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lightning fx

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I am interested in a new or used lightning FX machine as shown (colour of lightning bolt and model does not matter.
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Sure! PM me.
Were getting ready to market one that actually puts a visible bolt of lightning in the air, it's not dangerous as it's just a visible streak of light but it isnt going to be released for another two weeks as I still have some bugs to work out.
Still tyring to figure out a cost effective sound sys to add a rumble of thunder for a decent price.
But just figured I woudl give you heads up.

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Thanks for the tip Eyegor! I was able to pick up 3 (all they had) for $6.99 each.

Also, for those who don't have a Tuesday Morning close, this is also fairly cheap: Sound Activated Christmas Tree Lights - On Sale - Things for Christmas - Things You Never Knew Existed
No problem. glad to help! My local store just go some more, they have an area dedicated to them...about 12 of them. But the price is now up to $14. So, If anyone is still wanting one of these, you might want grab them now in hopes of getting them at the clearance price.
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