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My other ride is a Ninja
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I am thinking perhaps, that a few posters might be thinking this post is about haunt themes? It's the likes/ dislikes thread for the mini reaper "pick your theme" swap. If you are signing up, please give a very detailed list of what you want your reaper to send you. 馃槉
I have thought the same thing i renamed the thread :)

My other ride is a Ninja
12,069 Posts
So the theme i am going with is
Dark Hatter Tea time

I want to do a Dark hatter tea party this summer . think of it made hatter but on the gothic side not cute and no blood

Please check back i will add more items as i think of them :)
I love goodwill finds and homemade i love making items over to new things

Things i could use for this

tea cups that are unique need a few to decorate with
candle holders gothic style
clocks that stand on there own any size
pocket watch
Tea Pots any size
tea balls
tea spoons
mini black frames i can use for table markers something like this
Font Tints and shades Ornament Darkness Metal

gothic looking hearts

Top hats any size

Alice in wonderland or mad hatter spell book or even something like this so many possibilities here
Rectangle Textile Art Font Pattern

Mushrooms any size and any kind
keys any kind Love fabric, clay, Styrofoam mini ones for decorating buttons or beads
Any kind of 馃崉

hat pins
unique drink me potion bottles
chess pieces
old looking bingo cards
small hand mirrors
small case to paint and make a table out of want to make it a center peice something like this
Purple Green Fashion Textile World

lock and key gothic looking charms

mad hatter kit would be awesome like things mad hatter would have, pins, pin cushion, wooded spools of thread , ext.

tea pot or tea cup wind chime
key wind chime
tea cup mini garden or items to make one
Plant Dishware Christmas ornament Serveware Flower

i am a huge tea drinking so tea is always welcome maybe you have a kind you really love. i love trying new tes .

ouji boards of any kind
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