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here is the thread to post your likes and dislikes list. PLEASE make it as detailed as possible,, pinterest pages, or get albums or posts on the forum that your reaper can look at, please don't just say I like Halloween, it really does not make it easier.
also, I know we want to keep this on the first page so we can find it easier, but please, not a lot of chatting on here, to keep the lists easier to find,rather than scrolling through a lot of chatter. also, if you think of more things to add,, go back to your list and add to it rather than have more than one, thank you guys!!!

My other ride is a Ninja
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UPDATED 8/14/2014

thank you to my reaper I so look forward to seeing what creative things you come up with
here is my list :)
I love thrift store finds

I decorate indoors and out doors and throw a party every year this years theme is 2014 doing gothic garden graveyard.

Next year 2015 doing a Gypsy/ fortune teller inside
voodoo /swamp or Pirate theme outside leaning towards pirates going all out.

black flowers
gothic mini graveyard spooky terrarium here is a idea http://craftylumberjacks.blogspot.com/2013/10/terror-iums.html
Medieval / mystical Dragon love them the ones that look like stone gray or black in color

Fortune telling things .
material I can drape reds, black, whites, blue if it looks gypsy like it will work
scarfs any colors gypsy like it will work
sheer curtain panels any color for my gypsy

love pirate anything


any kind of lanterns
need 4 black feather boas

skulls i collect skulls real and fake
in need of some of 4 of these skulls from dollar tree

owls not cute ones
statues bust
Grim Reapers
tombstones the little like 4 inch ceramic ones need lots of the dollar tree ones

I do this for my Christmas theme every years so decorations always welcome.
stockings, black or purple or ones with NBC on them

anything nightmare before Christmas will love :) or any gothic looking

I am planning a nightmare before Christmas themed Christmas party so decorations for this would love black and purple will be the colors ,
ornaments even black, purple or orange ball ones they can have glitter even :)

garland black or purple with bats without is an idea ,
, purple lights ,
dead man tree, or small table spooky trees.
going mainly with the colors purple and black but can throw in some orange and silver too.
anything NBC :)

Love Disney Haunted mansion anything

candles love all kinds of candles would love to have candles that drip too. black, red or purple
candle Candelabra

white , purple or red string lights are always good
witch ball
witch kit with real herbs
creepy cloth always need

witch hats are always welcome love decorated ones with a gothic touch
witch items just not cute

Gothic or steam punk fairy door
gothic door wreath

Need Swamp witch items
swamp haunt items
Spanish grass
raffia red or tan color always welcome
bottle labels always welcome too

in search of a raggedy ann doll

Halloween candy molds always welcome

I am starting to collect blow molds so welcome any you may want to send my way :)

love Gothic items

want different photo frames and mirrors painted black would be great with a gothic look to them .

LOVE red glass anything. ( collect the Avon cap code glass)

love scarfs with skulls on them

favorite colors are red , black and purple

dvd would love Hotel Transylvania, or dark crystal
love scooby doo in search of the Scooby Doo Telephone like this does not have to work :)

own a Kerilian bear dog she is such a sweetie.
love Halloween footie socks
love tea and mocha
love ghost store books / or photos books of ghost

and a pinterest page for my reaper I will be adding more ideas for you :) this gives you examples of things I like :) lots of ideas added here for you

body parts
cute Halloween stuff

Kitchen/Green Witch
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Okay, here is my Likes and Dislikes:


