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My Pinterest boards are listed at the very bottom of my posts. I made a reaper board called Bethene's reaper ideas. That way you don't gave to search everyone board.

I know many things on my Pinterest board are expensive: they are more to give a idea of what I mean on my lists, plus you never know what thrift stores have!!

Here is my list. If I think of something else I will add to it!!

Some additions: if you can make hands, hands for my witches would be awesome!! (or thrift store)

Charms for crafting. Wiccan- witchy- Halloween. Any colors fine....use them all at one time or the other.

Homemade, thrift store, regifted, or store bought is all fine!
I collect witch figurines and dolls, especially the Wicked Witch of the West in all her form, original, Oz the Great and Powerful, Wicked, etc.
Vintage style Halloween, especially 50's and 60's. Reproductions are perfectly fine!!
Love crystals, geodes, gem stones and just plain pretty rocks!!
Halloween jewelry, witchy / pagan jewelry, kitty jewelry,

For my outdoor set up:
led flood or spot lights would be great!
ground breakers, hanging ghosts, ghouls, skelly's, etc, Spiders, etc.
I have a witch area I am trying to add to. So any outdoor spooky witchy item , especially largish size so it can be seen easily. Wigs, masks, have a more spooky vibe rather than bloody or gory.

Wax melts, not fussy about the scents.
mortar/pestle for me, not my witches!!

I would love love love a printed copy of the witches chant from Mc Beth. Not the whole thing, the more famous part is perfectly fine.

Halloween/ spooky style fabrics, even fat quarter size pieces.
I have 5 kitties. Love chocolate rather too much

Dislikes: Bloody , gory, zombie babies, cat skeletons, real bones.

Night Owl
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Hello Dearest Reaper…

My Likes are:
*Homemade,Store bought & thrifted/from your own collection items all welcomed!🎃
-I'm working on my first Cabinet of Curiosities..so anything dark, weird and unusual. I'm very eclectic and want to fill it of Witchy,Apothecary,Nature or Voodoo themed items.(I'll have my Pinterest board down below where I have pins of such.)..just no real human teeth.
-I love all things witch/witchy themed. (Witch cabinet items, figurines, "famous" witches, wiccan items,hats,boots,books,brooms,etc.)
-Bats,Crows,Black Cats,Owls,Skeletons/Skulls.( Normal skeletons, not the unrealistic ones they make these days like octopus,dragons,mermaids,etc.)
-Halloween Ornaments.
-Books on Haunted Places/Witches or Postcards.
-Paper crafting items,stickers,embellishments.
-Salem. I hope to one day visit Salem. I'd love a Postcard from there or books on it's history.
-I love collecting Vintage Halloween items.I have a all-year round cabinet I'm always adding too.Books,Postcards,Papier Mache Jack O'Lanterns,Diecuts,Signs,Blowmolds,etc.
-Crystals.Mini Cauldrons.
-Black LED tea lights.
-String lights of any kind.(Indoor & outdoor)I love them! I still wanna get my hands on the bubble ones, flame/flickering lights or plastic pumpkin ones like from the 90's.
-I love Werewolves & Vampires. Especially Vampires.
-Fav Movies/Shows: SCREAM,Buffy the Vampire Slayer (show), Elvira:Mistress of the Dark, HOCUS POCUS, Halloweentown, Goosebumps(the 90's stuff),Shaun of the Dead,The Walking Dead,Resident Evil movies,The Mummy(1999),Pirates of the Caribbean,Blade 2&3,Halloween,Ghost Adventures,The Craft,The Witches(1990), Nightmare on Elm Street,pretty much all the Slashers.
-Would love movie posters/art work of any of the above. I love using art prints/movie posters in my everyday decor. Dark Humor is welcome and for anything on my list for that matter.
-I love pumpkins of all kinds.Indoor or outdoor.
-I garden so garden decor is cool too.And for my chicken coop..yes, their house shall be spooky too! Black/Purple flower bulbs would be awesome. Garden flags. Spanish moss.
-I have a small scale "dark" graveyard for my flowerbed's so anything to add to it is welcome.
-Candy Corn & Pumpkins,DOTS,Gummy Bears.
-Music! I still use my CD's and love listening to peoples mix's of Halloween Music.
-Day of the Dead items..not overly cutesy or glittery please. I decorate with it in my kitchen all year round as it's part of my heritage. 😉
-Coffee addict=spooky mugs! All shapes welcome.
-Baking. I love to bake with my little one so anything other than cookie cutters.
-Kitchen Towels/Bath Towels. No Rae Dunn please.
-Candles,not picky on smells EXCEPT Black Licorice. Witches Brew by Yankee Candle is my favorite! If you can find a candle similar to this smell,sweet!I have a Yankee Candle Wall Plug so refills are welcome as well as wax tarts/cubes and MINI incense sticks.
-I love handmade items like soaps and candles too. No bath bombs.
-Bath & Body Works Sanitizer/Holders.
-I have a 4 year old who loves Halloween like his momma & will be diving into this with me. He loves books,stickers and anything that he can temporarily blind me with..flashlights/lanterns/light up trick-or-treat torches. He loves them. 🥴

My Dislikes:
-Gory,Bloody Items.
-Lots of Glitter.
-Disney stuff (Except Hocus Pocus/Halloweentown)
-Overly Cutesy Stuff
-Zombie Babies
-Ouiji Board/Satanism Items
-Funko Pops
-Anything Rae Dunn
-Black Licorice anything.

Check out my Pinterest/Etsy list for my style and ideas.If you can make any of it, that's awesome too!! 🎃


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Dear Reaper

First of all, thank you so much for your time, and thoughtfulness. I will love whatever you give me because it's in the spirit of the reap!
I love home made, thrifted, repurposed... all welcomed!

