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I will start it off:

here is my list, i might add more, this is off the top of my head....

love. witches, especially the Wicked Witch. While I like potion bottles, I really have enough.
witch figures, dolls, etc would be great. black cats (well, any cats!) I have two wonderful witch dolls from previous reapers, so decided to have a collection

a adult or older girl porcelain doll ...I am starting to paint them..
Fabric to make dresses for the dolls I am starting to craft, witchy, vampire type, ghostly, elegant and fancy. gothic. anything that could be used for that type of dress, black lace, red lace, red or black tulle. anything you think might be used to make a elegant type dress for a doll

Any Halloween art work is always welcome.
I love to read and love multiple genre's. Sci-fi \fantasy, mystery, ,if it has a good story,I'll like it!
I do a outdoor grave yard,so anything that goes with that, lighting,ground breakers,skellys,ghosts,etc.

spider area things.
animated things,

indoors decor, knick knacks, etc. I like holiday dish towels,potholders,etc. Cool socks. wax melts, love floral, apple cinnamon, pine, actually not fussy,

I like spooky. and. creepy, things that go bump in the night. Indoor things can be cutsey. some what ....

as far as other items, a bit of Valentine décor might be fun, don't have much, or also a bit of St Paddy;s day , things like knick knacks, candles , etc. dish towels for both holidays if there is such a thing,

I have four very spoiled kitties..

zombie babies,,gross dolls, clowns,movies. gory and bloody things.

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I will give this a shot and revamp as I go if I think of anything to add :)


Dish towels for the holidays
Valentines Day: decor with a Gothic twist (if that makes sense) - I love the look of the Victorian Era too (isn't that Gothic tho? LOL!!!)
For St. Patrick's Day: I really like clover, the Claddagh, Celtic patterns, rainbows and almost anything else but not into Leprechauns or beer related items.
Easter: Bunnies, especially baby bunnies :) Daffodils are my fave flower but I also like wild flowers so anything with either type of flowers.
I don't have any decor for those holidays so that is wide open!

Of course, Halloween related items are always welcome. I love spiders, bats, ravens, Day of the Dead, art that is Halloween related or taxidermy related is always great! I have a cabinet of curiosities that is filled with real animal skulls, wet specimens, feathers, creepy dolls and mummified things so you could always go that route as well :)

My fave colors are black, grey, purple, green and blue.

I have cats, dogs, rats, tarantulas, snakes (my rats are not food for my snakes), fish, an aquatic turtle, bearded dragons and look after a few feral cats that call my property home. Yep, a small zoo! :D

I like tattoo related things, am into adult coloring books (not porn coloring books, tho that may be interesting ;) Lol), I collect Ouija boards and Ouija board related items. I love the paranormal and ghostly items. I also collect funerary items.

I like Nightmare Before Christmas, Zero is my favorite character. Corpse Bride is also a fave of mine. (I had written Princess Bride and meant Corpse ..ugh)
Christmas or Holiday related horror movies (Santa's Slay, Jack Frost, Black Santa - for example)

Black cats and pitbulls

Grim Reaper

I also collect horror reborn babies so can always use holiday themed clothing for them .... size newborn to 3 months

Flower seeds ... wildflower, sweet pea, really any type for spread them all over my property :)


Glitter, glitter and GLITTER :D
Zombies (I don't really dislike them just not into them)
Cinnamon, pine, eucalyptus or too flowery/perfume scents (mess w/ my allergies)

I will probably tweak my list as I think more about it.

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wow, you do have a zoo...love it!! I have a aquatic turtle also, as well as a Russian tortoise,to go with my four cats, and in our basement are my sons four cats!(need to keep them separated...they do not get along!)?
Aren't turtles cool?? My Franklin keeps me well entertained! He was the size of a 50 cent piece when I got him and now he is dinner plate size. HUGE!