**I LOVE anything Cats and Owls!!!!!!!!!!!!
**I LOVE witchy stuff, both Halloween/traditional witch items and real, wiccan/pagan witch items...I love nature, earthy types of things for anything on the lines of real witch items. (I have tons of potion bottles, though, so I don't need anymore...unless you find/make one with a bottle that is truly awesome that I can tuck into my collection!! I prefer clear glass to match my current set I've made.)
**I love to bake, I even work in a bakery, so I would REALLY love some Halloween kitchen items like baking pans, usable trays, covered trays, candy molds, kitchen towels, stemware, coffee mugs, anything cool that you can find that I could use to make Halloween or Fall goodies!!
**I would love a Kitchen Witch, flying on her broom...or some use wooden utensil, to hang in my kitchen. I cannot find one around here. If given a choice, I'd like one that is smaller, in colors to match my kitchen like cream, brown, olive/sage/apple green or yellow and isn't too ugly, lol...but I'd be happy with any kind you could find or make, since I would like one so very much!
**I would love one of those glass Witch Balls very much. Either an actual, blown glass one, or a handmade one with lovely things inside of it. They are so pretty and I'd love one to hang in my kitchen. (Any color would be nice, but if one was made/found in my kitchen colors, that I wrote above for my kitchen witch, it'd be great!)
**If my reaper is some one who knows how to make those creepy, aged, carved pumpkins, I'd love one, or more, of those! I want to make some spooky/creepy/dark pumpkin head scarecrows. (You can see pics of some in my Pinterest.)
**I could REALLY, REALLY use more outdoor decorations!!!!!! I have tons of indoor stuff and am running out of places to put things indoors, lol. (...though, I'll still take more indoor stuff, I'll find a place to put it, lol!!) I'd love some items for my outdoor cemetery. Things that are spooky, dark, creepy, ect. The more realistic, the better, for cemetery stuff.
**I love those little Halloween mini scenes that people put inside of apothecary jars, lanterns and such. Little, dark, creepy graveyard scenes, mini skellies, other tiny haunted scenes like creepy, twisted trees, ect with the moss and stones and such...I would love one but haven't gotten around to making myself one, lol. I have seen some wonderful ones that people here, on the forum, have made and adore them. I pinned some I liked in my Indoor Halloween board on Pinterest, too, for my Reaper for ideas.
**I am looking for a small, stone or wood (something natural or aged looking) mortar and pestal for my witch's kitchen potion set up. All I can find are plain, white ceramic ones, which won't work for me.
**Mercury glass (or the look of mercury glass) skulls, pumpkins, owls, ect. I like silver, black and orange...maybe the green, too, for the colors. The silver skulls are awesome...saw some at Big Lots, HomeGoods, ect. I would really love a decent sized skull one, especially.

I also like:

Pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns (I really love pumpkin things!)
Anything Autumn, Fall, Harvest inspired...especially natural things like pumpkins, apples, grapevine, berries, acorns, hay bales, burlap, corn, ect.
Skeletons/Skulls (I still don't have a full size skelly...or even a medium/small skelly...I only have tiny mini ones.)
Spiders (I'd like some posable fuzzy spiders for indoors...or some decent sized realistic looking ones that are safe to be used outside in crummy, windy, wet weather on my front railings.)
Vintage Halloween...especially with witch, cat or owl prints!!!!!!
Scented wax cubes/tarts (NOT the kinds in the air freshener aisle like Glade or Febreeze...I don't like air freshener smell, lol.) for my wax warmers. Autumn scents like pumpkins, apples, caramels, leaves, campfire/marshmallow, harvest, spice, vanilla, cranberry, ect.
Candles in Autumn scents...must be jar candles or tea lights. I worry my 4 kitties will knock over votives, tapers or pillars. I especially like candles that come in nice, lidded jars that I can reuse after the candle is spent.
Vampire items- traditional, gothic ( I do love vampire things like True Blood, Buffy-tv series, Queen of the Damned, ect., but I don't really decorate with those things for Halloween, so they aren't needed...unless you found a totally super awesome item for a great, cheap price you think I might like, lol.)
Gravestones/graveyard items (You can look in my albums on here to see pics of my small front yard graveyard and see if you can think of something cool to add to it or match it!)
LED string lights (purple, orange) or lighting for my cemetery, also LED, if possible. At some point I'd like two small, spot lights, one to shine on each side of my graveyard, maybe some that I can change the color on or plain white ones I can add a colored film to, because I don't know what color I want to go with yet.
Lanterns in black (LED, if candle included)
Folklore/ghost story type stuff like "The Headless Horseman"...I LOVE the H.H.!!!!!!!!
Leaves, spooky trees
Scarecrows, especially spooky/creepy or pumpkin head ones.
Victorian, old spooky, gothic haunted houses and haunted house decor
Simple, silver or black Halloween necklaces (no earrings, ears aren't pierced)
I like fuzzy socks, too. I wear them all the time when it's cold...or super fun regular Halloween socks, and Halloween knee high socks!! (I'm not big on really low ankle socks, but if there was a super cute pair you thought I would like, I'd totally still wear them.)
I also collect Skelanimals...look them up if you are unsure of what they are! So cute!! Kit the Cat is my absolute fave, and then Oliver the Owl and Diego the Bat...but I love the rest of them, too! (I have 4 of the 5 Halloween mini plushies from Target, the pics are in my albums. I'm missing Timmy the Spider.)
Cute is okay, just not overly cute or too much of it. (...though cute owls and kitties are always acceptable, lol)
I would prefer no glitter, but very, very small amounts of glitter are okay, if it isn't loose and doesn't get all over and fall off the item! Nothing completely covered in glitter...just glitter as a tiny accent, maybe, lol.
Painted wooden crafty items
All the cool, crafty items you guys are so good at making!!
I know some of you like to send treats and Halloween toys for our pets, which is cool with us! We have four kitties!


