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Here is the thread for the likes and dislikes,, I am starting a new one due to different people signing up,, those taking part in the first,, copy and paste yours here,, I hope that is ok with the mod;s ! I just think it will be easier to keep the 2 separate !

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Me! Me! I wanna be first! :)

i like vintage-inspired items. I love handmade items--admire the creativity and appreciate the work that goes into them.

I am specifically seeking old dolls/discarded dolls to stock my haunted nursery. They don't have to be spooky...just cast off dolls.

My only dislike is guts/gore/excessive blood.

I love Disney and the Haunted Mansion, too.

Margarita Goddess
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THis May be modified during the course of this reap

I decorate inside & out.
I throw an adult costume party.
Next Theme: Mad Scientist
I could use an older looking phone, radio, clock for display in my "scientist" set up
I also have Bloody Mary's Bar, the Butcher Shop & the graveyard out front.
I LOVE minions.
I'm pretty easy for likes most anything Halloween or done for Halloween.
Ouija board!
I would love some Dandelion Heads that have gone to seed
skulls ANY
Body parts/organs fake
Things for my Cabinets of curiosities/oddities
Science equip. shaped candy molds &/or cookie cutters
Skull Shot Glasses
Skull Drinking Glasses
Alien in a jar
Creepy Stuff
I even do gorey (butcher shop)
Creepy Pictures
Creepy Static Clings NOT The STICKERS
Creepy toys/dolls
Miniature things
Creepy Barware
Display books
I could go on.

I don't do Cutesie Halloween stuff ok, sometimes
Don't need Movies or Music


My other ride is a Ninja
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Haunt: I decorate inside and out

This year’s haunt is Dark Alice in wonderland so anything to go with that would Rock .
Mushrooms, bottles of drink me potions ext. , stop watch prop, Styrofoam skulls , anything that you think would go with dark Alice ( just not bloody gory )

LikesI love love love love
Nightmare before Christmas anything ( note I do nightmare before Christmas for my Christmas decorations ) :)
Grim Reapers
love purple lights

Spell books
Potion Jars

Pirate anything
Unique jars/bottles

Haunted Mansion
Black widow spiders
Red glass anything
Candles all kinds love them alos use the wax you put in the burners too.

Witch stuff but not cute /glittery stuff, dark and dingy look

halloween decorating/ prop books.
halloween ankle socks
love peronormal stuff shows, books so on
creepy cloth stuff

Favorite colors are Black AND RED
my house is decorated mostly gothic style and halloween year around
Random things
I own one dog Kerilian bear dog :) she is around 35lb
love to craft
love gothic stuff and candles can never have to many

Not into dolls,
No babies
No clowns,
NO NO cute Halloween stuff,
or anything gory or bloody not my thing .
do not watch horror movies

Mother of Monsters
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I decorate indoors and outside
Inside: I would call my style classic/vintage/elegant goth
Outside: I do a graveyard with ghosts, groundbreakers, spiders, and bats

I like ghosts, pumpkins, jack o'lanterns, crows/ravens, black cats, skulls, Day of the Dead, skellies, candles, PVC candles, lights(orange and purple), creepy cloth/freaky fabric in black, beistle cutouts, and black roses. Kitchen accessories and dishes,Halloween socks!
I love anything homemade, thrift store treasures, and candy corn. ;)
I don't like gore and blood, dead things in jars, bugs and snakes (spiders ok), clowns, nothing satanic or demonic, zombies.
I have been thinking about it and have decided to go for it! I am doing my bedroom in a Day of the Dead theme. If that helps.
Also Hubby and I are huge Doctor Who fans.

Somewhat Eccentric
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gore is OK with me
evil dolls/toys
potion/witch bottles
anything creepy or unusual
homemade is great
I have no problem with used items - I'm a flea market junkie :)
huge The Walking Dead fan
Halloween themed kitchen towels and the like


not a fan of the Twilight series

I decorate indoors and out. I don't really have a theme, unless creepy and eclectic count. I have cats and dogs but you don't have to send anything for them.

There is a major problem with FedEx misdelivering packages in our area. Took me six days to locate my last package. UPS and USPS are great.

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My family hosts an annual Halloween party outside every year. This year, my theme is more generic, but leaning towards Edgar Allen Poe, or gothic. We have a costume contest and a haunted maze for children and their parents. I'm with Sidnami in that I will take your unwanted items, just not your unwanted cute stuff!! Light glitter is ok since I decorate in a more elegant, gothic feel inside my house. I also have 2 kids, a girl and boy, 11 & 9, a puppy and a kitten. No, you don't have to send them anything, but I see some people like to, so I'm just throwing that out there. (my kids love candy! Big surprise!)


vampires, vampire dining accessories, vampire hunting kits, etc
Werewolves - realistic ones
Universal Monsters
flying crank ghost, or any realistic ghost
any hand-me-downs you might want to get rid of
halloween bakeware, serving pieces
gothic decor
Creative costume contest awards
glow necklaces, preferably the purple/orange colors
creepy cloth and cheese cloth ( I can never have too much)
skulls & skeletons or anything made with them
face changing portraits
candles and candelabras
purple lights
Spanish moss
animated items of any kind (except the baby stuff)
cardboard coffin
step pads from Spirit

Dislikes or don't needs:

baby anything
potion bottles (I have plenty, thanks)
dollar tree items unless used to make something else.
Cute or country
blow molds, stuffed or inflatables

I would LOVE anything you see on my Pinterest pages:


They call me HeebieJeebie
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Copied & pasted!!!

I decorate inside & out.

