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Lighting up our house for the first time... help!?

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We moved into a new home this year, and this will be our first Halloween here. We've been out of town for the past couple weeks and today is the day I am getting out the decorations! I have been pretty much decorating the same way for many years now, but this house is new challenge.

These pictures show how the house looks as you drive down the street (ignore the half open garage). I have 3 great window ghosts that light up with blacklights. I marked where I think I will put them with ovals. I have a pile of flood lights that I think I will use to light up trees in the yard, and the front of the house. Curious what your thoughts are, and what colors I should use? Any tips for the big space above the garage? Maybe a flood to wash it out?

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I'd use blues and greens out in the yard. If you are using any props out in the yard highlight with red or amber lights.

Do you have any large hanging props for that area around the garage? If not, I'd be tempted to do a large spider web (using clothesline?) and highlight that with an amber/red spot... but you could just go all lights and the window ghosts. In which case, I'd do mostly green in the yard, and light up the window ghosts with the blacklights (blueish?) and see how that goes.
That white garage door is just begging to become a projection screen, if you don't use the garage as a walk-through attraction. Either front or rear projection would work, It's big and visible from the road, and a nice transformation, in that it's a white surface all year long that people are used to seeing, suddenly turned into a spectacle.
...some progress

Put out some stuff tonight. I broke a floodlight, so I am using an old halogen bulb that has lost a lot of it's green paint...doh. I will pick up a new one tomorrow.
Will finagle the lights to hide the hot spots from view. I have too many dang limbs/trees still in the yard that block view of the house...that is a project for another day.

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I use up lighting with blue and green. Orange for the windows:

Lighting Light Night Christmas lights Christmas decoration

This picture does not do it justice, I need a better camera for night shots to capture the look. This pic also came out grainy but gives you an idea. The source is Par38 LEDs. They are very bright and can be seen from far away. This gets the attention of all passing by so come Halloween Night, it will be busy. That's when I start putting out the props and other layers.
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iv found (with my house) you can never have enough purple and green flood lights!
Some tweaks...

I only get a little time to mess with it. We have a cub scout camping trip over the weekend, so this will have to wait until the next weekend I guess... will hide that one green light that still shows hot. Will add some more blue on the house.

I have some red lights, as well... not sure where to put them yet. Any ideas?

Link the a quick video I shot...

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I like where you're going, but it's such a big house/yard, it just seems to need more oomph, know what I mean? I'd put out all the lights - uplight the house with the reds maybe to make it pop a bit more? But if you had greens, I'd totally do those on the house and put a few reds into the trees and down light them.

But honestly, it looks good as is unless you really feel like messing with it - and is probably more than most folks put out. :D
What do you guys mean by "hot" in context to the lights? I assume it's more than temperature.

What do you guys mean by "hot" in context to the lights? I assume it's more than temperature.
I am using the term to indicate that you can clearly see the source of the light. I want to disguise that.
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