Zombies (although, I LOVE Resident Evil, just not so much for halloween!)
Gore/gross stuff (a little blood is okay though, for example, on vampire type decor.)
Bugs (except Spiders...spiders are awesome!)
Satanic things
***I'm a vegetarian, so no dead animals or animal parts, including real leather, real bone, ect. please!!!***
Not a fan of decorating with movie characters...such as Freddie, Jason, Saw, ect.
Though I super love Halloween cartoons, movies and such, I don't really decorate with them. However, I love Tim Burton things, especially The Corpse Bride..so making or buying a Halloween decoration/prop that is inspired by his dark, creepy style would be cool!
Don't need Pirate stuff
Don't need Mad scientist stuff
Don't need blow molds

**I have a Pinterest page, the link for it is in my signature, below my posts, if you want to check it out!! I have 4 different Halloween boards, 1 Halloween costume board and 1 Autumn/Harvest/Fall board. I have made sure there are lots of cool ideas for my future Reaper in them!!!!! There are pic ideas for some of the specific stuff I wrote in this list, to give my Reaper a better idea of what I am talking about and to help them see my personal style. I also have several photo albums here on the forum, on my profile page, that my Reaper can look through to get ideas. I hope that stuff helps!**

*Thanks, in advance, to my Reaper! I am easy to please. This list is just a guideline...there are many things I, and my husband, would like that I probably didn't think to list. I'll try to add things specifically, if I think of anything else, before the Reaper actually starts, so if you are my Reaper, make sure to check the SR Likes/Dislikes Thread again when working on my gifts in case I changed anything from the original list! Happy stalking!!

Wisp in the Mist
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A couple of things that I have my eyes out for this year:

A red non-flashing LED eye set for my skeletal executioner
A green or purple non-flashing LED eye set for my witch

I'm making a haunted mirror, and two horizontal basement window scenes this year, so I'm looking for scary skeleton or ghost "picture" pieces to use in them, and not having much luck. They can be clings, generic dollar store Scene Setter type pieces that I can cut to size, transfers of some sort, or even just regular computer print-outs that I can either laminate or Mod-Podge and seal. The mirror is small, 8 inches high and about 5 inches wide. The windows are about 2 feet high and 3 feet wide, but I will be making faux board frames, so the images won't have to fill the entire area.


Basic Likes: hand-made, pre-owned, or store-bought items (dollar store or otherwise) .

Imperfections help make things spookier, in my opinion; so please don't worry about that.

Components to make things with.

Vintage look items, dark colors like things are antique or abandoned.

Wax tarts in fall, spooky, or dark scents (no "rotting flesh" please, haha). I use these frequently, so don't worry that I might already have it. They will definitely be used. I can use cone or stick incense, scented oil mixtures, or spray scents as well.

My style is a spooky, eerie, creepy old cemetery; and what you might find in an abandoned Victorian style house on the cemetery grounds.

Indoor or outdoor items are fine.

I collect:

ghosts of all kinds
Jack o' lanterns of all kinds
non-neon candy pails, except modern characters (Casper would be awesome, but hard to find or too expensive)
neutral colored flat plastic jointed skeletons of all sizes

plastic drinking cups with Halloween scenes or patterns, and those can be "cute". They can be any size. Sometimes dollar stores and/or Wal-mart type stores have juice size cups in sets of 4 for $1.00, and they also sell larger individual cups for $1.00 each. I usually don't buy them although I think they're adorable, and I'd definitely use them.

----------- :D -----------

I like The Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Coraline, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Scary Godmother, and Peanuts Halloween characters. I like either Disney or classic versions of Sleepy Hollow characters, for miniatures.

I have the Hitchhiking Ghost figures (5-6 inches), and basic Nightmare Before Christmas character figures in miniature (2 inches). I don't have any other characters that I mentioned, in miniature or figurines of any size.

For vintage characters, I really like the old Beistle decorations, table top blow-mold lamps (I have a Jack o' lantern scarecrow ), and reprints of Tuck & Sons style Halloween cards.

Candy is fine, if you're feeling the spirit of ToTing, haha. The only kinds of candy that I don't like are listed under dislikes. I do like things that others don't; such as dark chocolate, marshmallow, coconut, black licorice, candy corn, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Straws, cayenne straws. I've never tried bacon in candy, but I hear it's good. :) Pretty much anything that is not in dislikes will be fine.