This year our annual Halloween party has been eclipsed by our 10th year Anniversary Vikings do, but that doesn't stop me from planning for next year!
2023 Will be the year of neon, glow in the dark 80s Slasher party... Think more bright and fun, less gorey... with this in mind, if you are feeling crafty, I would love:

Wall art of the classics: Freddy, Jason, Exorcist but with a neon twist.. pics on my pinterest board for inspiration
Neon, glow in the dark anything, especially signs and lights please!
Camp Crystal Lake counsellor pins or the like, garden sign warning about swimming in Crystal Lake
Bates motel towels or keyrings.. something that looks like it's from the motel.
Masks to hang in frames.. think reference items for the slashers rather than obvious gore
Outfits for my skellies.. they get dressed up with the theme each year

If 80s slasher isn't your thing, and I totally understand it isn't for everyone ..I also love:

Classic vampires and werewolves, and creepy cool stuff
Frames, wall hangings, signs.. I have a photo wall I change up for every party
Candles- any halloween scents gratefully received
Crystals and stones, I'm gradually building my collection
Witchy anything: divination, dark aesthetic, apothecary vibes
Unusual and decorated bottles, labels, charms
Graveyard items: ravens/ crows, creepy plants, lights of all kinds (lanterns, flood lights, spot lights)
Bakeware.. I love to bake so anything like spatulas, tins, plates

I'm less in to:
Heavy glitter (a little is fine, but rather not find it for years to come lol)
Vintage Halloween and miniature decorative figures, overly cute

(513) Pinterest

(513) Pinterest

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Hello Reaper! I appreciate your gift! I dont mind if it is new/old, crafted/store bought. I am excited for anything!!!

Classic Halloween

Vintage Halloween - does not need to be real vintage, I just like the "look" of the vintage stuff

Blow molds








Pumpkins of all kinds

Stuff for the kitchen – towels, cookie jars, etc.

Bath and Body


Baking stuff



Lemax spooky town stuff - i have about 5 buildings and no accessories.

Funko Pop! figures

Halloween themed pens

Candy/food themed Halloween decor

I would love to start a halloween tree - I have a small tree but no ornaments

I also like to garden, any statues or garden accessories would be cool

Some of my favorite Halloween time movies are: Hocus Pocus, Trick r Treat, Nightmare Before Christmas, Practical Magic, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St., Charlie Brown.

I have 1 dog named Leo (French bulldog) and 2 cats (named Chuck and Winnie)

Gore, no organs or extra bloody things
Carnival or Clowns
I don’t really wear much jewelry
Not into to much zombie decor
Zombie babies
Pink/pastel halloween decor

My Pinterest:

The Cackling Cauldron
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Hello my Reaper,
Most of this is a refresh from last year with a few modifications.
I'm a fan of classic and old fashioned Halloween, even a little be on the primitive side. I love the pumpkins, black cats, witches, ghosts, bats, ravens and Skeletons. I adore a eerie spooky vibe that will sends a shiver up the spine but nothing overtly gory or horrific. I'm going ghostly and haunted this year.

No mater what you send I can promise I will love and treasure my gift and the time and effort you put into sending something to make my Haunting season that much better, Thank you Reaper.

2022 Pinterest ideas

A little cute
Sleepy Hollow
Practical Magic
Hocus Pocus
Harry Potter / Magical Creatures
Haunted Manson
Addams Family
vintage Halloween
some witches boots would be amazing.
haunted house sounds
spooky candles - fall scents are great
things that go bump in the night
claw footed candle holders
Colors this year are black, white and green with some purple.
If your one of those wonderful sign makers I would really like one of those Something Wicked this way comes signs!!

I enjoy baking and cooking so something fun for the kitchen would be nice.
I'm a hot beverage drinker so I do love a cute mug or witchy tumbler for the season.

As to dislikes...
I don't care for Horror and gore, just spooky
No babies or zombies please
No into clowns or aliens either
and I don't need any pirates.

I really will love anything you send Reaper so please have fun and be creative! Thank you.

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Dear Reaper: I can't wait to see what you come up with this year! Hopefully this time I won't need to evacuate.

Things to keep in mind for me:
-Our house is 115 years old in the south. Think Haunted Mansiony, Madame LaLaurie, The Myrtles, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. We have cast iron railings, gates, and balcony railings. If you would like a picture of our house, just let me know.
-It rains here a lot.
-Scary is ok, but think elegant. (No steampunk)
My Pinterest http://pin.it/37jpo53kneu5bh

-Psycho and the Bates Motel (the 1960 version, not the horrible remake)
-Old horror movies especially the classics i.e. 1931 Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, etc.
-Morgus the Magnificent
-Vintage Halloween
-Vintage Halloween Advertising, especially for food, costumes, or movies (nothing newer than 1960s)
-Vintage Gothic advertising
-Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare (Hamlet, etc)
-Pumpkin Carving - I usually spend around 2-3 hours carving one pumpkin
-Actual Haunted Places (The Myrtles, Eastern State, etc)
-Making candy
-Baking spooky treats
-Halloween Recipes/Cookbooks
-I have a 4 year old little girl who doesn't seem scared of Halloween. She loves watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Spookly, and Garfield's Halloween. She wants to watch the Great Pumpkin every day. Seriously, she loves It's the Great Pumpkin.
-Anything homemade is welcome! I don't mind anything from Thrift Shops or the Dollar Store
-Favorite colors: Turquoise, purple, black, white
-The old 1980s and 1990s movies/TV (Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch British version, Garfield's Halloween, Disney's Halloween Treat, etc)
-I love tea.
-I love Christine McConnell and Lair Voltaire.
-I have a wallflowers plug in and love vanilla or cinnamon smells. I'd love the haunted house plug in.

Things I would love for our yard/house:
-We have a new garage this year. It will be a mad scientist laboratory or spider lair.
-We also have a new bathroom to decorate.
- I'm doing a cemetery in the front yard.
-anything having to do with cemeteries, mad science labs, or old 1900 mansions
-Please keep in mind in rains a lot in New Orleans, and if it isn't raining it's still humid.
-I would love things to make a fence for the cemetery.
-Nice tombstones would be awesome too.
-Things to put in windows (we have a lot of windows)
-Somethings to hang on our back fence
-Things to hang from our trees
-Halloween place mats, candles, doormat, dishes/cups (toddler friendly). Plastic to use outside would be great too.
-Plastic skeletons or body parts
-Would love a Countdown to Halloween thing.
-Glitter (unless packaged well)
-New- Age Horror movies
-Anything Satanic
-Disney-Our daughter thinks most Disney things are scary, especially Monsters Inc. and early Disney Villains.
-please no throw pillows. I love them, but I just have too many.

