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Here is my list, I just sent my info to Bethene also:

Bones/skulls ( real or fake, animal or human or “other”)
Black cats
Witches ( just not cutesy please)
Creepy Leprechauns or Leprechaun related items
Anything Easter, St. Patricks day related appropriate for a 5 going on 6 year old; she likes things like stickers, activity books, but anything would be awesome.
Anything creepy of the sideshow gaff variety
Vampires or things related to vampires( not Twilight, more like classic vampires)
Werewolves ( again, not Twilight)
Creepy crawlies ( scarabs, spiders)
If you have any crafting odds and ends that are taking up space that you don't want anymore like fabric scraps, yarn, or anything else
I don't know much about Ostara ( I'll do some research) so if my reaper does, anything related to that would be cool.
Zombie related things
Frankenstein's Monster
The Mummy
Fossils ( real or fake, fantasy fossils- like fossils of gnomes, dragons, trolls, etc.)
Anything related to Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos
And of course anything you make yourself would be awesome.
Like most of us I have a few Pinterest boards that will give you an idea of my taste in things.

“Rustic”- witches flying into trees kind of things

Thank you again Bethene!
And thank you in advance to my soon to be Secret Reaper! Anything you send will be awesome!

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ok, here is a beginning list, I might update,
I love witches, I have been collecting Witch dolls and figurines, especially love the Wicked Witch of the west , I also have started collecting ghost figurines, and black cat figurines.
I also have been interested in crystals, gems and geodes. both in jewelry and just the stones. maybe some info on what the meanings are of various stones,
I would love a container to make a terrarium out of, one that cats can't get in!
Porcelain dolls, especially different looking ones, adult style or really tiny , also fabric that I could use to make character outfits for them. ,elegant , seasonal, etc. small trims, charms that could be used for steampunk, gothic, fairy dolls, etc. Small brooms, 6 inches or so for witch dolls, a crystal ball that could be used for a fortune teller doll, small swords, axes, bow and arrow set , picture what a 18- 26 inch doll could hold in their hand , or any other items you could think of for a character doll.
Fairy garden items, have just started with this, so pretty open to it ( one to put into a terrarium would be awesome!)

Holiday and seasonal kitchen items, like towel, potholders, etc.

Halloween art is always cool!

items I could use in my small outdoor graveyard, and spider area. I have a spider egg sack, but more would be cool... or a spider victim,

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I don't think I've ever participated in the spring reaper before!

I will be happy with anything my Reapee sends me!

I don't really lean towards "the Dark Side" for my spring holidays, so it's pretty traditional - the usual happy, pastel-y stuff.

I love unusual, unique, handmade things and hand-me-downs.

FYI - newborn onsies will fit a 3 foot skeleton, so if you see something funny, my mascot Chuck loves new duds!

I'm all about nutcrackers and I have them for both Easter & St. Patty's. I'm always open to more! :D

My theme for the cemetery this year will have my skeletons (both 3 and 5 foot) trick or treating and I'm adding a pumpkin patch - so if you have some lighted JOLs or blowmolds or costumes & accessories (non-trendy, generic costumes, for example, witches / clowns / cats / vampires / princesses, etc) lying around - feel free to send them over!


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Vampires - scary and creepy like Nosferatu and Barlow
LED candles
Halloween fabric (or any) - any size and small scraps are welcome
Small shelves for displaying some of my Halloween goodies
Homemade is awesome!
Though I like the idea of a creepy rabid zombie Easter bunny, I'm keeping it more traditional
Small St Patrick's Day ornaments
I don't usually decorate much but planning on doing an inside and outside Easter tree for the little one.
I love used/repurposed/thrift items - I'm a thrift store junkie!
Easter candy is OK for the little one
My daughter's birthday is March 19 and she would be thrilled to find a little something just for her. She loves Minions and Minnie Mouse and gets just as much enjoyment from a .25 toy as something more expensive

Have a few garden beds and could use marigold, dahlia, lettuce and/or spinach seed
Black sheets - Making curtains for my future Halloween room

I also have a new hobby--I'm officially a fourth-generation quilter. Any fabric scraps would be welcome. Just practicing now but the project I hope to start by the end of the year is a memory quilt for my daughter made from my grandma's shirts. Her favorite color was purple/lavender and I'm collecting some print fabrics to coordinate. Decided on the pattern of four patch and appliquéd hearts but not on the size yet. A 10" x 10" piece of fabric would either make enough for four squares or one appliqué heart and would be awesome coming from a fellow haunter. :) Of course I also have some mini skull quilts planned too. :D

My Halloween plans are mainly to get the cemetery fence done and tombstones displayed.
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