Dislikes: clowns, pirates, aliens, medical, mad scientist, bio-hazard, gore, torture, child-like creatures, maggots, flies, roaches, dead animals, snakes, Egyptian items, most movie characters, fall and harvest stuff.

Candy dislikes: anything peach flavor, War Heads, Cry Babies, Bernie Botts jellybeans, Jolly Ranchers, jawbreakers, peanut butter Mary Janes (those things wrapped in black and orange waxed paper), and insects. Yes, insects. *shudder*

I don't use those "reed" type liquid scented items due to pets and kids.

I don't burn candles in our home due to pets and kids, but decorative candles are OK.

I don't care for smiling things except ghosts, Jack o' lanterns, and smiling vintage style items of any type are always fine.

I don't care much for glitter, except on ornaments. I can deal with a minimal amount on indoor items, though.

**this doesn't mean that I literally dislike everything that I mentioned; I just don't have a use for it.


More in-depth likes:

Halloween nesting dolls (decorated or in need of decorating)
Halloween & Gothic charms for jewelry
Halloween & Gothic craft paper
Halloween & Gothic stampers
Halloween & Gothic paper punches
Spooky Town sized items of any type, any brand (home-made, bought, doesn't matter what they're made of)
spiders & webs
Jack o' lanterns
scary trees
cemetery scenes
tombstone shaped items
coffin shaped items
witches (any type)
Halloween ornaments, I have a mantel-size tree and a table top tree about 3 ft tall.
battery op candles, any height, any width
spooky lanterns (especially non-fragile)
ghost stories
Edward Gorey items
scary scarecrows
Ouija items
fortune telling items of all sorts


Freshly added info! At the request of another member who wanted to know if we had pets, I'm adding that info. Also, I know some people like to add things in for their victim's children, so I am also adding info for that. I tried to make it easier to follow, than my original post on the other thread. I'll update that one, too.

Please note that items for my pets or children are not necessary, nor expected at all. This is just if you feel like it. I myself have never added items for pets or children, that I can recall.

I do have a mostly lazy cat who loves catnip and batting toys (doesn't like the jingle balls we bought), and a spry young Lab/Pit Bull mix dog who shreds plush toys in seconds flat, but is pretty good with other toys (except barked incessantly at the cat's jingle toys which promptly went to the trash). Probably neither are into costumes or clothing, and the cat already refuses to wear her collar. They're not picky about treats.

Allergies are not a concern for the people or pets in our home.

My kiddos:

My 14 yr old collects Pokemon stuff; he doesn't care if he already has it.
He likes scarier type Halloween things than the other two; scary books, zombies, House of the Dead, Silent Hill, also Plants Vs. Zombies, he plays those games pretty often. He won't wear shirts, hats, buttons, lanyards, etc. that have movie or game characters on them. He's missing out on ToTing now that he's too old, so I wind up buying him candy. He likes everything except the super-sour stuff like Warheads and Cry Babies. Regular sour, he likes. Crackers of any kind, cookies, pretzels, all good. He doesn't care if it looks like it's for little kids if it's consumable, haha. He definitely does not like raisins, though.

My 13 yr old is mentally and physically handicapped; he likes things that preschool kids like. He does not put small toys in his mouth. He likes squishy or bendy characters, picture books (likes to flip pages, doesn't like being read to), toys that twist and click (like puzzle sticks where you can mix one character's head with another's body, and another's feet, etc.), those clear globe-wand lights with the spinning LEDs in them, other types of hand held lights, things that pop up when you push a button or pull a lever or string, bath squirt toys. He loves cute or spooky Halloween characters ("scary" doesn't bother him, he laughed all the way through the Haunted Mansion ride at age 5), Spongebob, Peanuts, Mickey Mouse and friends, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Scooby Doo. I buy him candy too, but he can't do Now and Laters, Mary Janes, thick salt water taffy, any type of hard candy, or gum at all. He likes soft chewy fruit candies, all chocolate candies; crackers of any kind, cookies, raisins, or pretzels. He doesn't like to ToT or dress up, he'd much rather stay home and watch his DVDs. He likes character plates and bowls, but he physically can't use sippy cups and can only use lidded cups with straws (he dumps contents out of cups without lids).