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Secret Reaper Likes

Merry Reaper Likes

Pinterest: Shadow Black (shadowpantherbl) on Pinterest

I follow an eclectic path so anything wiccan works for me and even gothic (nothing Satanic please)


upside down pentagrams
anything devil related

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange
Favorite scents-Jasmine, Honeysuckle, nice flowery scents

mild glitter okay


*Misc- vines- fake, wigs, wall art-Halloween related, unique picture frames, old keys and locks, music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect., door knockers, painted sign-general or themed or with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time", mini tabletop tombstones 3"-6", bone cameo's 8x10 or 5x7, fire effects, "coffin" curtains in black, grey, red or purple, mantle/table clothes (lace with webs or skulls), scarecrow mask, anything that can be used to decorate inside the home

*Bones- skeletons (human), Vulture, and animals (any except cat)

*cemetery items-candles, moss, owls, fall looking or black flowers, urns -anything that can be used on or in a cemetery

*Victorian/gothic items- old rotary phone, ornate pic frames (Victorian or Gothic nature) 8x10 or 5x7, Clothing

*Animals/Insects-bats, frogs, snakes, bugs, spiders, Vulture (featured), gargoyles, ravens

*body parts/organs-

*Mad Lab- plasma ball or disk, Frankenstein mask, beakers, test tubes, specimen jars, lab equipment

*Medical-embalming, medical tools, medical posters, doctor’s bag

*alien related-bodies, masks etc

*Egyptian related-anything

*Witch- plain bottles, black cat (NO skeleton), potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc, witch, decorative bottles,masks, mortar and pestle, witch clothes, shoes, anything wiccan related, cloak (see colors above)

*Fortune teller- zodiac material (Scorpio especially), beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol), clothes, tarot, Crystal ball (red preferred but any color)

*gothic/medieval looking items, Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers, wall art, etc.

*voodoo- shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, voodoo stick, foliage, tiki masks etc

*hotel related-keys, key rack, luggage, clothes

*vintage funeral-clothes, décor etc

*pirate- treasure, coins, clothes

*anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lol

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My likes:
First, I feel like I should tell you a little bit about myself. I'm single, no kids, but have 3 cats. I'm a pharmacy technician & have recently studied Russian, sign language & a bit of Italian. I love to read books. I'm recently into Pagan/Wiccan beliefs. I've started learning the violin, & revisiting the piano. It's been 40 years since I've had lessons, but I really enjoy these two instruments. If you like to craft, think Phantom of the Opera. Anything resembling or made out of sheet music, looks like a violin, or piano would be cool.
I love pumpkins! I carve the Styrofoam ones, & paint them. I have them all over the house year round. I love to bake. I love coffee & red wine. I like witches, bats, cats, skeletons, ghosts, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Nightmare before Christmas, pirate esthetic, the Renaissance era, and fairy tales.
Our theme this year is Dark Disney. My side of the yard is 101 Dalmations & Monsters Inc. The yard between my neighbors & I will be the cemetery from Nightmare Before Christmas. Their side will be Little Mermaid. I can always use lights & creepy cloth. I like forests, old knobby trees, & haunted, abandoned houses.
I dislike gore, and the color red.
I promise whether it's store bought, home made or refurbished, I'll love it, & post pictures of it! I love Halloween & I can't wait to celebrate it every chance I get.
Happy Haunting!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, I hope you like arsenic,...cause, Um,..I um......birthday to you!



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Dear Reaper: I'm pretty easy to please and get the most joy out of this event knowing I get to make someone else happy who shares my love of Halloween 🎃. That being said here is a little more about me. I have 2 small rescue dogs(1 boy 1 girl). I'm married., no kids in the house now, love traveling, cooking and games of the video, board and card varieties. I decorate both inside and outdoors. I do a large lemax halloween village.

80s Slasher movie characters
Spooky records
Lemax Spooky town
Salem MA
Horror wall decor
Graveyard items
Scary jack-o-lantern
Blow molds
Halloween themed comics
Building props
Beef netting
Sam from Trick r Treat items
Halloween Horror nights memorabilia
Frankenstein's monster and his Bride
Original Charmed show
Digital projections

Dislikes or don't needs
Cutesy items
A lot of glitter
Horror movies
Creepy cloth

I will update if anything else comes to mind.

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Hiiiiiiii Reaper!!
I am going to love anything you send! I love pretty much anything Halloween. I am also Pagan so any items that would fit on my spiritual journey would be greatly loved. Let's dive into some more detail:

* Anything you love to craft, I will love to receive. Handmade items have been some of my favorite things from past reapings!

* Blow molds! I love them! I like the classic images: pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, haunted houses, skeletons etc. I know a lot of newer versions are movie characters or villains, not that into them.

* I love Michael Myers. Any t-shirts, mugs, candles, signs. He's my bae. 🤣

* Halloween coffee mugs. Can be anything. Pumpkins, skellies, black cats, witchy.

* I'm a coffee drinker. I like fall/ pumpkin flavored coffees, creams, latte mixes. (I no longer have a Keurig, just a classic coffee pot.)

* Halloween treats/ baking mixes etc. Halloween sprinkles, cookie decorating items. Pop corn balls, cookie making kits, novelty candies etc.

* Candles. Real or LED. Any shape/size. Love Halloween candles, can be scented or unscented. Bloody drip candles, etc. Skull candles.

* Halloween/ fall scented wax melts for my wax burner.

* Bath & Bodyworks, love all fall scented candles, warmer refills, lotions, body sprays, hand sanitizers.

* Skeletons and skulls. Love all kinds and colors. Classic, corpsed, bag of bones etc. Prefer "human", not the animal ones though.

* Pumpkins and jack o lanterns. All kinds and colors.

* Halloween pillows for my living room. All kinds would be loved.

* I like gory stuff too. Bloody decor, knives, a chopped off hand or something. 🤣

* Halloween t-shirts. Men's or unisex, sz 2x please. Love things loose and comfy! Any kind, skellies, pumpkins, serial killers, witchy sayings etc..

* Halloween wreaths, any kind.

* Halloween mantel decor, any kind. Lanterns, wooden signs, creepy cloth.

* Halloween lights. Indoor and outdoor. All kinds from classic to novelty. Love neon shapes like witches, pumpkins, bats. I already have a ghost.

* Halloween necklaces, bracelets.

* Witchy stuff, witchy decor, hats, signs, wreaths etc. Also love black cats!

