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plastic animal skeletons - missed out on the frogs and scorpions
creepy ornaments
wax melts - vanilla and pumpkin are my favorites
jack o' lantern ornaments or anything for our Halloween tree
vintage small glass Christmas ornaments - used to have one with "Merry Christmas" on it and a small striped bell
baby's first Christmas ornaments
Minnie Mouse ornaments - for the baby
crocheted snowflakes - I've always loved these but have always had difficulty crocheting with thread
Christmas villages (don't have one, so anything to get one started would be great)
homemade is welcome
LED candles - I really love the ones that are actually made of wax but will welcome any
Battery operated LED string lights
Gothic candle holders or any decorative holder black, gold, bronze or brass colored
Christmas-themed story books
I'm just getting started in scrapbooking so anything either Christmas or Halloween themed would be appreciated
Decorative flower pots for either season or that I can use year-round (have mostly african violets)
colored glue sticks - white, blood red, black and toxic ooze green

Movies (have several already)
Music (have lots of it too)
Nothing with a really strong cinnamon smell (allergies)
We have too many strings of electric lights
NBC - I like the movie but I don't really decorate with it but ornaments are OK
primitive - I like primitive snowmen but that's about it
Nothing religious

This our first Christmas as parents, so it's really going to be a special one. :) I don't do a theme as I'm rather eclectic. We have a large tree that will come out of hiding this year and it will mainly be decorated with homemade or embellished ornaments with some creepy ones thrown into the mix. Please don't feel intimated by this as some of my embellished ornaments are simply DT jingle bells/candy canes with bows on them. Since my husband loves purple, our tree will likely have purple garland (if I can remember where I put it) and a refurbished lighted topper that I redid in purple two years ago. I do put several gold ornaments on the tree also. The main living areas of our house are painted in olive or caramel so anything decorative that could stay out year-round would be awesome. The interior of our house does not look like a magazine cover (unless there's a magazine called Eclectic Halloween Hoarders) so don't worry too much about whether something will fit in or not. :) Our daughter will be nine-months old by the time Christmas rolls around and would cherish anything that our reaper would like to send her, though if you would like to send an outfit or sleeper go with the next larger size as she's really long. We also have a spoiled dog who dislikes the cold and opts to spend her days (and nights) inside during the winter.

All of our family celebrations take place elsewhere but I do plan on decorating inside. We may put some lights up outside but are unsure at this time. I've created a pinterest board especially for this reaper and will be adding to it in the coming weeks. Please don't feel you have to make or buy something that I have pinned--I mainly created it to give you an idea of my interests.

Also I'm planning on making a witch for Halloween 2016. Not necessarily the pointy-hat witch but more of the wrinkled granny-woman/hag/backwoods medicine woman witch. I plan on making her face and hands out of paper mache and making a cat also. I could use any creepy witch-type things too and I would love a witch ball! :)


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Merry Reaper list
I just love this reaper so much fun. This will be our first Christmas in our new house.
we decorate inside and outside.

For Christmas my theme is Nightmare before Christmas.
Do not get scared my dear reaper I am sure I will love whatever you come up with

I decorate outside with NBC theme
I decorate inside gothic Christmas and traditional Christmas
I have 4 black Christmas trees one of them I do Gothic style tree with nbc, skulls , bats , keys anything you would find on a gothic tree this is the one time I am a ok with glitter  .
Gothic ball ornaments from black to orange to purple red or silver again glitter is a ok glass or plastic is ok by me.
Any kind of ornament would be cool colors from black, red, white, purple or silver, green and pink from gothic style to unique I will love whatever you send
Nbc stocking or a black Gothic stocking of some sort would be cool
A purple tree skirt would be cool or some sort of gothic tree skirt
A cool gothic tree toper could be something like frosty the snowman top hat or even a stem punk hat. .

Gingerbread men ornaments would be sweet I want to start a gingerbread man tree 
Gingerbread anything I am really digging these little guys

Red, white , Purple or blue string lights always welcome
I love the wax melts love any great smelling ones basically any kind but pine I hate the smell of pine :)
i also love candles that smell yummy lol
love Gothic decorations for the home from candle holders to gothic mirrors photo frames any things welcome
I would love a Gothic looking tea pot or even a jack skeleton tea pot or nbc one would be cool
anything nightmare before Christmas i would love

I also am a fan of snowflakes these do not have to be gothic snowflake anything I would love
I am starting to get more into traditional Christmas stuff to so I am sure anything you send I will love.
My favorite colors for Christmas are purple, black, pink, white and Red.