I am sorry your the cats are not getting along .... it has to do with territory from what I have been told. Did your sons cats come in at a later date? My older cats will not accept another cat over the age of 6 months. Last year I tried with a year old cat and for 6 months, there was nothing but hissing, pissing and cat brawls going on :( I found her a home with a friend of mine who fell in love with her which turned out fantastic as I have nowhere to be able to separate which stinks. Now kittens, my older cats have no issues with since they know that their territory won't be overtaken. Cats can be weird :D I have heard that allowing cats to sniff each other thru a doorway for some time and then doing slow introductions can help. Didn't help here but I have heard of it working with others. My old cats are too set in their ways (all being over the age of 8 yrs).

A thread should be started for pet pictures :) I really enjoy seeing other people's furkids!

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In off topic there is a thread called Pets of Halloween Forum..it is fun!

Yes, my son lived in a apartment for years with his cats, and due to money issues ended up moving back home, and his cats are older and set in there ways, as are 2 of mine, but they all are happy, my son;s cats adore him, and are as spoiled as mine..

my turtle started out about the size of a 50 cent piece also, now she if about the size of a small plate, not a dinner plate, but she has been that way for so long I think she is as big as she is going to get, what type is yours? Mine is a painted turtle,,

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Here's mine,

-Outdoor haunt only
-Halloween only
-I don't have kids so the scary, creepy and gory things are all good but I do have Lucky my dog. He's a Maltese who wears a M in costumes and sweaters and loves greenies!

Spooky, scary, gory
Ground breakers
Skulls & Bones
Mannequin heads/ styrofoam
Walking Dead themed items
Black Lights
Grim reapers
Creepy masks
Old zombie clothes
Corpsed things
Creepy hands and feet
Creepy trees
Rustic lanterns
Faux Chains
Silent Hill nurse costumes
Pyramid Head Masks
Silent hill, walking dead, zombie signs
Nightmare Before Christmas
Craft Items
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Zombie window posters
String lights

Cute/cheesy things
Country themed

I will be doing a Zombie/Silent Hill theme for Halloween this year but open to anything on my likes list!


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yay, glad to have you join us, StormyNightDesigns... went and checked out your pinterest page, and under cars, saw you are a big Mopar fan like my hubby, we have had more Road Runners, GTX's, Cuda's, CHallengers, Dusters, SuperBee;s than I can even count, he had a stoke 3 years ago so we don't have many any more, but we do have one yet..

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Ok guys, here's my likes/dislikes for this reaper:
Nightmare Before Christmas
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Anything Cthulu related
Anything Lovecraft related
Something related to Saint Patrick's day would be cool (Halloween-ified or not)
Ornaments for a Halloween tree
Halloween candles
Fall or Winter candles (please, nothing with hazelnut scent it drives my sinuses batty)
Halloweeny Valentines
Snowmen. Creepy or otherwise
Zombies, except zombie babies
Classic movie monsters ( Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Creature from the Black Lagoon, you get the idea)

As always, anything homemade, thrift shopped, or repurposed is great

Anything cutesy( unless it's for a 3 year old)

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Theme Description:
I do a yard display featuring a large cemetery with roaming creatures, Jack-O-Lantern tree, and a garage walkthrough featuring a foyer and portrait gallery, dungeon, jungle/swamp scene, Egyptian collection, a spider realm, and a witch's shack. I try to be fairly realistic and classic, without venturing into gore. I'm always looking for things to complement these themes.