My 3 yr old is easy to find things for. He does not put toys, slime, Play-doh, etc. in his mouth. He likes everything that's cute or spooky; Casper, Peanuts, any Disney, Little People, books to look at or listen to, Play Doh, slime, dinosaurs, superheroes and villains, knights, dragons, all animals, spiders, insects (except roaches and maggots), monsters, vehicles, bath squirt toys, etc. He also loves those little cardboard house boxes that Dollar Tree has. Oh, and he's a jigsaw puzzle master. He can do 50 piece puzzles, even small pieces. For candy, we don't give him hard candies except Dum Dums or flat suckers (no jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers, Brachs hard candies, full sized Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops--but mini Tootsie Pops are OK). He also does not chew gum yet, and doesn't like very sour things. Crackers of any kind, cookies, raisins, or pretzels are fine. He loves to dress up. He has a fireman hat and coat, pirate head-kerchief and sword, hard hat, safari hat, rainbow clown wig, Army camo hat and vest, dragon full body costume, top hat, Captain America mask and costume. If you have old costume pieces to be rid of, he wears size 4-5, he's tall (he doesn't mind if things are too big, either). I would like to try to make or find him a Casper costume this year, he's a huge fan of Casper right now. He likes character plates, bowls, and cups, and can use any type of cup, whether it has a lid or not.

Spookiest Lady in Pa!
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My theme this year is Season of the witch. I do both a yard haunt called Spooky Hollow Cemetery YArd HAunt and decorate inside

Likes: Anthing witch related,I'm really into
witches, a book of shadows like on charmed would be nice,skulls, skeletons, ghosts, reapers, flameless candles, halloween themed candle holders, anything I can use in my cemetery, gore is fine(I'm planing a chop shop theme for in the future), spooky flowers, tarto cards, Chucky is my favorite horror movie, creepy pictures, spiders, bats, coffins/toepinchers, tombstones, creepy cloth, severed fingers/toes/arms/legs/heads, bones, creepy signs, ground breakers, homemade items are fine.

Dilikes: Disney, tons of glitter, cute, Ido not watch any of the zombie or vampire tv shows, vampires.

The Black Unicorn
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theme this year Ward 14 Bone Garden Estates Lunatic Asylum,

I decorate outside in cemetery and on barn porch, in the party barn, have a dance hall and bar area, will have patient lounge and a padded room as a separate bar in dance hall, shock therapy will be in the bathroom, kitchen/bar will be dispensary/pharmacy for medications. Turning the hearse into the paddy wagon.

looking for some items for theme, need hospital gowns, nurse stuff, dress /hats any size to dress characters , Dr. stuff, an old Dr. bag would be awesome, straight jacket, signs, maybe some patient tombstones , general hospital décor etc.

other likes include any kind of skulls and bones, gothic, Victorian décor, never enough creepy cloth, I am not picky

dislikes/or don't need : gore, bloody, glitter, blow up items, regulate Halloween décor,



obcessed with it

Harbinger of Autumn
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Dear Secret Reaper,

This list is subject to change (if I add more and more, especially specific names!)

Reviewed this from last year and see that it is all very relevant!:D

OK if you are my secret reaper;

Terra, of course a tombstone would be wonderful! It does not have to be elaborate, something older looking with an older sounding name, like Adolphus Crane or the like would be cool, I am looking at a lost woods kind of graveyard. (ok maybe a tiny bit elaborate if you could have like tree roots wrapping around it!) K, thanks!

Saki.Girl, I would be honored to have any of your dia de los muertos masks or other artwork associated with that, k thanks!

Kelloween, if you wanted to paint me a sign, I would be ecstatic! Something that has something to do with ‘Ravenscreek Crossing’ would totally rock, k thanks!

Dminor, your Urn stone really rocks, I would totally let you figure out what the front can say, could be shock or anything else. K, Thanks!

Greenwick, LOVE the broom, especially your knot work, I would be delighted to receive one of these works of art, k thanks!

Im the goddess, yes you are when it comes to poison apples! It would be fantastic to receive a similar poison apple display. K thanks!

Paint it Black, you were an awesome reaper before, use it all right down to the San Diego bottle opener that is on the fridge where I keep my Blue Moon! If you are looking for a new idea, love your miniature displays and would be honored to display one of those, k thanks! Ooo and some mercury bottles, k thanks!

hhh, I am working on a witches shelf so that braided garlic would rock. Other natural ingredients as well, k thanks!

Ondeko, ANYTHING you wish to make out of glass, it will be great, k thanks!

Pumpkinking30, Your really cool village makeover houses would look great on my mantle, and you could save money on shipping and just drive the 30ish miles and drop them off! K thanks

Screamentor Would love to have a bat-mobile for the driveway. Would love to have one of yours even more! K thanks!