* For my spiritual journey: I celebrate Halloween AND Samhain. It's a time when the veil thins, and I do enjoy walking with spirits. I would love any candles, incense, crystals, Hecate images/statues, divination items, tarot items, spell kits, palo santo sticks etc.

* I have a teenage daughter and son who also love Halloween. If you would want to send them a little treat bag of something spooky, they'd be ecstatic! My daughter(17) is into witchy and gothic. My son(15) is more into classic skellies and monsters. They love candy, all kinds. We always make cookies and treats each year too.

  • Not a whole metric ton of glitter please. 🤣
  • Not a big vampire fan.
  • Do not need CDs or movies. Sound effects items.
  • Not that into character merchandise, even though I love horror and Halloween movies. (Except for my bae, listed above!)
  • Not all that into the "cutesy" stuff. Think classic or scary Halloween. I don't hate cute stuff, but don't use it in my home.

In closing, sorry so long! I have a bunch of boards on Pinterest, for Halloween and for other reaps I have recently done. Feel free to check them out. I did make one for this reap too. Have fun and enjoy! I will be happy with whatever you decide to send, thank you!

Secret Reaper Ideas

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Dear Reaper,
First, Thank you in adavnce! I am sure you are as excited about cultivating a reap as I am. Know that I am not hard to please if you consider my list and have some fun!!

Witchy Specific:
Pentagrams (single point must be able to be oriented upward), Ankhs, Greenman, Triple Goddess and Tree of Life items are always welcome.
Any gemstones or crystals would be appreciated as long as they are not plastic. I have recently started experimenting with wire wrapping.
Large Feathers, Sea Salts, or other altar representations and/tools.

Halloween – I host a costume party every year. My Halloween style is Haunted house. I like anything that looks “real” and spooky. Some gore is ok but not my preferred style. I stay away from “cutesy” decorations and glitter.

I have a grave yard in the front yard and a wood cutout witch next to a smoking cauldron each year in the back yard. I hope to upgrade to make the witch a prop that will stir the cauldron.

Inside I have many potion, ingredient and specimen bottles. Always looking for creepy things to put in them.

I have a fortune teller/seer area with crystal balls, tarot cards and rune stones. I have some beakers and would like to set up a chemistry/mad scientist area in the coming years. So any other items that would work in those themes would be appreciated.

Almost anything Jack Skellington (from Nightmare Before Christmas) would be loved in my home. My bathroom is currently themed as such. I have been trying to find a JACK liquid soap dispenser.

I’ve been on the hunt for some sort of realistic looking bat(s) to hang in my home. Most I have found are too fake or cheesy looking

I’m in the beginning design phase of 2 different costumes: 1) A Renaissance/Steampunk Female version of Jack Skellington 2) A Renaissance (possibly fairy or elf) King of Pumpkins. (I think I may have to design my own fabric for this one as I am looking for something very specific.) Any trinket/accessory item(s) for either of these would be cool. Gems, jewelry pieces, buttons, etc.

Hocus Pocus
Harry Potter
Disney (Especially Villains - Ursula and Maleficent are at the top!)

I have dabbled in leather working so anything in that realm would be great.

Current Wishlist /always on the hunt for: (I know some of this is not applicable, but I hope it might help my reaper getting a sense of my style/taste.)
Battery operated candles ESPECIALLY if remote controlled!
Deer motors
Fish tank air pump
Bones, skeletons (human, animal or oddities)
Oddities- small faux taxidermy, old or quack medical tools etc. I would LOVE to find some old teaching models of various anatomy.
Black florals/garland
Halloween themed tooth picks/skewers
Small sized doggo costumes (preferably without hats or hoods) My Maltese, Frodo loves to wear clothes.

Here is a link to my Pinterest board: https://pin.it/7s1PpCb

Don’t need or dislikes
NO Cutesy/kiddie Halloween themed items
NO Potion bottles – I have plenty (seriously, I may have a problem)
NO Dog treats- fur baby is on a strict diet from our vet
Please no coffee mugs. I have way more than I have room for.

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D.R. ~

I'll update in purple as I think of things.

First, a little about me and my family. I love everything about Halloween, Homemade,Store bought, thrifted/repurposed, spooky, cutsie...it all makes me happy. My husband and I have an almost 5 year old girly-girl who also loves Halloween. She is the kid who sneaks up and jumps on the animatronic foot pads in stores trying to scare whomever is walking by :ROFLMAO: We also have two dogs (a youthful golden retriever and a grumpy old man terrier-mix).

Inside my house it’s eclectic with no specific theme. Though this process has me realizing that we do have a lot of TV & Movie halloween decor, witch hats, and creepy cloth.

My yard theme is Nightmare Before Christmas. I focus on Halloween Town (think opening scenes) because it incorporates all of the classic characters as well as unique NBC ones, it also allows me to be spooky but still kid appropriate. (We are a block away from an elementary school and have mostly little kids in our neighborhood. I like to toe the line of realism and spooky, but not jump over it. It’s important to me that they are still smiling after they run, screaming, up and down my sidewalk).

Likes (in no particular order):
  • If you're artsy, I need a NBC “Halloween Town” sign Or a countdown to halloween sign for my yard display
  • I’ve recently started building. So anything to help with making tombstones, paper mache, corpsing, animatronics. On my to-do list is to make Zero fly around my yard (axworthy ghost method?), 2 witches fly (flying crank ghost method maybe so they move like they do when flying in NBC?), and a lunging Jack Skellington (I envision something like Spirit’s Mr. Dark; I may even just repurpose a Mr. Dark with a Jack head & clothes)
  • Classic Halloween themes:
    • Witches (spellbooks, brooms, potion bottles, hanging witches, hanging witch on a broom)
    • Cauldrons
    • Pumpkins / Jack o Lanterns (plain pumpkins, carved pumpkins, scary pumpkins, corpsed pumpkins, funny pumpkins)
    • Tombstones and other cemetery things
    • Spiders, bats, crows, Black cat (want one for my yard decor)
    • Skeletons
    • This list could get long...so I'll keep it focused and trust you to expand if you really love it for me.
  • Horror Movies: from classics to modern, kid-friendly to not-so-kid-friendly
  • Animatronics (broken or working)
  • Vintage halloween masks
  • Realistic looking items
  • Audrey or other creepy plants
  • Socks (crew or ankle)
  • Halloween or fall themed bath stuff (bath bombs, salts, soapts - natural ingredients due to sensitive skin)
  • Kitchen/Bathroom items
    • towels, oven mitts, serving containers/plates and utensils, baking or candy molds, magnets, Soap dispensers, etc.
  • Anything baking/cooking/mixed drink related
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (my daughter is obsessed)
  • coffee (Medium or light roast, whole bean or ground, seasonal flavors ok)/ tea (herbal/green/black, bags or loose leaf ok)/ hot cocoa (milk or dark, flavors ok- seriously if you've never had carmel hot cocoa with a shot of burbon then you are missin out :D)/ cider (changed mind: can't beat the fresh cider I can get from local farms)
    • (no k-cups)
  • chocolate (dark, milk, chunky? Haha, ya know, kinds with stuff in them like almonds, etc., but not orange flavored)
  • Preschool-age appropriate Halloween Party Supplies (halloween theme plates/cups/napkins, games, crafts, favors)
  • Gothic decor: Lanterns, gothic candle holders, black candles, deep purple candles real or battery operated
  • ToT supplies (candy, cellophane or other treat bags, mini playdough)
  • Large-size dog costumes or halloween themed dog collar, treats, or toys