Here is a link to a previous display of mine: http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/140536-my-haunted-estate-2014-a.html

Likes and wants:
Unique tombstones
Wooden/primitive crosses/tombstones
Garden statues that would be at home in a cemetery
A primitive windchime using bones
Swamp or voodoo items
Shrunken heads
Skulls on spikes/posts/tiki lanterns
Cemetery residents (groundbreakers, zombies, zombie gnomes, etc)
Orange, green or purple string lights
Spotlights, strobes and outdoor lighting
Chains, locks, keys
Antiques or items that would be at home in a haunted house
An antique-looking radio or phonograph
Creepy framed photos
Apothecary jars
Unique potion bottles, jars, things to take the witch's area up a notch
Hanging primitive witch jars
Flameless or flickering pillar candles or tealights
Carvable pumpkins
Vultures, bats, snakes, frogs
Bones (like the Bags of Bones stores sell)
Decrepit skeletons, groundbreakers, swamp creatures, etc.
Skeleton Dogs (I really want the skeleton beagle or dachsund)
Skeleton Fish
A life-size Sam from Trick 'R Treat
Monkey Chimes or Bleeding Woman Bust from Spirit
Store-bought, used and handmade are all awesome and equally appreciated!

Dislikes/Don't needs/Have too much of already:
Anything featuring black cats or skeleton cats
Anything featuring zombie or harmed animals
Excessive gore, severed heads/arms, etc.
Apocalypse, Zombie Outbreak or Toxic Meltdown items
Cutesy, glitter or country items
Indoor decor, party items, dishwear, clothing, food/candy, real candles (just don't use or need)
Zombie babies
Clowns/circus items
Licensed characters (Jason, Freddy, Scream, Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney, etc)
Lenticular (changing) portraits

Thank you so much! Looking forward to getting my victim as well!

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my turtle started out about the size of a 50 cent piece also, now she if about the size of a small plate, not a dinner plate, but she has been that way for so long I think she is as big as she is going to get, what type is yours? Mine is a painted turtle,,
Franklin is a yellow-eared slider. I will have him for 2 years come May. I was a bit hesitant to get an aquatic turtle for I heard that they are hard to maintain but I haven't had any issues with Franklin or his tanks. He has outgrown 3 tanks so far. Now he is in a 75 gallon which I hope will keep him for the rest of his time.

It is SO easy to spoil our furkids :) Whenever I go shopping, I feel badly if I don't bring them back at least some cat nip and for the dogs, treats. The hubs always says I treat the animals better then him! :D

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We have a huge take for Simon too, not sure anymore what size, found it on Craigs list... basically you need good filters, and we do empty the tank every so often, but yeah, she is worth it, I can not believe how smart she is..
The tortoise is cool too, so prehistoric acting,

yeah, we are getting more folks!

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Dear Reaper

This is my first winter reaper however I'm excited to see what you can come up with. I will be thrilled with anything and everything. I especially love things that you cant find in my area. I just purchased a cameo2 silhouette machine so you will notice things on my list to use with it….. I decorate inside and outside.I only have 1 plug for my front yard so thats why I'm requesting LED lights.


Halloween: Charlie Brown and Pumpkin Patch for 2016
decorative corn
purple, orange, red, green, or soft white string lights(need tons of all of these) for outside
green led spot lights for outside
red led spot lights for outside
orange led spot lights for outside
just the stake light holders for outside

Mardi Gras:
NO beads please - i have tons of them- (unless they are Alabama- Roll Tide)
love masks, king cakes, jester hats, funky mardi gras stuff

Spring: seeds for gardening- i usually plant a ton of gourds and pumpkins well just about everything except onions. i can always use extra spades ( no gloves-i have tons of those). (thanks for this idea beautiful nightmare )

St.Pat’s Day-
Im Irish- so i love this day however i dont drink beer(im a liquor girl). Also my birthday is the day before so we usually combine the 2. Pretty much anything for this holiday i would love.

Easter- I can use anything for this holiday. We dont have kids so no egg dye is needed.

Cameo stuff:
any color vinyl for the machine, the pen holder, pen sets, gift card for the silhouette website so i can download graphics. any of the accessories for the machine( i have the dust cover and reg. cutting mat)

clowns with Halloween in mind(the jesters for mardi gras are fine)
cutesy stuff for halloween
no paints for crafting( i have tons)
zombies, blood and gore

My pinterest pages link is listed before in my signature line.. feel free to browse thru all my boards.. warning . some overlap .. lol..
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