More specifics to be added as I come across things. In general, for the outside I am doing a graveyard in the woods. Old stones, crows and lanterns, owls and bats, scarecrows and pumpkins would be great... and crows and ravens! For the indoors, I am working on filling a witch shelf. Any spell books, ingredients, potion bottles, candles, charms, skulls, crows, ravens etc would be fantastic. Love homemade and second hand, re-purposed materials are great! Also like all things Edgar Allen Poeish and Robert Frostish! (the dudes rock!) Anything subtle, and classic would be fantastic, vintage rocks as well. To give you an overall idea of my style; http://pinterest.com/djhoyler/secret-reaper-likes/ Oh, I also am working on miniature displays in various modes, anything Halloween in the 1:12 ratio would be really cool! When all else fails, you can never ever never have too many crows and raven items!

Overall I guess all things Classic Vintage or Gothic is where my heart is....and ravens!

What I do not like is cute, gore, blood and glitter. Also, not a fan of zombies and do not like any of the undead babies. (baby dolls that look old and creepy can be cool, but not the ones that are all gored up or undeadified)Don't like the horror movie guys either, no chucky, jason, freddy, michael or the like. Sorry. Oh, and yeah, don't like spiders

Your victim,

p.s. Did I mention crows are good?

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My Likes/Dislikes list

-Witch Hats
-I'm a huge Haunted Mansion fan - love anything to do with it!
-Universal Monsters
-Blow Molds
-Hocus Pocus related things - LOVE that movie!
-door wreath
-painted wooden crafty items
-Jack o Lanterns
-String Lights
-Halloween is my favorite horror movie - LOVE Michael Myers
-Halloween Ornaments
-Halloween Candy Molds
-Yankee candle/Bath and Body Works Halloween items
-Outdoor Decor (I have a yard haunt I do every year so anything is welcome for that!)
-Creepy Cloth


My Halloween Board on Pinterest:

lies dead but dreaming
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I'm in I'm in again:cool:

Likes: Cemetery, Haunted House, Bones, and Ghost, and creepy crawlies, disused or abandoned looking items, vampires, ghouls, dessicated corpses, spider webs, overgrown graves. Bats and Ravens and Ghosts,. Dark and broody is the way we haunt

Check the links in my sig for pictures of our haunt. I also go photographing cemeteries just because i like to.

Dislikes: (well more stuff that just isn't my thing, I love all haunts.) Cute stuff, Baby Zombies (though tortured dolls are cool), overt gratuitous gore..... a bit of blood and bone is fine, but I don't like to clean up the set from a Romero movie :D.

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I love anything homemade or store bought. This year I'm doing a charity haunt for the March of Dimes. My son was born premature at 17 oz 13 years ago and I have supported The March since. The theme this year is Mad Alice (Wonderland) wakes up in an asylum for the criminally insane. There will be a patient graveyard outside and the rooms are: admitting, patient, dentists office, autopsy, children's unit, recreation, nurses station and Mad Alice Cafe.

Some ideas for props I am needing:
straight jackets, homemade or bought
hospital things like signs, syringes, blood bottles, etc. anything hospital related
anything related to a dentist office i.e. large teeth
cheap dolls
body parts
homemade medicine bottles
giant spiders
anything Alice in Wonderland related

General Likes:
would love a kitchen witch
fall/autumn scented candles
scary scarecrows
horror novels

zombie babies
cutesy Halloween

Halloween AA Member
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Grave Yard Stuff
Light Up Pumpkins
Witch Stuff
Halloween Ornaments (I have a halloween tree that's bigger then my christmas tree :roll eyes:)
Scary Clowns
Sam from Trick R Treat. If you can make him, I'd love and cherish him forever. :D

Extreme Cute Stuff, Movies, Costumes & Makeup

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I prefer to leave it up to the Reaper’s discretion, have fun with whatever you / make buy, I know it will be lovely!

That being said, I love anything handmade, thrifted, etc.

Walking Dead
Haunted mansion
Nightmare before Christmas
Old looking things
Anything black, green, dark red or purple
Vincent Price
Whispy fabric
Mad scientists stuff

I dislike uncreative things (this doesn’t mean purchased).

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I'm doing an outdoor dinner party for families. We're going to have a scavenger hunt and punch board for the kids. The theme will be more Poe / Victorian so anything related to this. I have a Pinterest account with general Halloween board and a Raven Halloween board, so anything like those posts would be great. I will take any hand-me-downs that you no longer want, those absolutely awesome hand made items or thrift store finds. Anything that will make my party gothic and Poe-like. My Pinterest pages are http://www.pinterest.com/titus2002/halloween/ and http://www.pinterest.com/titus2002/a-raven-halloween/ and http://www.pinterest.com/titus2002/haunted-bayou/ and http://www.pinterest.com/titus2002/halloween-art/ to get ideas.