Not that I dislike it, but right now Not looking for:
  • intestines, body parts, blood/gore
  • Aliens, Pirates, Clowns, Zombies, (though I secretly want Spirit’s spider-eating zombie baby. It’s the only thing that’s successfully scared my daughter, haha!)
  • glitter (4 year old crafter...I feel like I can never escape it)
  • Fall decor (I prefer halloween-specific)
  • Mugs (I have more than I could ever use)
  • Funko Pops
  • Anything Rae Dunn (or generic words on things)
  • Licorice anything.
  • Halloween tree ornaments
  • Bags of spider web
  • Cartoon versions of anything listed
  • Strong Synthetic or Floral Fragrances

Thank you in advance! I’m so excited!

My other ride is a Ninja
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Updated 8-15-2022

Dear Reaper

Thank you in advance. A little about me and my house you could say is decorated gothic / Halloween year around. I love the gothic style
Bedroom is NBC and Haunted mansion on one side and Crosses on the other
Bathroom is bats Purple in black colors with skulls and bats
Living room is Dragons and wizards and witch stuff.
Kitchen is Coffin Cupboards, and bats, Cauldrons and lots of my Cape Code Red glass I collect

Favorite colors are red, black and purple.
I love homemade items, Items I can make over or even store bought.
I also love getting kits like a theme someone has taken and made up a kit with it like example poison apple kit could be a basket or wood box , has potion bottle for the poison apple poison apple spell book and goodies the witch might need to make to carry out her evil plan.
Along those lines any theme just love seeing people creativity

I am totally into the following things below

Poison apple items
Love Poison apple items, love a lanyard of poison apple, Disney popcorn bucket of poison apple or stein, Ornament, insulated tumbler, key chain, candle holder, bags anything poison apple,

Haunted Mansion
Love anything-haunted mansion just not the items where they turned everyone cartoon like. I like the good original characters .My camping trailer and my bedroom both have this as there theme of haunted mansion items for it would be great also Ornaments, insulated tumbler, key chain blankets, pitchers , towels , candles figures anything I will love.

Nightmare before Christmas
I like the original characters not the cartoons ones.
I could use sally’s spell book or a book I can make over to one
Sally’s wood spoon
Could use her potion bottles. Hard to believe I do not have these lol
Ankle socks, blankets, Oogie Boogie items even a small stuffed one would be cool, Pens, sign, Key chain, lanyard, Ornaments. Candles Anything NBC
i could also use some of those mini pumpkins with handles
I am doing this for Christmas so ornaments for a tree would be cool also

If you can knitt a knitted witch hat would be cool. There is some examples in my pintrest board
Those spell books that open to an empty boxes love those, A witches tea box, I am a big tea drinker and a cool box to store my tea into would be cool, other items crystals
I made a Apothecary Display So witchy items to fill this would be great mini spell books, mini potion bottles , Mini witch hats little things witches would use.
Cauldrons all size I have a love for these,

Lanterns, gothic candle holders, black candles, deep purple candles real or battery operated, teacups, teapots unique ones I have a tea cart I set up during the year and have a gothic tea and different themes . Crosses all size and rosaries

Other items
Love wax melts ok might me obsessed with them lol , favorites, Halloween and fall, blueberry, vanilla, food ones and so on.
No pine, or lavender they give me migraines
Bath and body works hand sanitizers
Car air fresheners

Love tea hot and cold teas
Lip smackers and chap sticks

ideas to help

I will add more as i think of them

Dislikes / Don’t Need

Nothing Ouija

No blood or gore not my thing

Upside down pentagrams


Nothing devil related



No Coffee mugs I have a ton of them
not into cute Halloween

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My likes: Handmade, store bought, or thrifted are all ok with me
Gothic items

Witches: I have a collection of potion bottles and would love more or a kewl spellbook, I already have an awesome crystal ball and set of tarot cards. Runes would be kewl and so would witch bells, crystals, candles, but honestly anything witchy is great.

I love vampires and have an amazing vampire slayer kit that was made for me by my reaper last year , but would love anything else you may want to make or get me vampire related. I love Bella Lugosi.

I have a collection of Frankenstein items and more are always welcome!

I love universal monsters, Hocus pocus, horror movies, ghosts, zombies, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow and all things pumpkin and jack-o'-lantern. I love bats, and skeletons.

I would love an awesome voodoo doll or items related to the voodoo theme.

I decorate a Halloween tree (or two) every year, and love ornaments; especially ones, homemade. If you aren't crafty that's ok store bought is great too!

I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas so much so that my room and bathroom are both decorated in it. You can't go wrong with anything in this theme. :)

I have begun collecting Lemax Spookytown last year and would love anything to go with my collection.

Some Halloween dishtowels, or cookie jars, or dishes, bathroom towels, etc would be awesome also.

I have a wonderful husband and 4 great grown ( sadly :( ) up children. One of my absolute favorite past reaper gifts is a handmade painting of 6 pumpkins of different sizes that represent my family so creative things like that are really awesome.

I also have two rescued kitties. Thistle who is blind in one eye, and Riker. They both are super lovey and love to play with everything when I try to decorate.

