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Hi everyone, I am so excited for Halloween coming up!!! This year I want to put a silouette in my window facing the street. Now the trick is i want to have a flashing back light something like a strobe, but I want the light to come on in flashes, so from the street people wandering by will see it come and go. Any ideas on the lighting part of this?

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I think most strobe lights like this
CHAUVET? CH-730 Mini Strobe Light - RadioShack.com

Have an adjustable flash rate.

If you're talking about a lightning effect, then getting a regular light plugged into a color organ like this:

Sound Activated Christmas Tree Lights - On Sale - Things for Christmas - Things You Never Knew Existed

(This is the x-mas version of the unavailable halloween light controller. GREAT price.)

thread about the above lighting box.

You can plug the light into this, put it in front of (or plug it in directly) to a sound source with the lightning/thunder sounds and the light will flicker and flash just like lightning.

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Do you have the X-treme Haunted House Make-over dvd from BigScreamtv?
They have a great tip on creating lightning that looks more natural. I think that would look great behind the silhouette, because it uses two small strobe lights the alternate between each other.
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