I also have a 10 year old boy and 12 year old girl who love opening my boxes to see if any candy was sent. They LOVE Halloween candy! I also have a German Shepherd and a small rescue dog. Oh and a black cat! Just little FYI's as I've had past reapers send treats for everyone, which is really sweet.

Likes / Wants:

tall candelabras (any color, I can spray paint them with silver paint)
silver trays, goblets, bowls etc (could also be spray painted with silver paint)
black flowers (the wilting flowers from Spirit are awesome! hint hint)
throw pillows (burlap ones with iron on images are cool like on my raven pinterest page)
a butler would be cool
Fall or pumpkin scented candles
Fake hands for a ball toss game (see my pinterest page)
Black leafy garlands
Cheese cloth ghosts
Some glitter is fine
Pillar or taper candles
Skeletons / skulls / bones
Halloween baking supplies
white pumpkins
black feather boas
old bird cages or cloches for raven or skull centerpiece
I've also seen awesome black and white Halloween patterned plates that I'd love!
Crystal balls
voodoo & swampy decor
camo netting
spanish moss
I can always use more jute netting, cheesecloth and creepy cloth

Bloody, gory
horror movie characters
blow molds
zombie babies

Somehow, I knew I'd be editing this multiple times!!! :)

Vintage Halloween'er
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ahh, I hate making lists...

I do not decorate inside...so anything for outside works for me...creepy but not gory..hand made is awesome, thrift store is wonderful...

creepy cloth (always use)
I need a bunch of spanish moss!
witch hats or wigs..I can always use them
tombstones or things for cemetery
big bat...not little ones..I have them..
lights, lanterns, candles
I have a mr. big spider from Araniella..I need a mrs.
crows , ravens, black cat
love those skeleton animals
pumpkins! scarier the better!

Basically I do witches, ghosts, pumpkins, cemetery, scarecrow, skeletons...I like vintage victorian..so if you come across any clothes that resemble that era at a flea market..

I always feel I am being to picky...:eek:

will never use..

movie monsters..jason and all
creepy dolls..I like them but don't use them
blood and gore
fortune teller things
glitter or cute
blow molds

inside decorations..maybe one day, but not now!

oh and if you get my name, you must make me this...:D


dang that picture is huge!

Margarita Goddess
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PLEASE NOTE: List is subject to additions & deletions!

I made a WISH LIST Board on Pinterest. http://www.pinterest.com/bsmithglobig/wish-list/
If you are a crafty person.
We decorate different rooms with different set ups. This year we have a Fortune Tellers Room, A Butcher Shop, A halloween Museum, A witch's den, a spider & eyes bathroom, a nursery, a bloody bathroom & Mad Scientist set ups. Our garage is done in Blacklights. Our invites & costumes will be Mad Scientist themed as will the cake. I have 5 Cabinets to put curiosities, jars & potions in, 3 are blacklight lit, 1 is in the butcher shop, 1 in entry hall & 1 in fortune teller's room. The under the cupboard lights in the kitchen will be replaced with blacklights so Mad Lab stuff on the counters in there too,.

If my reaper is so handy, I'd love a piece that looks like something from an old scientist lab. Lots of ideas on my Mad Scientist Pinterest board. ;)

Vine arms & legs for pumpkins!
Body parts (heads, fingers, ears, hands, legs etc.)
organs (Brains, livers, hearts, etc.)
Animated FAT RAT - big belly moans & groans about eating all the food etc.
Items that glow in blacklight (NEON)
Animated old style antique looking phone.
Red Glue Sticks (mini ones)
Black Glue sticks (mini ones)
LED Taper Candles - (6) OR 6 Battery Operated taper candles - ALL must be the same. :(
Skeleton Glassware - shaped or imprinted
Open for Halloween items repurposed & crafted.
Realistic looking Baby Doll (to put in Jar) :D
Creepy small fake plants (Eyeball, tentical, Venus Fly trap type)
I'm sure are MANY things I'd LOVE that are not on this list.
And most of all I want:

Don't need/want
Candles, candle holders, eyeballs, videos, movies, music, excessive glittery stuff, Movie Character stuff (chucky, jason, freddy, etc.) too cutesy stuff.

My Pinterest Page: http://www.pinterest.com/bsmithglobig/

Headless Hessian
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To my Secret Reaper,
First, I want thank you for taking the time to participate in this fantastic program and reading through my list of likes. Second, I want you to know that I will enjoy whatever you send my way as a gift and illustration for our mutual appreciation of the Halloween holiday.