I live in an apartment so sadly I mostly decorate inside (otherwise one of those giant skeletons would be mine!). I do have a small balcony that I decorate as well.

Dislikes: Clowns of any type, spiders that are super realistic as I have a fear of spiders, satanic items, painted babydolls

Please know that no matter what you get me I will appreciate it and love it! Thanks so much.

Kitchen/Green Witch
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Dearest Reaper...I thank you, in advance, and cannot wait to see what you come up with, for me! I am sure I will love whatever you send.

Wants/Needs/Main themes:

*Halloween color schemes, indoors, are mostly orange, black, silver and white with maybe some small touches of green or purple. (Fall decor would be orange, yellow, brown, cream, red, gold, ect...normal Fall colors.) I decorate for both Harvest/Fall and Halloween/Samhain.

*Outdoors, we do a more realistic looking graveyard in the garden around the garden border of our little Victorian house...so think about the house being a Victorian, with a tower and all, when possibly looking for ideas for outdoor decor. We have made all of our tombstones...the kind carved out of foam insulation board. We have waterproof white/cream LED candles, lanterns, grave flowers, skeletons/bones/skulls, crows, and the like along with the stones, reaper, ghosts...I have a bunch of carved fake pumpkins, too, some corpsed, that we light up with LED tea lights and a matching pumpkin head scarecrow that I made. Anything for that whole gravyard/pumpkin theme would be great! We could use some more ghosts, too...spooky, not cutesy. We can always use bags of bones for me to glue together in bone stacks for the graveyard. My grave flowers are getting a little weather worn, so those could be replaced if you found some we would like for our theme...the style I use is kind of soft, gothic colors of reds, roses, muaves, purples, black, charcoals with leaves/stems that aren't bright green but more muted. The more realistic looking, the better, with flower types such as roses, mums, accent berries, ect...I may have pics of them in my Halloween 2018-2022 album here on the forum...

*Halloween throw pillows. Some ideas are in my "Indoor Halloween" Pinterest board. If you can sew, you could even make me one...that would be awesome! Plush Halloween throw blankets, too.

*Fall and Halloween scented jar, tin, and ceramic filled candles or wax melts. No pillar, taper, or votive candles, please, as the cats could knock them over. I like mostly food type scents: Fall baked goods, pumpkin, apple, caramel, Halloween candies, warm spices, toasted marshmallow, vanilla, ect. (Nothing that has any type of pine/juniper/wood/floral in it or patchouli, as they can bother me.) I have a Pinterest board of candles/wax melts to give you a better idea of my scent types. Even just small ones for a buck or two from Dollar stores would make me happy! For candles, the three wick candles are fine, but the smaller, single wick kinds will fit in my new black cat single wick candle holder that I just got from B&BW.

*I collect the "Boo-Fetti" Halloween design by " Temp-Tations", which is usually sold on QVC, but I have found in thrift stores, too, and Ebay and such (I have, also, gotten some on sale on QVC). I have a lot of pieces of the set, but I'm still missing quite a lot, because they keep making more, lol. I have pinned some that I still need, recently, in my Indoor Halloween Pinterest board. I posted pics of ones I currently have in my Halloween 2018-2022 album. (I don not like the newer parts of the set that have the cutesy Frankenstein, Mummy, truck, ect. The only shapes or character prints I like from the set are the Ghost, Black Cat, Witch Hat and spider Web. Otherwise, they are just regular shaped bakeware/bowls/ect that have that Halloween Boo-fetti print painted on.)

*Halloween PJ pants, size Small (Medium, only if the Smalls look super small). I prefer them loose at the bottoms, not fitted or cuffed.

*Halloween/Fall shirts...women's/jr's T-shirts size Medium, unless it looks huge, then choose Small...sweatshirts probably a Small. I can wear men's/unisex size Small t-shirts. (Nothing that talks about alcohol or coffee on it, as I can't drink either of them.)

*Halloween socks. Above the ankle/crew length, Cotton or Fuzzy!

*I love Jim Shore stuff. If you found something Halloween or Fall of his collection, I'd be over the moon! Obviously, not his big, expensive figurines/statues, lol, just the tiny ones would make me happy. I do have three of his Halloween/Fall pieces, already, and if you need to know which ones, they are in my Halloween 2018-2022 album here on the forum in my Profile.

*I have two Halloween trees...the 4 foot one needs a tree skirt. If you can find or make any that look like they will fit and match the tree, that would be awesome. The full size ones are too big, but the table top tree ones are too small. I'm using scarves, right now, and the cats just mess them up. I can measure if you need, just have bethene ask me...or I may try to go measure and add it here, later, so check back. There are pics of them in my Halloween album, here, in my profile in the forum).

*Halloween or Fall themed bath stuff like bath bombs, salts or bar soaps, ect. (I like natural ingredients and/or not tested on animals, if possible, but, if not, anything fun looking or good smelling would be fine!) They can be store bought or, if you know how, hand made! Same scents as candle scents listed, above.

*A set of Halloween themed Tarot or Oracle cards. I have ideas in my "Magical Witchy Things" Pinterest board. I have seen regular Halloween themed ones and even Halloween Cat themed ones!!!! (If you find an inexpensive set of other tarot or oracle cards that you think I would like, that would be great, too, as I both collect and use them!)

*Wands-I collect those, too. I love wooden wands, crystal wands, ect. (I am a Harry Potter fan and have no HP wands, so those would be cool...even those mini collector replica ones...just not that kids toy light up/sound making one, lol.) Handmade, natural wands created by you would be lovely, too! You may find ideas in my Witchy/Magical things Pinterest board.

*Real crystal balls with a stand...just the small ones are fine. I have a small, clear crystal one, already.

*Carved crystals and stones, such as animals, mushrooms, moons, stars, ect...a Halloween or Fall shaped one would be awesome.

*Small, wooden apothecary box with drawers to store my smaller magical items in, like crystals and such. Nothing big, as I have limited room.

*I collect those fabric/felt holiday standing birds from Target. (Other stores have started carrying them, too). Halloween/Fall ones. Pics in my "Indoor Halloween" Pinterest board.