Inside is a hodge-podge. I have an apothecary in the kitchen & I just started collecting little village pieces. I have skeletons of all sizes, everywhere. Glitter is OK! My albums show my tastes pretty well. I'm OK with new, hand-made and/or hand-me-downs.
Outside is my Maple Grove Cemetery. It's pretty basic, and somewhat goofy.

black cats
owls / ravens / vultures
potion bottles / spell books
Boney Bunch / Yankee Candle stuff
Gothic / Victorian stuff
maple leaves / natural items (branches, etc)
unique things

TV guys (Freddy, Jason, etc)
excessive blood & gore
excessive cutesy
zombie babies
Nightmare Before Christmas

here's my Pinterst board http://pinterest.com/n8ltg/halloween-fall/

A Wee Bit Wicked
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:D Wow, seems as though I just did this, ha ha!:D Okay, I decorate inside and out, and I have loved Halloween since before I was born. (Is that even possible?) I will like anything my Secret Reaper chooses for me, because that is the kind of person I am. I do appreciate hand made items, because I know the amount of thought, talent and care that goes into creating something from scratch. But if you are not a homemade kind of Reaper, that is okay too.
Pumpkins (more scary...think Pumpkinrot)
Skulls, skeletons, bones (more life size to use in my graveyard and foam skulls are completely lovely because I can transform them)
Black lights (my theme next year is ghosts and black lights)Day of the Dead (I display that all year)
Goblins & ghouls
Nightmare Before Christmas (huge fan...well...obviously...look at my avatar)
Graveyard things (handmade tombstones)
Large Crows
Halloween papers or Halloween stationary and stickers (not cutesy, more scary stickers) (I love having those on hand to send notes)
Witch dolls (I have a collection of those)
Witch jars (the kind like you hang from wire)
Witch potion bottles and labels for me to stick myself (I'd really like ones that my Reaper made)
Or... The thing I would love the most is..........

Demon babies
Elevator Music


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WOW that cake holder thing is so COOL!!!!

Here's my list:

LIKES: glitter, jack-o-lanterns, vintage Halloween, witchy stuff, lighting, candles, spell/potions stuff, classy Halloween home decor (think Martha Stewart)
DISLIKES: clowns, cheesy Halloween things, stuffed Halloween items, gore/blood

Head Witch
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Most halloween goodies would do the trick, We do inside and outside.
I love Classic Movie monsters and yes the hammer films too ;)
Zombies, Werewolves, Skeletons, Witches. ect..
cannot really go wrong with me. Love handmade items, Thrift store ect.
We are doing a Twisted Little red riding hood.
Love Macabre Mask (specialy if it is twisted)
can't have too many body parts
gore it up as much as you want, i will still love it
Day of the dead.
Body parts/organs fake
Any science equipment/beakers, test tubes etc.
Science equip. shaped candy molds &/or cookie cutters
Skull Shot Glasses
Skull Drinking Glasses
creepy pictures in frames.

check out my pinterest if you get stuck*

Clowns give me the heebie jeebies
(Spiders) my boys enjoy them so i shall endure should i receive one.
Blow molds they just take up too much room.

subject to change my likes, there is just that much i love about halloween ;)

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Think my list is pretty simple overall. We are doing only inside decorating this year as we don't know when baby will arrive so outside display is a no-go this year.

I like.....

Creepy cloths
Kitchen related items
"Things" in jars
Purple/Orange LED lights

And like everyone else I'm loving that cake platter! :D

I DON"T like....

Creepy baby stuff
Cutsey stuff
Glitter is...okay if it's got to have it, but prefer not

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Due to a promise I made to my other half, I'm going to pull the trigger and ask for what I dread the most. She likes the cute Halloween stuff!!!! Glitter, friendly, girly..... more artsy, less fartsy...... She loves doll houses and the items that goes in it. She likes to dominate the kitchen and she adores drinks.

So send all your cute stuff! You know you want it gone!

So have it posted to Julia Ottolini instead of Sid please. Thanks.

Margarita Goddess
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:D AWWWWWW.....you crazy kids.....you are SWEET....the phantom cake plate is just an homage to everything Halloween and Spookiriffic.... Come on...you have to know, no such cake plate exists...................:D:D:)
It WILL I tell you. I'm going to send mine to Saki & she is going to paint it just like the one pictured!! :D

Resident Potterhead
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ok heres my likes and dislikes that i was supposed to do yesterday but got distracted and didnt end up doing.

orange.. i LOVE orange.
harry potter stuff
indoor decorations
outdoor decorations
my theme is graveyard, i do need more outdoor props for it since i have very little that actually fit.
love hand made items
love store bought items
glitter and cutesy is ok for indoor stuff but not outdoor. and not too much of that
nightmare before christmas
fall scent wax melts for my warmer
vintage is pretty cool
tombstones (non cheesey name play epitaphs. i hate those ones)
tea towels and oven mitt sets

could care less about clowns, pirates and day of the dead stuff. also no super gorey crap either as its pretty much useless to me. also have no use for movie guys like freddy and the like. not super into mummies and wolfman stuff either. no evil dolls either, i have plenty and do not need anymore.

if my reaper can find skull pops, i would love a few bags of those as i have yet to have any luck finding them where i live. they're suckers, purple on one side, white on the other. grape and cream flavored. very tasty.

also here is my pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/mariposa0283/halloween-reaper-ideas/

will need some glow sticks (about 30 or so) for my eyes in the bushes again this year. variety of colors. i LOVE surprises. if its something i havent listed as a dislike and you arent sure if i like it or not... make/buy it and send it anyways because surprises are awesome!
i have 2 dachshunds and a kitty cat who also enjoy halloween.. wink wink nudge nudge. lol
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