Here is my list of likes/don't need to provide you with some inspiration and background information about me:

I host an annual Halloween party for my adult friends and family and have begun to decorate according to a single theme each year. The theme for 2014 is a haunted Carnival/Freak Show. I started a thread about my 2014 party in the Party Themes discussion area to highlight my progress on finds and projects for this year. My decorating consists of the public rooms in my home as well as my backyard, weather permitting. For this year, I plan to convert my formal living/dining room into the inside of a red and white striped tent. I plan to have "vignettes" in the backyard that will be a gypsy/fortune teller wagon, a broken carousel, and a few side show freaks.

Gypsy/Fortune teller props (tarot cards, crystal ball, gold jewelry, etc.) - I will be creating my gypsy by converting an existing life size character
Ring Master jacket (hopefully bright red either in the style of a a formal coat with tails or one that can be cut to be short at the waist and long tails) - I will create him by converting another existing life size character that I already own.
Vintage style freak show exhibit posters
Vintage looking Ouija board
Strands of christmas-style lights that have the large round circles (as opposed to the traditional miniature lights) to be used in carnival signs
Strands of triangular pennant flags typically seen on old fashioned Carnival midways
Fake plastic body parts (arms, legs) to be displayed with my white tiger in a cage

In addition to things I need for my theme above, I also love the following:
Anything related to the Headless Horseman or Sleepy Hollow
Anything related to Disney's Haunted Mansion
Items that would be found in a dilapidated Victorian home/mansion (you can never go wrong with decorating your home like a haunted mansion) - I have photos in my albums of previous years decorations to help illustrate my love of these things
Vintage decorations (Beistle, noisemakers, candyholders, etc.)

Items that I do not need/not my style:
Clowns - I like them but have enough clown related things for my theme this year
Glittery/Cutesy decorations
Halloween tree decorations - I own one but the party has grown too large to use it safely
Candles, candle holders, scented items, etc.
Blow molds
Harvest/Fall decor (leaves, acorns, wooden plaques/signs, etc.)
Fake blood
Extreme gore
Zombie babies
Telco characters
Cupcake holders
Cookie molds
Halloween themed bedding, linens, towels, etc.
Boney Bunch collectibles
Halloween miniature villages (including the Sleepy Hollow collection - I just don't do villages)

I am very appreciate of homemade or previously owned, thrift store finds as you will see in my various posts.

Again, I hope this helps provide inspiration and I look forward to our favorite holiday 2014 !!

Vintage Halloween'er
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PLEASE NOTE: List is subject to additions & deletions!

We decorate different rooms with different set ups. This year we have a Fortune Tellers Room, A Butcher Shop, A halloween Museum, A witch's den, a spider & eyes bathroom, a nursery, a bloody bathroom & Mad Scientist set ups. Our garage is done in Blacklights. Our invites & costumes will be Mad Scientist themed as will the cake.
Body parts (heads, fingers, ears, hands, legs etc.)
organs (Brains, livers, hearts, etc.)
Bloody STATIC Clings (not the sticky back ones)
Black Glue sticks (mini ones)
Items that glow in blacklight (NEON)
Skeleton Glassware - shaped or imprinted
Open for Halloween items repurposed & crafted.
And most of all I want:
View attachment 203568

Don't need/want
Candles, candle holders, videos, movies, music, excessive glittery stuff, Movie Character stuff (chucky, jason, freddy, etc.) too cutesy stuff.
oh no, not that thing AGAIN... lol

Mother of Monsters
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Updated 8/20

I have 4 kids 2 boys 2 girls ages 12, 7, 5, & 2! I have a lab/golden mix puppy we call a glab, and a Chihuahua. And 1 kitty.

I also have a Halloween tree inside I can always use more lights and decorations for.

Love candy, chocolates, and candy corn!

I will love anything you have made/bought me. I'm not that picky.
Love homemade, thrift store finds, and store bought.
some cutesy is ok, I have young kids.

Yard haunt theme: cemetery & ghosts
I plan on turning the front of the house into a "monster house" face
I plan to do a "witches' kitchen" in my kitchen

can always use:
creepy cloth
sting lights any color; any lighting I can use in my cemetery
bottle labels
black roses
potion bottles
witch hats
Jack o' lanterns
fall scented wax cubes
anything "Day of the Dead" my bedroom is done in that theme
Love Halloween socks & jewelry
ghost stories
crows, owls, bats, and spiders
would love, love to have a blow mold
anything for my Halloween tree
Halloween candy molds and baking items
anything I could use for Halloween makeups

off topic things I like:
hot tea, love cool tea pots
big Dr Who and Game of Thrones fan
Love old school Scooby Doo

devil/demonic things

I will edit this list as I think of new ideas. My pinterest is in my signature line!
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