*Maybe a special Halloween treat or two? I've seen hot chocolates that come in fun Halloween tins/jars, or those fall/Halloween themed hot chocolate bombs, Cider, Halloween special edition chocolates/candies like Reeses, Dove, lots of kinds...Halloween themed candy bars in fun special flavors, chocolate coated pretzels...I'm a vegetarian and don't like gelatin, so I can't eat most gummy/candy corn/marshmallow things, but my Husband loves that stuff, so you could get him one of those type of treats if you'd like (more on that, further in this list). Ideas in my "Random Halloween" Pinterest board.

*Halloween or Fall Mercury Glass Items

*Halloween Tree ornaments. I collect Shiny Brite ornaments, so some Halloween ones of those would be lovely. (The small/medium sized ones...not the bigger ones. Also, blown glass (or blown glass unbreakable look) Halloween ornaments that would accent my Shiny Brites would work, too. If you can create some ornaments that would go with my vintage type theme, I'd like that, too! Ideas in my Halloween Tree Pinterest board and maybe some in my Indoor halloween board, too.

*LED, plug in, string lights in orange, purple or maybe green.

*I've seen mercury glass string lights with shapes like skulls, pumpkins, ect. That would be awesome to get.

*I collect those vintage/vintage look ceramic light up trees. A Halloween one would be cool, either bought, painted yourself or found/thrifted is fine. (I do have the full size one they sold at Michael's the year before, already and a full size purple one with a ghost topper from QVC.) I don't have any mini Halloween ones with the battery operated timers, yet.

*I love those sisal animals. Kitties, Foxes and Owls, of course, but I like squirrels, raccoons, hedgehogs, bunnies, birds, ect. (Pretty much any animal, especially woodland ones. I just love animals!) Fall/Halloween ones. If you are crafty, if you found a plain one you could add a Halloween or Fall touch.

*Halloween rings, size 7 or adjustable...nothing huge or gaudy. I wear more simple jewelry. I don't really need more necklaces or bracelets unless you find something you just know I would need. I don't have pierced ears, so no earrings. Ideas in my Random Halloween Pinterest board.

*I started collecting decorative/collector blades, like daggers, dirks, athames, pocket knives, ect...if you found something cool/pretty and Halloween/Witchy/Spooky themed, that would be cool! (Not fake ones...actual, sharp steel.)

*A book of Crystal and Stone information/meanings/uses.

* Magical Celestial items...moons, suns, stars

*Halloween/Fall themed cardstock or thick paper for my Cricut Machine.

*We have three kitties: our boy, Max, and our two little sisters that we adopted on Halloween, last year, Lunafreya and Nike. They all LOVE treats and cat nip stuff, so if you wanted to try to find them some treats, like ones made with pumpkin that I haven't been able to find, or some Halloween catnip toys (bought or handmade), they would love that!! I think I have seen Friskies and Blue Buffalo make Fall themed pumpkin crunchy treats for cats...any Fall/Halloween themed cat treats would be fun, though. Max got stuff in the box the year before and he was SO excited.

*My husband and my mom might like a little treat, too:
--Some random ideas for my husband: Those big, 32oz plastic cups (not disposable)...he likes to use them to make ice cream floats. If you found a cool regular Halloween one or one with a creepy show theme he likes, such as Stranger Things, Sam/Trick R Treat, Resident Evil, The Witcher, Dexter...I'm sure there are more themes he'd like, but I'd have to think on it...basically if you found any that size with a Halloween or scary TV show/movie theme, it would be great. If you found one but weren't sure, you could always have bethene ask me. He used to get these size cups at 7-11 as collector Slurpee cups, but he hasn't been to a 7-11 in awhile. Maybe Spirit Halloween, Spencers or the like carry them, or even thrift stores?? EDIT: I found Party City has the 32 oz cups, so if you are near one, you could grab one from there. They are very inexpensive, I even seen a Stranger Things one, online, which I pinned in my Halloween Random board. While he usually prefers the 32oz, I know Spirit has 22oz plastic cups...so, if a 32oz can't be found, 22 or something between the two sizes could work. Just not any smaller. - Halloween Reeses - Russel Stover marshmallow, caramel, raspberry, strawberry, orange creme, coconut creme filled chocolate pumpkins - Halloween gummy, especially sour gummy, candy corn, DOTS (I think the black licorice ones he likes around Halloween are called CROWS), Peeps, black licorice, ect. - He drinks coffee and tea, so a cool Halloween coffee mug would work, for him, too...not cutesy, something a guy would like - He has a Jeep Wrangler, so if you randomly found or made anything Halloween that could decorate his Jeep or was Jeep themed for Halloween, that'd be super cool. - Men's Halloween tshirt, Large
--My mom lives with us, as I help care for her. Some random ideas, for her: Fuzzy Halloween crew socks - A Halloween regular shaped coffee mug (not fancy shaped, straight lip, not too small, so she can easily drink from them) - Russel Stover Chocolate Pumpkins with caramel, marshmallow, raspberry/strawberry creme fillings - Halloween Reeses - Any cute little Halloween plush - stuff that is cute little ghost themed - Halloween/The Great Pumpkin Snoopy/Woodstock/Peanuts Gang, Halloween Eeyore, or Halloween Garfield items - She really likes stuff that says "Boo" on it - She really likes those little solar dancing things that you sit on a windowsill...a Fall or Halloween one of those would be fun, and you can usually find them for a buck! - She likes things that have both the sun and crescent moon, together, on them, too. - Halloween tshirt, men's/unisex size medium.

(Again, all of these are just ideas, for them...any fun, surprise Halloween thing would be cool, if you chose to go that route and get them each a little something. You don't have to, though. Getting little things for my family or my kitties is just another idea, for you.)

