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I finally settled on a theme, here you go:

Potion bottles and other altered bottles
*I am building a stash for making potion bottles and other altered, Halloween-themed bottles.
*Any or all of this can be upcycled/recycled/found, etc.

Unique and unusual empty bottles, or unique sets of bottles, any size. (No need to send upcycled/recycled ordinary everyday bottles as I already have a stash going.)
Anything to decorate or attach to bottles:
Feathers, any size, any type (pheasant would be great to have)
Porcupine quills
Keys, especially skeleton keys
Maple seeds (see pinterest page)
Skulls or skeleton parts, mini to small sizes
Any lengths of jewelry-size chain
Moss, fur, leather, fabric/gauze/tulle
Watch parts, small hardware, anything steampunk
Old costume jewelry parts and pieces
Broaches, etc.
Small crafting mirror pieces
Designed papers and images that can be decoupaged onto bottles
Fake black flowers, any size, any kind
Anything that looks like it would be perfect for altered and potion bottles
Fun labels, designed or blank
Anything to make toppers out of:
Corks, all sizes
Small door knobs or drawer pulls
Old lamp finials, or other finials
Gems and crystals
Unusual rocks
Any kind of trinket that would make a great bottle stopper/topper
Twine, string, small ropes, etc.
No need for:
Glue, paints, adhesives, or anything that is difficult to ship.
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