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Hey Everyone!

recently came across a lightning FX box at a garage sale for 2 bucks, so I bought it.

i see it has an Audio line in.

does anyone have a wiring diagram to wire it up to an amplified speaker system to the lightning box?

also, i plugged in a Flood light bulb into the outlet on the box, and for some reason, the light was always on, and didnt turn off when there was no sound. anyone know why this could have been? i was under the impression the light wont light at all until getting a signal, in this case, from the on board mic.

if anyone has any pictures or diagrams on how to wire in an MP3 player to an amplified sound source to the Lightning FX box, i will be in your debt.


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You are really lucky to have found a box and at such a good price. They discontinued manufacturing and selling these a few years ago.

Don't have a diagram but here's the scoop from instructions from my Can You Imagine FX box: 120V - 60 Hz; Max 500W/4A

It's designed to be used with Traditional Light Sets (incandescent lights). Do NOT plug fluorescent lights, flourescent lamps, any halogen light fixtures or fiber optic.

The maximum wattage that can be controlled is 500 Watts total. This means that if you are using more than one string of lights, the combined wattage of all strings of light must not exceed 500 Watts.

To use your FX box, simply plug 1 string of your own lights into the Socket Outlet on the back of the unit. If you want to connect more than 1 string, and your strand of lights has the type of plug that allows you to plug another set of lights into it, plug the additional string of lights into the end of the 1st string of lights. Now plug the AC Power Cord into a standard electrical outlet.

Photo of front of unit -- dial knob with indicators from 1 to 8. Knob has an arrow on it for positioning. The little lightning bolt to the right of the Number 2 is a LED indicator.
Photo of back of unit -- from left to right: Light On/Off Switch -- Socket Outlet -- Fuse Cover -- Audio Input Jack

Now you are ready to use your FX box.
1) on the front of the FX is the Steady On/Sensitivity Knob. Make sure the arrow on the knob is facing upward.
2) On the back of the FX box is the Light On/Off Switch. When you turn the Switch On (light bulb icon on) and the LED indicator will glow red, the lights that are plugged into the FX box will now be ON and will remain ON. To turn the lights OFF, simply turnn the switch OFF (light bulb icon off).
3) Now, when you want your lights to respond to your music, simply turn the Steady On/Sensivity knob Clockwise -- you will hear a "click" in the knob telling you that you are now in Sound Sensitivity Mode. Depending on the volume of your music, you will now need to adjust the Steady On/Sensitivity Knob -- for lower volume music you will need higher sensitivity (indicated by higher numbers around the knob) and for higher volume music, lower the sensitivity (indicated by lower numbers around the knob).**

Replacing the Fuse
1) Place the Light On/Off Switch to the Off (unlit light bulb icon) position.
2) Remove the lights that have been plugged into socket outlet located on your FX box.
3) Remove the AC Power Cord from your standard electrical outlet. Please Note that it is not enough to just place the On/Off Switch to the OFF (bulb icon off) position since this does not stop the power going into the FX box. You must remove the AC Power Cord from your standard electrical outlet before replacing the fuse.
4) Unscrew the Fuse Cover by turning it counterclockwise.
5) Remove the old fuse from the fuse holder and replace with a new 5A 125V fuse.
6) Replace the fuse into the FX box by turning clockwise until tight.

Optional ways of using your FX Box....
Your FX box has been designed to work with wireless technology. No connections to the music source (read "room's audio environment") is necessary. If you prefer to use wired technology, please read the additional instructions on connecting to your music source below...

Using the Audio Input Jack:
If you would like not to use wireless technology, the FX box comes with an Audio Input Jack on the back of the unit. This can be used if you would like to hook up the FX box directly to your audio source (CD Player, Radio etc). In order to use this Audio Jack, you must purchase an RCA type connector cable (sold separately and available at most Audio Specialty Stores). Connect one end of the RCA type cable to the Audio Input Jack on the back side of the FX box and the other into the Audio Out jack of your audio source. Once the cable is connected, the internal microphone of the FX box will not pick up any sounds or voices in the room. Your unit will respond only to the sounds being played by your audio source.

**when not connected to a sound source thru the Audio Input Jack, the box will respond to voices and sounds in the area if the sensitivity level is adjusted properly. This can make the lights flicker on and off when the sound reaches a certain level and is not sustained, like laughter, screams, etc.

Probably the main use for this FX box is to add the input of a thunder audio track and when the thunder erupts the lights will vary in intensity with the volume of the audio.
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