General likes/loves:

Cats, Owls, and Foxes are my fave animals, especially in fall/Halloween theme, but, again, I love all animals - pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns -Vintage Halloween (real or reproduction: cats, witches, pumpkins, owls, ghosts) - old world Halloween things, like things that say "All Hallows' Eve", "Samhain" or such - Magical/Witchy Halloween or everyday items - Harvest items - Fake Skellies, human or animal (no kitty ones, please, I can't handle that, right now...and don't care for western cow skull type stuff, crocodile heads and the like) - Halloween/Fall Stickers - Hocus Pocus (especially Binx!) - Peanuts (Snoopy and the gang) Halloween/Great Pumpkin - "Sam" from Trick R Treat - "Zero" from NBC (I like Jack with a pumpkin or such or Sally holding the black cat, too...love the Christmas part, as well, just not for Halloween.) - Stranger Things - Harry Potter (especially Hedwig, and I am a Ravenclaw)- ghosts - bats - spiders - skulls - dragons - Halloween/Fall themed fairies (not too cutsey)- spooky trees - haunted houses - Halloween dishes/glasses/mugs - Halloween kitchen items - Headless Horseman/Sleepy Hollow - Pretty much all the Halloween/Fall home decor and kitchen/dining stuff from places like HomeGoods/Marshals/TJmaxx/Ross, ect, LOL - I love to read, too, so ghost story books or spooky/scary/paranormal/fiction/murder mystery themed books would be fun...second hand is just fine!
...I'm sure there are other likes, but I just can't think, right now.

If you have something you are good at making that I didn't specify that may go with my themes or likes, or you just know I will like it, regardless, by all means, make it, as I really love homemade, thoughtful gifts, too! There are many crafty ideas on my Pinterest boards, too.

A little extra info about me:

Some Reapers would like more personal specifics about us, so here are some, not pertaining to Halloween, specifically:
I follow a more Pagan path...some would consider me a witch. I love all of nature, so natural items, crystals, pretty rocks and stones, geodes, wands, herbs, ritual candles and tools, pretty much anything you can find or make that an Eclectic/Green/Kitchen Witch would like for Samhain or just in general. In the love of Fall, being outdoors, and working with the earth, I grow things...mini pumpkins and gourds are some of my fave things to grow, as well as veggies, flowers, ect. I bake when I am feeling well (I have MS, so okay days and bad days), so things for that are welcome, too! I'm a vegetarian and animal lover. I love to craft and use my sewing machine and Cricut Explore Air 2, when I'm up to it...things I could use for those for making Fall/Halloween crafts would be welcome, as well. I craft in all sorts of other ways, too...I enjoy lots of the arts, in general, really. I love crafting holiday/seasonal things! I love different hot chocolates, ciders and yummy flavored, loose leaf teas like herbal, green, and matchas...low/medium to no caffeine. I love music. My kitties are my children.

I have gotten so many handmade gifts over the years that weren't even on my list that I cherish. My Reapers stalk me very well, lol. Unless it is specifically on my dislikes list, I'm pretty sure I'll love anything you send me! I am happy with handmade, store bought, thrift store finds, hand me downs, free finds...anything...just something you know I'll love that lets me know you really put thought into it!

Dislikes/Don't Needs:

Gore, blood, bugs (besides spiders, I like spiders, especially fuzzy, posable ones!), clowns, aliens, zombies, satanic, modern movie monsters like Freddy and such, glitter (unless a little on a Halloween tree ornament), pirates, mad scientist, oddities, little kid cutesy, bags of spider webbing, inflatables, and, again, I'm a vegetarian animal lover, so no real animal bones, leather, fur, ect. No skellie spiders...spiders don't have skeletons! I have lots of the Dollar Tree rat, crow and bat skellie animals, so don't really need more of those, but if they come out with new ones, that would be fine. Nothing with that vintage truck design or "It's Fall Y'all"...they are overdone. I love cookie/candy jars, but don't have room for anymore...Addition: I love coffee mugs, but I have so many, I probably shouldn't ask for more of those, unless you find a super awesome one that you think I just need!!

Here is my Pinterest. I have lots of different Halloween/Fall/Witchy/Magical boards:
Nina Marie Dittmar (bdnd05) - Profile | Pinterest

Check out my Albums on my profile page, if you'd like, too, to get an idea of our taste and decor themes! It changes a little, each year, as we add or move things. (I still need to add pics from last year, I think, though...)

Check this list in the Likes/Dislikes thread, often, as if I see stuff I like, I will usually add it, here, or remove things that I end up not needing...same with my Pinterest.

**One note:
As I have mentioned in the threads, I am kinda running out of room for lots more decor, lol...so adding in more usable Halloween/Fall items or things I specifically collect, with a little decor if you'd like, would be a good idea...though, I am addicted to decor and would find a place for anything you sent that you just knew I had to have or you wanted to make me, lol.

Thank you, again, my darling Reaper!! Halloween Hugs!!

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Hi Reaper!

Thanks so much for anything you're able to send. Totally fine with made, bought, used/thrifted, weird things. I am a HUGE thrift store junky so I have no issues with second hand and honestly love scoring stuff like that so definitely will appreciate a reap with any thrifted finds! And I adore handmade stuff too. But hey, buy stuff new if you like also - seriously all good with me.

I know I'm not being super specific but if you are worried I may not like something... chances are good I actually will. ;)

old school/vintage
vinyl car decals: would love a frankie bride/frank or pumpkins or Halloween themed
blowmolds (all of them are great but especially the pumpkins as I'm trying to do a HUGE pumpkin patch)
Papercraft (cards/artwork)
Sewing/cloth/lace items (either already made or bits and bobs)
vintage accessories (hats/pins/jewelry/scarves)
fortune teller/tarot/crystal
witchy stuff
cats (I have them, and love them)
black birds/crows/ravens
pumpkins/jack o lanterns
scented candles*
Universal monsters (obviously!)
Halloween/gothic choker necklaces or earrings
Halloween themed (or funny/risque) embroidery sets
Oddities/strangeness (things that could be used in a witch's curio cabinet)
Bath/body stuff (I love bath gels especially)*
Halloween/creepy/mystic tees (wear a med in stretchy fabric, large in the regular, just adding this because I find cheapy tees in thrift shops all the time and would LOVE the ones that are on theme with any of my other likes)

*Anything really scent wise: I pretty much like everything but would love anything in theme with Halloween especially. Note: patcholi is not a fave, but if it's not the MAIN scent, I'm not opposed to it.

incense (candles are good, but incense makes me dizzy for some reason)
excessive gore
Disney (okay, I don't hate Disney, just don't decorate using any of it)

Head Witch
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First off Dear Reaper. Thank you so much!
Don't worry what ever you send I'm sure I'll love it.
Second off Dear Victim I can't wait to stalk you!!!

This year we are doing an outdoor cryptid theme.
Witchy items
Dungeon type items
Love homemade
Thrift finds

Overly cute
Most Disne (NBC excluded)
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