Tree number two is done in elfs
Any elf ornament I would love from the old style to the new style are a ok with me
Some sort of tree topper for my elf tree would be wicked cool

Now if you are a knitter and could knit these sleepers omg that would be so cool the one thing I do not do is knit I wear a size 7 to 7.5

like the top ones :)
Footwear Pattern Pattern Design Shoe

OK just added I decided to do a tiki theme tree so anything tiki to add to it would love :)

I would love a big foot ornament

other items are like light up Christmas solar lights or string lights like candy canes, snow men santas gingerbread men or something

i also collect avon cape cod ruby red glass some of the items looking for dinner plates, footed glass mugs, water pitcher, bowls,

i have a karelian bear dog she is my sweetie

also would love any nightmare before Christmas games

I also love anything haunted mansion looking or that could be used in a haunted mansion dinner party that is the theme for 2016.
so gothic looking place mates to cool cloth napkins to items you would decorate with.

2016 Halloween theme is haunted graveyard with the inside a haunted mansion dinner party .

A pintrest page for ideas for you 


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Im open to Christmas and Halloween related items.Ok so here goes the list.

Likes indoor
Lemax spooky town or x-mas accessories
Skulls and skeletons
Jason Vorhess
blue or green string x-mas lights
They live dvd/bluray
Halloween/x-mas ornaments
Horror pictures
Christmas pictures
Halloween or Christmas tablecloth

Likes outdoors
Spot lights
Orange Halloween lights
Ground breakers
Christmas lights
Santa items
Cemetery related items

animal skeletons

Im more of a Halloween fan and my wife is the X-mas lover but I enjoy it as well. We decorate in and outside for both holidays so either option is ok. This is my 1st reaper so Im really looking forward to making my Merry Victim scary happy:)

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Once Halloween is over, I start to mentally prepare myself for the Armageddon that takes over my house. Yes the "regular" fall decorations make a short appearance till the end of November, but then it's on!!!

The giant boxes of snowmen get dragged out of storage. This all stems from childhood trauma caused my parents' tacky tree. No theme whatsoever. Just crap thrown on a the Christmas tree. I always swore there would be a theme at my house when I grew up.

Santas??? No because you can't lazily leave them up for most of winter until you have a screaming desire to have clean shelves
Gingerbread men???

No the answer was obvious---snowmen!!! There are so many styles: country, modern, glass, metal, wooden, etc. They can be on almost anything: frames, candlesticks, mugs, wreathes, ornaments

And speaking of ornaments, wanna guess what my tree is covered in?

I love all types with the exception of those creepy painted glass blown ones. They give me the willies.

My husband thought he was being clever by trying to get me to stop buying snowmen. That just caused me to start painting pictures of them.

Soon dear Snowmen your time will come......

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Nightmare Before Christmas
Witch ornaments
creepy ornaments
body parts
Bones real or fake
Universal monsters

regular xmas stuff.
ok I had to laugh only here do you see

Nightmare Before Christmas
Witch ornaments
creepy ornaments
body parts

haha gotta love it

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I have been going over in my head about this one ..... Halloween is so intertwined with almost every "holiday" that I decorate for that you would think it be Halloween 365 at my place :D With that said, I have come up with likes/dislikes. I have also made a 'Winter Reaper Idea' board on Pinterest.

Dislikes first:

~Movies ... the only Christmasy type movies I tend to like are horror ones/campy ones (Santa Slay, Jack Frost, etc. - those type I don't mind. Funny/Romantic ones .... bleech! :p)
~ Santa Claus unless he is a zombie, has a skull for a head, is Day of the Dead, etc. Santa has ALWAYS given me the creeps!
~ Glitter
~ The following scents: Cinnamon, Pine, Pumpkin, Egg Nog, MIstletoe,
~ Christmas Village items that are Christmas (if that make sense!) -
~ Tinsel
~ Garland as I have no where to place it

Believe that is it for my dislikes .... I will fine tune as I read other's lists and go around the stores looking :)

For Christmas, I have a small black tree that is between 3 -4 foot tall. I usually decorate it with tombstones, Day of the Dead theme to honor passed on loved ones. I try to find something small that represents each person or animal that meant a lot of us and place those within the tree as well. I also dress up any skeletons I have out for Halloween, in Christmas type attire. As for garland, when I do use it and I don't need much, it is to weave within my oddities displays just to give them more of a "holiday" feel :)

My likes:

~Day of the Dead
~ Krampus
~ Tombstones
~ Ravens
~ Christmas village items that have been repurposed to look Gothic, Halloween-ish,
~ Hand made items (LOVE what I have gotten in the 2 reaps I have participated in!)
~ Santa Muerte items (Saintly Death)
~ Oddities (skulls, bones, post mortem, funerary, etc.)
~ Grim Reapers
~ Skulls
~ Bats
~ Spiders
~ NMBC (Zero is my fave but I do like the 3 little kids too)
~ Anything you think I would like :)

This is my Pinterest board for ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/MissHallowsEve/winter-reaper-likesidea/

Feel free to look at my other pinterest boards as well. You can find me on Facebook, I have a FB page called All Hallow's Eve .... just trying to make it easy on my reaper :)

SO excited for this one!!!!
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