakes, ravens, rats (although I do like the furry ones), bats, spiders.
Body parts
Potion labels

Glitter, especially glitter, orange/black, excessive gore, zombies, cutesy, vintage, blow molds. Please no candy or edibles, it will melt in the Florida heat.

Homemade, store bought, thrift shop, regifts are all fine. I like more of the authentic Gothic/Victorian look rather than commercial Halloween. Anything creative, unique, creepy is the style I’m going for. Have Fun!!

7/30 - I've been picking up quite a few things on my original list, so I deleted certain items and added more for my SR to choose from. :)
8/8 - Here's my Pinterest link - https://www.pinterest.com/tannasgach/

Head Witch
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Bones Real or Fake
Pictures of Graveyards.
Japanese mythology
we are doing a Dark Harry potter Theme this year.
Handmade items or store bought I'm easy to please
Universal Monsters

I don't really need any potion bottles

both indoor and out door

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Hello Secret Reaper!

More detailed list

Not having a party this year but next years theme will be " Don't Go Under the Big Top" I have had a Carnevil theme, trying to stay more on the side of Circus.

In need of red & white tablecloths from DT
Clown masks and shoes. or any clown accessories. I will have them scattered around the yard and through out the house.
Trapeze artist costume - one that would fit a pose N stay. I can always alter something bigger
Elvis or Evil Kinevel type costume - for the human cannonball
any Circus posters
older looking popcorn bags

These are some of the ideas I have so far planned. An elephant in the front yard, a trapeze artist, Human Cannonball, girl sawed in half, kissing booth, fortune teller, Large Circus wagon with a gorilla in it. Which will be a live person on Halloween night. A lion or tiger cage in the garage that will have eaten the trainer. < this will depend on which giant stuffed animal I find first, lol> A juggler. these are random props that will be in the house, and yard.
Creepy clowns will be around in various places of the yard and house as well
I have already started gathering and purchasing so I'm already excited even though it will be next year. So anything related to this theme would be greatly appreciated!

this year I will have a graveyard with Frankenstein and his Bride in it somewhere. I have the dress and wig for her but would love a mask for him.
any tombstones, Spanish moss, rats, cherubs, bone animals would be great.

I love vintage, skulls, skeletons, candles < love the little wax melts, in fall fragrances> cup towels, bowls, creepy cloth

Do not really like glitter or cutesy.
don't need any pirate, vampire, potion bottles, zombie

I love homemade stuff and anything from the thrift store would be awesome!

Thank you secret reaper!!!!!

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This year I am on the lookout for skeletons - all kinds and sizes! Our theme will be "House of Bones" and everything in the display will be made of bones/skeletons. Also anything atypical of the Halloween genre. Nothing glittered. Can always use more creepy cloth, but definitely skeletons in various death states would be the main focus. While we always make our haunt as scary as possible, we really aren't into gore. More creepy and eerie.

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Kristina do you have a Pinterest page? Do you decorate your house or have a party? Would love to know more :) would you like personal things like jewelry, socks, coffee cups? Or are you looking more for things to decorate with? So happy you joined. Welcome
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